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  1. Hoping someone here can help a liquid-newb with a question: My new build is an i7-13700 with a 360mm H150i top-mounted in a NZXT H7 Flow. Everything went together fine and the system has been running perfectly. CoreTemp and iCUE show the CPU package temperature going up and down pretty rapidly when the system is under minor load (like downloading/installing a bunch of stuff). At idle the CPU hovers around 30-35C (coolant temp 27-30). But during these modest loads the CPU goes up and stays around 55-63C, while the liquid temperature stays at 30. The CPU is not overclocked right now. I know 60C is perfectly safe, but I'm wondering if I should be worried that it's hitting those temps when it's not really doing heavy lifting beyond downloading and installing a mountain of software. I cleaned off the stock thermal pad using Arctic cleaning solution and replaced it with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste, and as far as I know the block is correctly installed on the CPU, but as I noted above this is my first time using an AIO. What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I’m noticing something rather odd starting to happen with my system and it’s stumped me. Hardware is not my strong suit and this is my first build to use something like iCUE for control, so I’d appreciate any insight anyone could give, please. For extra info, the system is only ~6 months old, all new parts. iCUE would typically report the coolant temperature of my H150i, the fancy version with the sensor display screen, as 30C at idle and it would typically reach ~35C while gaming. However, all of a sudden since just before the weekend, iCUE has periods where it will report the temperature at idle as being ~20C and it’ll only fluctuate by a few degrees while putting the system under load by doing things such as gaming. Just as inexplicably, after a time, it will jump to reporting a much more believable 35C, or greater, while under load or from seemingly having heated up from low fan speeds not counteracting the heat build-up at idle. Given that I’m running my fans off the coolant temperature, they of course rev right up and then the system will come back to its expected ~35C (load)/~30C (Idle) temperatures. These anomalies seem to happen both when the system is under load and when it’s idle. The CPU package temperature definitely goes up during a ‘Hiccup’, but it never gets crazy, even under load. Each time there’s a ‘Hiccup’, it’ll stay like that for a time, resolve itself and stay resolved for the rest of the day, or at least the vast majority of it before another one happens. Since Thursday it happened every day until Sunday where it functioned completely fine all day, making me believe the issue was not hardware related and had resolved itself. Monday and Tuesday were both also fine until just now where it happened again for half an hour or so. As extra info, I’ve: - Just updated iCUE to v4.30.162. - Use Armoury Crate v5.3.4.0 to turn motherboard LEDs off when the PC is shut down, because for some reason disabling this in the BIOS didn’t work. - Use EVGA Precision X1 v1.3.7.0 to control GPU LEDs. - Not seen any system instability or had any issues in either ‘State’ while idle or when the system is under load. Wanted to mention these as I’ve heard tell that iCUE doesn’t always play nice with other programs. Thanks for any help!
  3. Hello guys I have Corsair One i164 and it's pretty new had it for like 2 year or so.. It was working great all that time until recently in the past few months.. I started getting a blue screen with the error code (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) as you can see in the picture When I get this the only solution would be a hard restart of the system.. It happens in a very irregular manner.. Sometimes I get it non stop every few minutes.. Sometimes I get it once a day.. Other times I go weeks without getting it Which makes me think, it's a software issue not a hardware otherwise my pc won't go a week long working fine I tried resetting BIOS to default settings which worked for few weeks but eventually I started getting the blue screen again, then yesterday I tried clearing the CMOS by pressing the button on the back for 25 seconds then got black screen saying hardware settings have been reset to default which means I did it right (I didn't get blue screen yesterday after doing that, it only happened a day after.. Today) I believe all these issues started after one windows update earlier this year.. I don't know which exactly but before that my pc was working great Also one thing to note.. I always update whatever I see in the windows updates section but I've never checked or updated any drivers manually.. So if they don't show up on the windows updates section then they're most likely outdated since I've never checked for any drivers manually.. I thought I should mention that if it's a possible reason Thank you
