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Found 2 results

  1. I've run a number of benchmarks and other tests, so this is just a sampling of my earlier tests to make a point. Windows Performance settings matter a lot. Updating the video driver matters a lot. Some folks may see this as common sense, but many don't really understand the performance benefits...so here's a concrete example where you can see the bump in performance benchmarks with each step. There are real-world framerate/performance benefits during gameplay too, and they can be noticeable. There are plenty more performance tweaks you can make. I didn't even overclock here and bumped my Time Spy score by 216 points. This was part of my testing to establish a performance baseline before overclocking. Remember to look at the difference in the GPU/CPU details, not just the aggregate score. These tweaks didn't impact CPU or GPU heat/temps the way overclocking does. Using the FREE 3D Mark TimeSpy Benchmark "Basic Edition": Corsair One Pro out of the box (CS-9000009-NA) Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2Ghz Nvidia 1080Ti. Score: 8497 Corsair One Pro: Score 8684 (IMG below) Windows 10 Power Configuration set to High Performance Corsair One Pro: Score 8675 (IMG Below) Win 10 Power Configuration Set to High Performance Nvidia GPU driver package update to 387.92 (.drv ver 388.13) Corsair One Pro: Score 8713 (IMG Below) Win 10 Power Configuration Set to High Performance Nvidia GPU driver package update to 387.92 (.drv ver 388.13) G-Sync enabled (3440 x 1440 @ 120Hz without refresh rate limiter)
  2. So I'm planning on moving my rig into a new case- the 600C. A lot of the reason is because it's inverted and the rest is because the 540 takes up half my desk. So, I'm planning on color co-ordinating this- specifically, white/black I've seen a few black exterior with white internal builds and I'm really falling for it. I've wanted to finally build something unique for god knows how long (been building for 5 years, since I was 13) but never been able to afford it. Parts list so far: 1x280GTS Black Ice radiators, 1x 140GTS (maybe another 280?) XSPC Raystorm & Single-bay DDC Res- 600Lp/h EK MSI R9 390 block (only one of its type) And as mentioned, the Corsair 600C Stuff I need: Res- for looks only in the front, possibly covering the black cable gromits Fans? Need some which can take low rpm, while still being somewhat efficient and not £20($25) a fan. Pwm splitter or controller? Various other bits for watercooling (fittings, tubing, coolant) 1. Can it work? Will the slight tint of the exterior black on the 600c ruin the black/white colour scheme? 2. Enough rads? Hoping to run fans at low rpm. Minor overclocking but nothing over the top- my 6700k can barely handle 4.2GHz, and my gpu is just as reluctant. 3.Braided cables? Could white cables suit a black board? (will be covering/taking off the red bits) 4.Anything else worthy of mention? Have I mucked up at all?? Apologies for all the questions but this'll be a huge expense for me- I've always wanted to make something I'm truly proud of. Churning out black/red pcs for mates gets a bit boring after a while. Thanks & have a great evening, Kai P.S: anyone got an old msi 390 8gb lying around? Might as well make it a pair.
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