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  1. Everytime after startup and iCue start work, it asks about an update !!!. I connected my mouse, which is the Corsair M55, and it started working. When I wanted to switch the profile, I opened iCue software & saw the usual ugly message that still asked me to update the device, I don't know why, I clicked on the update button and the system disconnected my mouse automatically. Usually, the disconnection takes a few seconds, but this time it continued until now. I disabled the software, thinking that it was the cause of the problem because the mouse was already working before I updated it, but it did not work. I tried to restart my laptop but it still doesn't work!!! Now, what can I do with the mouse that suddenly crashes? I need it badly and rely on it and the abbreviations that I deal with every day.
  2. Hello Everyone, Attached is the message I get each time I've tried to update my bios. I accessed the latest version (E7D251MS.A92) from MSI for the Pro Z690-A WIFI in my build. Made four attempts with two different properly formatted (Fat32) USB sticks (one 8gb, one 32gb). Got the same message on each try. Also tried multiple ports on front and back, including the Flashback port. I only used the M-Flash method on every attempt. After failing four times I was too afraid to try the flashback port (Button) method. Not sure if it matters, but I loaded the usb sticks with both files that came with the update- the update, and the text file. One source on the internet suggested I get the update directly from Corsair instead of MSI. When I looked, it was as expected, the same version that's currently on my machine (E7D25IZ1.AC5). My original order was placed on October 14th. My machine arrived damaged, so I used the advanced replacement option and received my replacement on November 8th. The most recent update from MSI shown above, was posted on October 17th. Not sure if the one posted at Corsair is possibly newer? if so then I'll just forget about it and leave things as they are. If not then I'm not sure why my attempts to update have failed. FYI, Googling the error message below showed there are others having this same issue. If anyone out there can shed any light on this I'd be very grateful. Thanks. Jeff
  3. My Corsair Virtuoso SE Gunmetal and dongle wont Upgrade Always Update Fail I'm following all the instructions and it dosent work. PLEASE HELP ME
  4. Problem: About a month or so ago maybe, when I did the most recent updates for the headset and dongle on my PC (windows 10 and latest iCUE version 4.x.x) and also having done slipstream pairing both my corsair dark core SE and my Virtuoso SE to the Virtuoso dongle... I realized it created 2 different playback devices (see attached files/pics). When I have my cable plugged in and I switch back and forth between wireless and wired modes, they don't automatically switch in windows anymore. I noticed this happen when I was playing games (about a month ago maybe?) and chilling on a discord call when all of sudden the audio just seemed to break and then I noticed that there was the 2 playback devices now instead of the 1 after trying to figure out what was wrong. Everything works fine still except for the seamless transition between wired and wireless where I have to physically click to change the playback device for either the wired or wireless. It's even more annoying because I have to switch it in discord because it seems discord doesn't pick it up either unless I switch it in discord settings. Things I have tried: I tested this on my other gaming laptop (windows 10) iCUE version 3.x.x legacy except on my laptop it only shows 1 pair of input and outputs in device manager and only 1 playback device and works with no problems switching back and forth. iCUE versions are up to date on both my PC and laptop also all the way up to date with windows updates. Resetting my PC erasing all files and apps and it still seems to set up the same way with playback devices and in device manager. Uninstalling the Corsair Virtuoso devices showing in device manager, unplugging the virutoso, restarting, uninstalling iCUE, restarting, re-installing iCUE. Nada. Conclusion: I'm not really sure what the issue is. If the firmware was the issue wouldn't it be affecting my laptop the same way? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance. Versions: Windows 10 (latest up to this point) VIRTUOSO SE WIRELESS RECEIVER Firmware v.5.7.115 (latest up to this point) VIRTUOSO SE Firmware v.5.3.70 (latest up to this point) TL;DR: My Corsair Virtuoso no longer seamlessly switches back and forth between wired and wireless without me having to go to windows playback device and choosing the corresponding wired or wireless version. Everything else works fine. Any advice much appreciated.
  5. So this update popped up out of the blue, and will not let me do a single thing with my keyboard until I update it. I do as it asks and I get to 3%, and then Firmware update failed, every time. I've run iCue as Admin, same issue. Any ideas? Once it fails, I lose it from my iCue list.
