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Found 5 results

  1. imitate holding key macro does not work. Hi! i have Mac Pro Late 2013 on MacOS Big Sure 11.2.3 with Corsair K95 RGB using ICUE 3.38.61. I created an A-Z Key Action to press W with holding key imitation and saved it at the G6 macro button on toggle mode. when I toggle it just clicks w once, it does not keep holding it. any ideas?
  2. *I apologize if this has already either been addressed or posted, I looked through the forums but did not find this exact issue described so perhaps I am just blind or maybe my issue is an isolated situation. **I will also note ICUE & Nexus software are up to date The issue I'm encountering is specifically with the Corsair Nexus profiles after my computer is locked (such as using Windows key+L) or when waking up from sleep mode. Everything in ICUE establishes itself just fine (such as the RGB lighting on fans, motherboard, mouse, keyboard). Profiles setup for games change on everything but the Nexus screen itself acts like the profiles that were setup for it, don't exist at all. For example, I've setup 1 specific Nexus profile that is only enabled with a given .exe (and disabled while operating the computer regularly or when using another program). Opening Nexus within ICUE, I can see the profiles are there. After launching a game I can see Nexus switch to the profile it is supposed to, but the Nexus screen displays a black screen (while the program is open) instead of the screen it is setup to display. Looking at ICUE, again it switches to the profile, but the profile itself is toggled off (such as it should be while in the default profile). The first time it occurred I thought it just needed to refresh the profiles, so I manually swapped from the game profile to the system default in ICUE, and then back again but that did nothing (meanwhile all of the ICUE RGB lighting profiles are swapping just fine across the board). Even while swapping the profiles manually, the Nexus screen itself will go to the default profile just fine, but will not swap to any profile screen setup for specific program. Then I thought I just needed to toggle the profile back on, as previously I had said that although the Nexus is switching to the right profile, it just remains toggled off. So I toggled it back on. Now this does fix the screen (as expected). However this is not actually toggling on the setting for this profile, it's doing it for the default. From what I can gather: Any edits made to the ICUE Nexus profiles after waking the computer from Sleep or Lock, are only made to the default profile. So it isn't just an issue with the Nexus screen after waking or sleep, I cannot edit any profiles but the default unless I do the following... I did find a resolution by closing the ICUE software, and restarting it. Everything with the Nexus works perfectly again after doing so. I'd just like it to function after waking/unlocking without having to do that. It's a mild inconvenience to me, otherwise the Nexus is a beautiful addition to my setup and very happy I got it! I hope I've described my issue thoroughly enough to be duplicated with ease.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make an autorun macro on my K95 RGB Platinum keyboard using the latest 1.077.123 firmware and iCue 3.5.111. I'm trying to make a simple autorun toggle. Press G6 once and shift+w is toggled on. Press it again and it turns off. My issue is that iCUE is having issues registering when I want to toggle it off. Sometimes I have to press the button like 10 times for it to work, other times I'm lucky and it happens on the first press. It's inconsistent in how many times I have to press, I've tried anything from 1 to like 15 tries. Is this a bug, is there a way to make a working autorun macro, is there a trick?
  4. Hey guys, hope anyone here is able to help me with my scimitar PRO rbg. Background; i play this old *** mmorpg and hotkeys is something they don't do well. So instead of it recognizing extra mouse buttons i have to assign spells to function keys F1,F2,F3, etc and then bind the function keys to the sidebuttons which worked great, had no problem what so ever with this set up. now recently i started a knight character, and those of us playing rpg's know what means; healing, healing alot, like spamming heal all the time... So after many thumb cramps i had an epiphany , why don't i make it like i'm holding down the key with some sort of macro. now i have 2 setups made for this; solution 1 is the same remap key (F6 in this case) but with added "imitate holding key" action trigger: toggle. solution 2 is macro pressing down the F6, no delays, action trigger toggl, action repeat const., and repeat delay constant @1000ms (cooldown of the spell). Both solutions work perfectly, the problem starts here. We all know spamming spells takes alot of what is generally this blue/green liquid called mana or essence or focus or whatever, and i need to drink these potions alot so que epiphany 2: just also spam this with the mouse solutions. Just copy/paste same solutions from the F6 (healing spell) spam to the F7(potion) spam and it works for both, and it does kinda. The problem however is that i press G5 bonded to the F6 spam and i start spamming the heal spell, so far so good, now i press G8 to also start the F7 spam of potions and it starts spamming the potion but it cancels my F6 spam which i still need. PLZ HALP I ALREADY DIED TWICE :( Kind regards
  5. Hello fellow forum members, I am wondering if there is a toggle feature in the CUE. I do not mean the one that keeps the macro repeat itself. I am looking for a different type of toggle. I am playing a game in which you can use automatic rifles and semi-auto. I want to make a macro that makes me able to fire the semi-auto guns a lot faster. But I tend to sitch between guns a lot. Because of that I need something that lets me toggle the macro on and off, so that I can get the normal key functionality back. I hope you can understand my explenation, If not just tell me. Thanks for your time and hope to see a reply, Pandasty
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