  4. Hi, I use the ICue 4 software, but it says that my mainboard is 90°C. It can't be so hot because even after the boot it is 90°C. How can i fix that? I have attached a picture
  5. Hey everyone, i recently finished my new build and purchased RAM from Corsair "CMW32GX4MC4C3200C14". I would like to know the maximum operating temperature for such modules. My System specs are: Ryzen 9 5900x 4x8GB RAM 3200mhz C14 A picture of the build is attatched, i also attatched a screenshot from HWInfo after 20 minutes of Cinebench (Multi). I also flipped the radiator fans of my CPU Rad which is mounted on the side from exhaust to intake, this resulted in a bit higher maximum CPU temps, higher storage device temps and +4C on GPU in idle, however Motherboard temps were lower by 2C. A pretty good fan curve is also setup via Agrus Monitor and it uses both CPU and GPU sensors for regulations. What seems to be weird is that RAM temps are also highly impacted by the LEDs in IDLE usage. i switched from purple to orange and instantly dropped by 5C in less than a minute, when LEDs are off the temps decrease further. Are the sensors just bad on those RAM kits or do they really get quiet warm cause of their LEDs? Would be thankful if someone could clear this up for me, maybe someone of CORSAIR staff? Thanks in advance. Regards
  6. Hi, I am getting very high liquid cooling pump temps on my h100i (brand new machine). Sometimes it has exceeded 60 degrees Celsius and caused iCue to throw up warnings. My full system specs are at the bottom. Room temp - 28 degrees Celsius Idle temps: Pump/cooler - 35-40 degrees CPU - 39 degrees GPU - 37-40 degrees Gaming temps under load: Pump/cooler - 60 degrees or more (VERY HOT!) CPU - 70-78 degrees (normal) GPU - 77-80 degrees (somewhat normal for a 3080ti) Full system specs Case: Corsair 280x w/RGB fans 2 front intake fans 2 floor intake fans (ML120’s) H100i liquid cooler (2x exhaust fans) Full clearance under the case for max air flow ( on a wheeled open bottom PC stand) Corsair RM 850 gold PSU CPU - intel i7 11700 RAM - Vengeance Pro DDR4 @3200 GC - ROG STRIX 3080ti OC 12GB Samsung EVO PRO 980 m.2 nvme M/B Gigabyte z590m Gaming X Any help why my liquid cooler is boiling would be much appreciated. All components are brand new and the case has good ventilation. Playing with fan curves and settings doesn’t make much difference. Thanks in advance for any help/opinions/advice. Cheers Dean
  7. Bonjour, j'ai un gros soucis avec la pompe de mon H100I RGB PLATINUM, mon processeur atteint des températures avoisinant les 90°c-100°c. J'utilise cet AIO depuis plus de 2 ans et je n'ai jamais eu de problème avant le 08/11/2021. J'ai constaté que la température monte progressivement sachant qu'au démarrage elle est à 30°c. J'ai donc éliminé l'hypothèse d'une sonde défaillante. J'ai également changé les branchements d'alimentation pour savoir si ce n'était pas un port Sata ou USB qui était mort mais elle ne fonctionne toujours pas. Je me demande si cela pourrait provenir d'une mise à jour du Micrologiciel de l'AIO sur ICUE ? j'aimerais également savoir si il pourrait être pris en garantie sachant qu'il a 2 ans et quelques mois ?
  8. Hello, i've built a new PC and i installed the XD3 kit on my CPU, i'm getting high temps between 72-79 on my CPU (Ryzen 5950x) in iCue software when idle, the coolant temp is 34 though, which is weird! To test that, i ran Cinebench r23 (multi-core) to see the temp when stress-testing the CPU, the CPU temp goes down to 62-65 which is again very weird. Is the Idle temp wrong (software bug)? Or am i missing something here?
  9. Howdy! Just got a new build, and with it a few questions and concerns. I was getting some odd temps, so set bios to default, in the event it had been changed during the build by PCS. And now, the temps are a little lower, but relative to the load they're very high. All fans are blasting at max from what I can see. Help? :) What info can I give to help this support process :)
  10. Hello all, Does anyone know how I may go about ordering a replacement temperature sensor probe leads for Commander Pro? I accidently cut the end of one off. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. I use iCUE with a Commander Pro for fan control and the iCUE dashboard to monitor those fans and all the various temperatures of my rig, but mainly the temperatures of my CPU and GPU. I'm currently running a RTX 3090 with a hybrid cooling solution and my GPU temperatures are great, but I worry about my GDDR temperatures. Can iCUE be using to monitory the GDDR temperatures of my RTX 3090?