  6. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on :,c I recently read other forums in which they talk about the same topic :c and from what I could see, everyone was able to solve the problem with the hex file of the iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT so I was wondering if you could help me by sharing that file, since the link From mediafire that I enter it says that the file has been deleted, please can you share that file with me to solve my problem since I cannot find the hex file on my computer: c I will be very grateful in advance
  7. Hello. After iCUE update, received an alert from Cylance. See atached screenshot. File location: C:\Program Files\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE 4 Software\efm8load.exe SHA256: 2584DAB20FB7334DB9DBA5AD3DD3E3AB046FBF908A1C3623BD409B299A8FAF41 A quick search using the hash: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2584dab20fb7334db9dba5ad3dd3e3ab046fbf908a1c3623bd409b299a8faf41/detection https://any.run/report/2584dab20fb7334db9dba5ad3dd3e3ab046fbf908a1c3623bd409b299a8faf41/ab6b7144-bdf0-47ab-9d8b-007b0f817fbb#network https://tria.ge/210613-n31j8r6c86 What is the function of this program? I just deleted it and everything is fine. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi, dies ist mein erster Forumbeitrag und ich hoffe mal dass ich es gerade richtig mache. Mein Problem: Nach einem Update der iCue Software kam ein Fehler mit den Makros auf. Im Internet stand dass eine komplette Deinstallation des Programms den Fehler beheben soll. Dies tat ich auch nach der Neuinstallation verlief alles gut. Jedoch kann ich auf einmal nicht mehr die Farben meiner 5 QL 120 ändern obwohl davor alles geklappt hatte die Lüfter haben einfach keine Farbe. Mein Ram, Pc Gehäuse und Tastatur Funktionieren Problemlos. (Nur meine Tastatur kann ich aktuell nicht Updaten aufgrund irgend eines Fehlers). Aber ich schätze mal das dies nichts mit den Lüftern zutun hat. Vor der Deinstallation konnte ich die Farben meiner Lüfter beliebig ändern ohne Probleme (Ein Comander pro ist auch eingebaut falls die Info etwas bringt). Gruß: Batu
  9. -Let us to stop macro by pressing the same button that starts it -Let us set one button which start the macro and second button that stops the macro (can be the same button) -Let us change profiles in software -Let us make normal gradient (Show us a rectangle similar to the keyboard and let us make some color points, ex left down corner blue right up corner pink this will look like you have beautiful gradient with two colors mixed in the middle of keyboard) -Let us make the same gradient but with animation (You will be able to record movement of single color point separately that will make chill color movement) -Add a box that can be checked to make macro repeat endless (ex press Ctrl delay 250ms) repeat endless to crouch and stand up, crouch and stand up infinitely -Let us use more than one macro at once, that will be sooo much easier for specific macro actions Don't thank me for making Icue more usefull for gamers, just apply those things, maby I will add some more points. I want everyone who want those features to like or something. Also I'm sorry for any mistakes couse my English is not perfect.
  10. Hello I'm triying to update my iCUE 4.10 to the last version 4.13. I tried directly through the application and with the .msi installer and I hace the same issue ... I can start the installation but diretly the installer is freeezing on this page : https://www.noelshack.com/2021-27-5-1625856381-image-2021-07-09-204620.png If i click on this window I have the message : Corsair iCue not responding https://www.noelshack.com/2021-27-5-1625856476-image-2021-07-09-204754.png I tried to stop all iCue services and process on the task manager before to do the installation and it's the same issue... Do you know how to resolve the issue ?
  11. Hallo Corsair Community, ich bin seit ca. einem halben Jahr stolzer Besitzer einer Corsair K57 Wireless Tastatur. Leider habe ich seit letzter Woche das Problem das sich diese nicht mehr Aktualisieren lässt sowie sich nicht mehr mit dem K57 Dongle Koppeln lässt. Sobald die Aktualisierung startet geht die K57 aus und muss erst vom USB Kabel getrennt werden und dann Aus und wieder Ein geschalten werden damit sie wieder an geht. Ein Soft Reset und die Versuche diverser Foren Einträge haben auch nicht geholfen. Das ganze wurde auf 3 verschiedenen Systemen getestet, mit iCUE 3 und iCUE 4 (auch mit Clean Install) und mit verschiedenen USB Slots (USB 2.0 & USB 3.0) jedoch ohne Erfolg. Der Dongle wurde ohne Probleme aktualisiert. Derzeitige Versionen sind folgende: iCUE v4.9.350 (Aktuell) K57 Dongle v2.2.71 (Aktuell) K57 Tastatur v1.1.164 (Veraltet) ---> v2.2.71 (Neue Version) Ich denke das der Dongle und die Tastatur durch die Software Unterschiede nicht verbinden können. Kennt jemand das Problem oder hat einen Lösungsvorschlag? Ich habe bereits Anfang letzter Woche ein Support Ticket (2004197933) geschrieben jedoch noch keine Antwort erhalten. Grüße
  12. I have recently updated icue to v4 and found that my void elite weren't updated. When I pressed update nothing really happened. I don't know if it even updated it correctly. The thing is that now they don't even turn on at all. Not a single led turns on whenever I press the button. I have tried the repairing method with the dongle and still nothing. It's like they are dead. Battery was over 50% when I updated them so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks in advance, any type of help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi guys! Since the last update of W10 20H2, iCUE is giving me a lot of errors. Firstly when I start Windows, the RGB does not turn on, I have to close iCUE and reopen it. It also happens to me that the microphone of my Viortuoso SE sometimes does not work and I have to turn the headphones on and off, or close and open iCUE. I already completely uninstalled and reinstalled. Anything else I can do?
