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Found 4 results

  1. So, hallo, bräuchte jetzt auch mal eure Hilfe. Habe zwar im Forum schon den gleichen Thread gesehen, dieser war aber sehr alt und eine Lösung gab‘s nicht. Also: Seit einiger Zeit gehen teilweise die Seitentasten der Glaive RGB nicht mehr, z.B. nach einem Neustart des PC‘s. Erst dachte ich, dass es sich um einen Hardwarefehler handeln muss, denn sie gingen nicht mehr in Games, sowohl als auch im Browser. Anderen USB-Anschluss ausprobiert usw. hat alles nichts geholfen bis ich die Utility Engine mal deinstalliert habe. Und siehe da, die Tasten gingen wieder. Soweit so gut, Utility Engine erneut installiert, nach wenigen Stunden gingen die Tasten wieder nicht.. also was tun, lass ich die Utility Engine eben deinstalliert, allerdings ist dann ja das Profil gelöscht, die RGB Beleuchtung fürn Ar*** und irgendwie fehlt eben was. Am Laptop habe ich genau das gleiche Problem, die Maus hat einige Tage wunderbar funktioniert, plötzlich fing es schon wieder an und ja, hat da jemand eine Lösung parat, die Glaive RGB ist eine absolut geile Maus, die Software ist aber einfach nur schlecht umgesetzt. Bevor die Utility grundlegend überarbeitet wurde gab es diese Probleme nicht, kamen mit einem Update.
  2. Hey guys, first time poster! I've got a problem. I'm running my Corsair Scimitar mouse, macroed in the Utility Engine to the number keys in a setup that essentially copies the function of a Razer Naga. I'm also running an AHK script that counts holding down the number keys as pressing the buttons 10 times a second, primarily for Carpel tunnel prevention while gaming in World of Warcraft, with the added benefit of min-maxing DPS through minimising casting downtime between globals. The problem is, that the Utility Engine seems to struggle to handle this. I've been doing this for several months now, and have experienced multiple different screwups, including but not limited to: * Windows Mouse and Keyboard Centre crashing * Scimitar buttons suddenly spamming themselves even when not depressed * Increasingly slow response from the Mouse when moving between depressed keys * Utility Engine straight-up crashing * Mouse keys become vastly less responsive than keyboard keys (shown on in-game latency bars also, which is strange - like the Engine macros are a harder strain on processing power). When I press the keyboard keys instead of the mouse macros, there is no delay. In the majority of these situations, restarting the Utility Engine helps, but it doesn't always solve it - the issues stop when it's disabled, but often return when restarted - and of course, the mouse is near-useless when Utility Engine isn't running. To be clear: I am holding down the buttons on the Corsair Mouse, macroed to keyboard number keys, which when depressed are then being considered spammed via Autohotkey. Any ideas on how to fix the problems I am having with Utility Engine? -- I used to use a Naga (bought the Corsair to move away from it) with the AHK script, and never had a single issue. The AHK script works perfectly, and is not the problem. I'm using a i7-4790 processor, my PC is decent, I'm not running this stuff on a potato.
  3. My mouse and keyboard doesn't seem to work with the Corsair Utility Engine.. It keeps saying malfunction to either the mouse or keyboard, sometimes they work but then my mouse wil have like a slow responds like i swipe left and it lags or stutters slowly... but when i turn the RGB light of on my keryboard then the mouse acts normal, but then a few seconds later i get malfunction. I hope someone can help me
  4. It says an older version of corsair unity engine cannot be removed. I've deleted all traces of it in the registry, and it still says that. Is there no fix? Is this literally the first time this has happened?
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