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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All. I ordered the HS75 XB headset pretty much as it was announced and it came weeks before my Xbox Series X. I love the sound and how comfy it is and it's been mostly problem free - other then the crackling connection issues series x has with all headsets using it's wireless protocol - but a restart of the series x always fixes that for a day or two. I'm presuming that will be fixed with a Series X update. So everything has been great.. until last night. When I turned on the headset and it immediately started to make a low buzzing sound from each ear. I can't turn it off and all the controls like mute, volume and power button are completely unresponsive. Also, my xbox pad seemed frozen and wouldn't communicate with the xbox. I guess if the headset it using the same wireless protocol as the pad that makes sense as its somehow 'jamming' that connection. I plugged in my pad to the series x and then it worked. And I completely shut the xbox off, unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds. Hoping that would also signal the headset to turn off, which it normally does. But no luck. I turned the series x and controller back on. But they will only pair wirelessly for a short time. When I try and turn off the xbox with the controller wireless - it looses the connection to the pad again and I have to connect it with the lead. Again, I guess because the HS75 XB is jamming the airwaves. the xbox and pad won't even pair. Holding down the pairing button on the controller and the series x does nothing with both lights blinking forever. So that was 10hrs ago.. and I'm just waiting for the HS75 XB battery to run down. They sit on the shelf with the power light on. Buzzing away and unresponsive. I've googled a way to hard reset it and while I can a reference to holding down the mute button for so long and then the power button to hard reset the HS70 headset. There's no mention of the HS75 XB and I tried the HS70 method and doesn't work. I have found a reference to this issue on reddit and they said once the headset ran out of battery it powered back on fine and been working great since. As a side note there are reports of using the Corsair ICUE software to update the HS75 XB firmware can brick the headset so I'm definitely staying away from that. So to end.. has this happened to anyone else? And presuming everything is ok once the battery runs out and I can switch them back on. Is there a way to hard reset the headphones so I can speed up this process if it happens again.
  2. Hi guys! Today Amazon just delivered my new Corsair Keyboard. When I took it out I plugged the 2x USB cords in the back of my computer. I then downloaded the iCUE Software that allows updates and to change and tweak your keyboard: such as color, etc etc. When I plugged it in it lit up and worked perfectly. Could type, play, etc. Worked fine. When iCUE was done it said there was an update so I began updating it and left it alone to do some chores to let it install. When I got back iCUE said there was an error with updating. Internet worked fine. Everything was plugged in. So I closed out of iCUE and rebooted it and tried again. This time the whole keyboard shut off and the same message occurred, but this time it said the keyboard wasn’t plugged in and asked to replug it in to allow the download to continue. So I closed it again. And restarted my computer. But the keyboard doesn’t work now. I have Windows 10-64 bit and the keyboard doesn’t even work and I can’t enter my password (I have my old keyboard still so I’ll use that in the mean time). My Corsair Scimitar PRO works fine (for now) but in iCUE (before turning my computer off) it doesn’t even show up in the products available. What’s even weirder is that power still goes into the keyboard because the keyboard has a USB port to plug your android or iPhone plug in to charge your phone or whatever. I tried the restart your keyboard method, which is holding down the ESC button while unplugging then replugging the USB's while holding ESC until the colors turn back on. Nothing happens. I even turned off iCUE and tried it again. Nothing. I even uninstalled iCUE and the problem is still going on! I also tried doing this on my Macbook Air, nothing happens. I also went into device management (or manager) and uninstalled my USB drivers and restarted the computer / updated them. Nothing. Now I’m stuck out of my computer. I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. I bought the: “K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX SPEED” I bought the MMO Corsair Mouse scimitar. And the Corsair CA Wireless RBG wireless Se wireless headphones. I haven’t tried the wireless headphones, and don't know if I have a problem with them. So far, just the keyboard. What’s the problem? How do I fix it? Should I return it? Is it defective? I left the Cult of Razer because I was tired of their overpriced items and having the results be absolutely horrible. Corsair always seemed like a good company. And the keyboard looks amazing and all. Just curious what I can do. TL;DR: K95 Corsair Keyboard stopped working during updating it on iCUE. Restarted computer and iCUE multiple times. Now keyboard won’t work / respond to typing or whatever. Unresponsive. Tried plugging it in every USB port on my computer and it won’t light up or work. There’s a USB on the keyboard to charge your phone which works! My phone charges!! Should I return it, and order another one?? Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks guys. Hope all is well. -Kojak
  3. I was mid game when my left ear stopped giving out sound. No settings were changed, or any updates made. It just stopped. I tried the following troubleshooting steps. Restart pc. Uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, make sure icue is on and then turn on headset. Soft reset on headset. Uninstall icue and reinstall as admin. Nothing has worked. I've seen people say to check the balance levels in windows sound settings. But I have windows 10 and for me the option of checking the levels of each specific ear physically isn't there. The option doesn't exist on my OS. Can anyone help me?
  4. Well I've had this keyboard for over half a year now and now for some reason, the E and K keys do not work ( I am using my STRAFE RGB as of this moment because of this) at first the keyboard wasn't showing the right lights and some keys weren't working like they're being unresponsive :!: at least the lights work and now Y just realized when I press the Y key once it and yes I am certain I am pressing it once it duplicates the Y and makes it yyy y is the only key that I've noticed doing this I've also been aware that there is a soft reset and a hard reset can anyone help me out?
  5. every day :mad: i get on the computer i count the time to the next " cue is not responding " error. so i can force shut down this program and restart it. this will happen anywhere from 4 to 10 times before i give up and leave cue off and use the keyboard with cue not running. it just repeatedly crashes cue. this is getting as you can imagine frustrating as all get out. need suggestions before i send this keyboard back for a refund. love the build quality but have the repeated crashes of cue side note: this has happened while just checking email or surfing the web, and or just playing Diablo3. also i had an issue of the default profiles disappearing and it would reload or install them every time i turned on the computer. also i did the hold escape key for 15-20 seconds after reinserting the power cables as instructed by cust support, which dare i say fix the loss of the 3 defaults every time i powered up my computer. could use some help. before i return this and get another keyboard from a diff maker that this replaced stats: Windows 10 home build 16299.125 version 1709 cue ver 2.21.67 and the previous 2 build releases and the version that shipped with it.
  6. Hello all, I have a K70 RGB keyboard that has worked for about 5 months now without any problem. One day I am using the keyboard just fine. The next day I boot up my PC, the keyboard lights up with a different color scheme than usual, and when I try to use it at all, num lock, volume wheel, anything, and nothing is responsive. It looks like it is in this preset demo mode with 5 different light options that it keeps cycling through. I have tried it on my desktop multiple times and I have also tried laptops and nothing works. It lights up with about 5 presets that it changes through over and over and I can't do a SINGLE thing on the keyboard. PLEASE HELP!!!
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