  12. I just built my first pc. My CPU is a Ryzen 5 5600x on a Gigabyte B550 Aorus pro motherboard in a Corsair iCue 4000x case. I installed the H100i Elite Capellix cooler and my temps seem a bit high but I'm not sure what is considered "normal" with this cooler as I am new to pc in general. CPU temps: on start up/idle: 33c-43c browsing internet or other small tasks: 40c-50c playing less demanding games (ex. Rocket League): 45c-60c playing demanding games (ex. Cyberpunk): nearly 85c max These temps fluctuate very quickly. My coolant temp (monitored using iCue) hovers between 28c and 35c unless I play something like Cyberpunk or GTA. Then it gradually climbs up to nearly 45c. Are these temps typical for this cooler and if not what can I do to get them lower.
  13. Finished building custom loop few days ago but noticed in benchmarks like Port Royal Stress Test, Metro Exodus and Gears 5 all giving lower average FPS. I don't get this as my now water cooled RTX 3090 (Zotac) is running perfectly fine on the temperature side of things, as it's 55-60 on load which sounds fine. Coolant temp is around 40 degrees on load... Anyone know what's going on?
  14. As the the title says, the H100i Platinum temp setting is sitting at around 50C even when the computer is idle, but my CPU temps hover around 37C. These temps stay the same when I'm putting my computer under some stress, like gaming, etc. I've updated my software and have no idea what could be causing the issue. Since my iCUE profile is using the H100i temp my fans are constantly running hard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello folks! Does anyone of You know the shutdown temperature limit value? Corsair HX series have an over temperature protection for certain. I sold my HX450 (11 years old) in August. The buyer replied that the PC he has built (Phenom, integrated graphics - thus no extreme load) shuts down when his case is closed. It is OK when he opens his case. The PSU is located at the top. I have a 600T case, PSU mounted at the bottom. Breathing air from outside. I've never suffered from this problem. I've upgraded to HX650 (also older one). No problem either. But when I turn the PSU upside down (so it intakes hot air) it also shuts down after a while. But I have much more power hungry HW. In fact the HX450 could be quite at its limit for years (about 10000 hours total). But I dont think that temperature protection should be such sensitive. I would expect intervention at temperature around 80 °C. But I have aroud 45 - 50 °C in my case. Thanks, David.
  16. Hi, When i am in bios my CPU fan speed reports 4687 RPM but they are visually not spinning at all... and i think that reported RPM is very high and makes me think there is a problem lol. I have connected the CPU fan connector properly although there is only 1 wire for RPM reporting. I can see 1 or 2 fans trying to spin a little and sometimes they manage to spin verry slow. The q-fan settings are on default for cpu fan. Once i booted into windows and iCue is started it all runs ok with normal fan speeds. So i am wondering how the bios reads such rediculas high RPM while not spinning at all. Is it the bios or the IAO cooler? I can imagine the bios wont turn the fans on when it reads that number.. And i was wondering if my CPU temps are ok with my setup. AMD Threadripper 3960X Corsair iCue H150i RGB PRO XT (360mm rad) ambient temps are around 30 Celcius CPU temp is idle arround 48/50 celcius and when i run cinabench a few times it gets to 78 celcius. When i play hames it's arround 60/65 celcius. I think its a bit on the high side but i also heard these processors tent to get high on temps. Anyone got an idea?
  17. Hi everyone, I've been having a little problem this weekend when I went up with friends to play on lan. It would seem I have some temperature issue and I am wondering about the whole H60 System. This computer is a computer I've bought from the company I worked for when they switched their fleet, so I don't think I could have any warranty of sort on parts really, which is why I have some issue finding support right now. I've been reading on and off on H60 right now, and I understand how hard it will be to try and find the culprit, but let me start with this picture, this one is worrysome to me but could make sense to you. https://i.imgur.com/b1ndnN7.jpg The most left tube is getting hot, the other one is literally room temperature. If I dare to touch the actual H60 module I dont seem to feel any vibration at all. Here's a rundown of temperatures at idle : https://i.imgur.com/xuSU2ka.png If I open a game my "Package" temp and cores go up from 85 to 100 in matters of seconds as the game splash screen loads up. But my idle right now seems to be around 65° to 75°. I've seen some post where they were suggested they should be seeing the pump activity through monitor softwares but I can't seem to find what or where should that be ? Thanks for any ideas / input you could share with me.
