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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, ICUE had a new update so I clicked the update button but its been hours now and its still stuck on (updating...) loading screen. What do I do? I'm worried that if I restart my computer the pump cooler might stop working and become bricked. I just got cooler this year in march. Is it fixable and can I restart my computer? Please let me know thanks.
  2. Hi guys, i've been using my Harpoon RGB wireless mouse and yesterday i saw an firmware update to my usb wireless receiver it was v.5.4.99 so i installed it but now mouse just working with BT and doesn't work with 2.4g ,and i tried all ways (try to reset mouse or pair with manuel) but it didn't help. What Should i do? Can't i take back the last update..
  3. Today I got my new mouse. I opened iCUE and I saw that a new update was available. I clicked on it and it said update failed. After that, the mouse stopped working. I tried to reset it, but nothing worked ... pls help me
  4. I have recently updated icue to v4 and found that my void elite weren't updated. When I pressed update nothing really happened. I don't know if it even updated it correctly. The thing is that now they don't even turn on at all. Not a single led turns on whenever I press the button. I have tried the repairing method with the dongle and still nothing. It's like they are dead. Battery was over 50% when I updated them so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks in advance, any type of help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey, ich habe mir vor kurzem eine Dark Core Pro SE Maus gekauft und wurde die letzten Tage über iCue über ein notwendiges Update informiert. Nachdem ich das Update heute nun gestartet habe, ist Maus nur noch im USB-Modus verwendbar, da das Update nicht vollständig ausgeführt wird. Das Update läuft bis 50%, dann hat die Maus einen kurzen disconnect und wird dann wieder aufgelistet und das Update schlägt fehlt. In den Protokollen erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung: ``` cue.devices: Exception while runCommand on device DARK CORE PRO SE: Get property WirelessChipFirmwareVersion failed. Command processing error: PropertyNotSupported. ``` Ich habe es auch schon mit USB3.0, 2.0 Ports und Update per anderem PC probiert und alles bisher ohne Erfolg. Weiß hierzu jemand eine Lösung? Vielen Dank und viele Grüße
  6. Hallo Zusammen, seit einiger Zeit habe ich das Problem, dass ich nicht über die Version 3.10.125 komme. Die "iCUESetup_3.32.80_release.msi" bekomme ich zwar runtergeladen, aber nach der Ausführung passiert nichts mehr. Es hängt sich auch nicht auf zeigt mir der Task Manager. Nach einiger Zeit kommt eine Meldung der Installer reagiert nicht mehr "retry" or "cancel" bringt beides nichts. Kann mir einer helfen? Gruß, Zarlo068
  7. Hey, need Help to find the serial number of my AIo h150i xt pro Or maybe someone else can help me with my problem I‘ve preesed in the iCue Software an Update Button which failed (it was the h150i xt pro) my fans are immediately went on max speed and the AIO won‘t be recognized from iCue anymore. Im not able to speed down the AIO Fans atm... The rgb is also truned off since failed Update
  8. Hi all, After updating my iCUE all of my peripherals stopped working as they should. My Macro's are not working and i cant update my Ironclaw RGB Wireless. I already re-installed iCUE and added all my macro's again but nothing works. Anyone has the solution?
  9. Pretty much every time I update the Corsair utility engine the forward/backward buttons on the side of my mouse stop working. I have had this issue before and it its really annoying me, can someone help?
  10. Bonjour, Le logiciel iCUE m'indique une mise à jour du micrologiciel de mon tapis MM800 RGB. Mais celle-ci échoue systématiquement. Que faire ? Merci
  11. I got the Void RGB wireless headset... Today after i updated the Corsair Software the program wanted tó restart... After the restart the win 10 dosnt start up... I hét the blue screen with Inaccessibile boot device!!! I got Hungarian Win 10 Need help!!!
  12. dpshears


    Made a post when the ICUE first launched about how awesome this was for the K55 keyboard. gave it a whole bunch of options and access to link everything with the LIGHTING LINK for all of my peripherals. I was over the moon happy about it. Have plenty of lovely and high quality videos in case there was any doubt of it linking before. i love this keyboard and found that the only downfall was that limitation. ICUE fixed that. I have updated to version 3.2.87 and this has completely undid EVERYTHING that I was so happy about. Yes it is a lower end keyboard, but they made this keyboard a lot better and gave it a tremendous bang for your buck in conjunction with the software. this was a swift slap in the face. absolutely HORRIBLE Update and has made this keyboard look completely out of place in my setup now. My setup consists of many compents from corsair. Currently i have a VS500 PSU, Vengence LPX ram, 4xAF120 case fans, Glaive, MM800C, ST100, and even just got my system set up in a Spec-04 TG. I love corsair, but this was honestly enough to shake my faith in this brand and kind of make me not even want use my computer at the moment. To be fair, I still have a VERY nice setup. this is a first world problem if there ever was one. it's just depressing to see my keyboard in my setup look so out of place now. Spent a lot of time and money getting my setup right. Luckily i took pictures and videos the day before the update so i know how things COULD be. all because a few lines of code. the keyboard can handle it, i have proof of that, not sure why it was taken out.
  13. I opened the link 4 app and saw that there was an update, so i clicked update and it seems all good until the update progress bar stops and it just closes, and it is not updated. therefore i cannot control any of the lights or anything because it is not updated. I tried to uninstall to re-download it, but it says i need admin access to delete it.
  14. Bonjour Ma souris Corsair Sabre RGB ne marche plus sur mon PC de bureau elle est reconnue par mon PC mais elle clignote en blanc . Une mise à jour et disponible sur CU2 mais Impossible de la faire j'ai réinstaller les drivers 1 MILLIARDS de fois. En plus aucune souris ne marche sur mon ordi et j'ai essayer sur mon ordi portable et ma souris marche même si elle clignote en blanc , aider moi j'en peux plus ça fait 3 semaines que je galère la dessus et j'ai tout essayer .
  15. Here is what happened, I came home after a week away and updated everything that needs to be updated. No matter what the headset will not power on. I tried using the paper clip to the Dolby and re-pairing and I get the Dolby blinking fast and I hold down the power button for the headset to pair but it never turns on to pair at all. While the headset is plugged in, if I force update the voidusing the CUE then it'll update and then all of a sudden it works again but as soon as I unplug it to go wireless the headset itself just powers off and I cant get it to re-pair at all unless I go back and force update again. So the only way it works is when its plugged in and I force update everytime I wanna use it. It is fully charged as far as I know as I left it charging all night. I also cannot change the volume while I have it on through the force update and plugged in.
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