  14. Hey guys, I am new member of the Corsair community. I really do enjoy the Corsair products. But recently I got into two problems. 1. Problem My MM800 RGB Polaris sometimes only lights the color RED. When I quit iCUE, then it turns back into his RGB rainbow circle. 2. Problem I cannot update my ST100 RGB. Everytime I try to update it fails and the ST100 RGB won't be showed on my iCUE Software. When I restart the iCUE Software is everything back to normal. I tried uninstalling and reinstall. But thore problems still appear. Do you guys have the same problems? Any solutions? Best regards
  15. Today i was creating a new profile for my Scimitar Pro RGB, and a new update for iCUE popped up, i downloaded it and installed it, it asked me to restart my pc, so i did. After the restart apps like discord, microsoft teams were not able to launch, and iCUE deleted itself. I could not uninstall or install any of those programs, so i used Revo uninstaller. Installing still didnt work. I got the iCUE installer to work but it stops at 65% when launching services and actually tells me it isnt able to launch Corsair Services. I looked for a solution in these forums for a solid 4 hours now and i tried everything, i tried deleting register keys, i tried deleting files from appdata, both local and roaming, i tried running the setup program via administrator cmd, i tried restoring administrator powers. Nothing works and i'm getting frustrated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Firmware is latest. When check for update on software, it tells me 3.34.170 is downloading. It always goes to 100% downloaded and starts the install. The install reports the server is not responding. It allows a retry. The task manager shows it is running. It goes away. iCue installer finally starts, and tells me a reboot may be required. The installer goes away and the task manager no longer shows it in the list. I reboot. iCue reports it is version 3.33.246 and a new version 3.34.170 is downloaded again. I have been downloading this "update" for a week now, several times a day. IS THERE A WAY TO ACTUALLY UPDATE?
  17. Hey, I have got a notification about the update for my H100i Cooler. I went to do it BUT the update is stuck on updating... and the Cooler color changed to red. I`ve tried those this: 1. Restarting the PC. 2. Removing iCue Reinstalling. every time I tried to update it, the same thing happened. It makes my PC lag a lot! The RGB is not phasing smoothly too. (and yes the lags weren't before the update) I`ve checked CPU and RAM usage and they seem to be fine (CPU: 10% Ram: 4~5GB) I have the PC for 6 months only. Thanks in Advance!
  18. Ich habe vor ein paar tagen gesehen das es eine neue ICUE version gibt die ich dan direkt heruntergeladen habe. Es kam dann von Windows die sicherheitsaufforderung und ich habe auf Ja gedrückt, gewartet und nichts passiert, habe dann noch mal auf herunterladen gedrückt. Wieder die frage von Windows nichts Passiert. Heute habe ich ICUE dann komplet Deinstaliert und die neue Version heruntergeladen, genau das selbe ich komme nicht bis zu dem Punkt wo man eigentlich die Installationssprache auswählen müsste, das Fenster öffnet sich gar nicht. Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus
  19. Has anyone else started to have issues with ICUE and Vengeance Pro RAM not being detected recently? I've found lots of threads for this from 2019 The last few days I've either had a red triangle and then on restarting ICUE the RAM is not detected anymore, or it is detected but eventually stops responding to any sort of input, despite ICUE showing that the colour is changing. I did a firmware update on the RAM this morning and it seems slightly better, in that when I kill ICUE through task manager and restart it does pick up the RAM. Whereas before only restarting the PC fixed it. Not sure what the issue is as even when the RAM is not detected the lights stay on the static colour they are set too in my profile. I'm on version 3.29.1110 and as far as I'm aware had no issues before the update. Thanks
  20. Im so frustrated right now. I got my new AIO yesterday and i set it up and everything. Today i thought it could be good to do a firmware update... The flash was a success but after PC restart, my fans were blowing on max, the RGB doesnt work anymore AND it dissapeared in iCUE. I have no more controll over it.+ i get connect/disconnect sounds from windows the whole time. Please i need help. :[pouts::[pouts::[pouts::[pouts::[pouts::[pouts:
  21. Updating of firmware keeps on failing. It seems like it doesn't even move above 0%. It just fails after ~5 seconds. It doesn't brick or anything. Everything is still working even after a failed update but I just want the latest version of the firmware. After failing I need to restart iCUE to be able to click the update button again. OS: Windows 10 v.1909 64 bit USB version: 3.1 iCUE version: 3.23.66 Mouse firmware version: 0.6.70 Dongle firmware version: 0.5.49 Updating to firmware version: 1.7.58
  22. My K70 RGB MK.2 completely shut off and responds to nothing. Lights do not appear, the keyboard doesn't work, and ICUE (of which the latest version is installed) does not detect the device. I have tried using all three ports on my laptop, and I've uninstalled drivers for my usb ports and the virtual corsair keyboard. I've tried the soft reset where you unplug the keyboard, hold the ESC key, and plug it back in. None of these tricks have worked. It coincidentally stopped working after I downloaded the latest Windows 10 update 1909, but I can't revert to a former version. Does anyone know of any other potential fixes before I take it back to Best Buy for my warranty?
  23. [ame] [/ame] Download is in the video description.
  24. I just updated my iCUE software from version 3.15.XX to 3.23.66. Now my H100i V2 cooler doesn't show up in iCUE at all. I have tried restarting the software and restarting my computer, but it still doesn't show up. The cooler RGB still works and the fans are still spinning.
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