  18. Hi folks, I appreciate your time. I'm finishing up a build which has 6 x QL120's hooked up through a Commander Pro. iCue runs up the RGB side wonderfully, I have zero problems on that front. In a nutshell the fans went from idling quietly to 1500rpm of their own accord. All fans fire up together, there isn't just a rogue fan doing it's thing. Custom profile - No go. Even fixed RPM - No go. Cannot get a reaction out of the fans at all when playing with those settings. Quiet/Balanced/Extreme make no difference either. If I fire up Prime95 then I can bring on the fan increase, but it does not match the profile. It immediately goes up to 1500rpm regardless of the CPU sitting on <30C. I made a custom profile, switched to a temperature sensor instead of CPU and had it hanging outside the case @ 23C. Prime95 - 1500rpm again, completely ignoring the actual temperatures. I have uninstalled all SmartFan software, System Info etc from Gigabyte. The only other software is the NZXT CAM software running the AIO. Those fans function as normal and don't make any difference whatsoever to the QL120's. I have re-installed/restarted services etc with no change. Can I please have some opinions on what may be the issue here? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi! I have the RM850 PSU, purchased in December 2013, so it's around 7 years old. It has worked flawlessly all the time and is still outputting all the power that my system needs. I have 5 hard drives, motherboard with an Intel i7, two AIO coolers, a GTX 1080 graphics card, 5 fans etc. Under full load I would say the system draws quite a lot of power. Recently I have started paying more interest to the temperatures of various components in my computer and I happened to touch the casing of the PSU. It was very hot! When I held a temperature sensor to it it was close to 50 degrees celsius (122 Fahrenheit). This is so hot that you don't want to hold your finger to it for long, but it's not so hot that you get burned. Despite this rather high temperature, the PSU fan was not running at all. This makes me a bit concerned. Not only must the high temperature put a stress on the components in the PSU, it also generates a substantial amount of heat that the case fans have to move out of the computer case. I know the RM850 has a zero RPM configuration, but when the PSU is this hot, one would think the fan should be running. I also followed Corsairs fan testing guide (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025085372-How-to-Test-a-power-supply-unit) both with and without a load on the PSU. The fan does not spinn up despite the paper clip that connects pin 4 and 5 on the ATX cable. When I switch the PSU off after the test, the fan makes a little "jitter", but that's it. My conclusion is that the fan seems to be okay, but the PSU never tells it to start. What are my options? I'm thinking of rewiring the PSU fan by connecting it to an external fan connector that I can control manually or with the help of Corsair Commander. I have opened up the PSU so any warranty is long gone. It doesn't matter though since the PSU is so old.
  20. Hi all I just recently (<1week) built a new rig and I think my cpu is running too hot on idle 40-60 Celsius. At first I had installed a bunch of software that was giving me issues: Link4, iCLUE, NZXT CAM, MSI Afterburner, HWMonitor, etc and now I am just using iCLUE+MSI Afterburner+HWMonitor. Weirdly enough I have similar cpu temperature while playing call of duty. Attached images of idle and cod. On my asus board I originally had the pump connect to the AIO pump header which was giving me cpu fan errors. I moved it the cpu fan header and that went away. Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nF8HTC Things I tried: 1. Applied new thermal paste (not much changed) 2. Used icue to set fans+pump to max 3. Bios cpu fan set to %100 Any ideas? TLDR: cpu temp on h100i is 40-60 degrees C on idle and while playing Call of duty Thanks for any help or suggestion in advance!
  21. Greetings fellow PC enthusiasts... my system specs are listed. I have noticed that according to HWiNFO my hottest DIMM (I assume this is the one right next to the I/O shroud) will get to the mid-50s degrees C while gaming or prolonged stress testing. Despite running XMP-3200 on an old, unsupported platform and a low VCCIO/ SA voltage (1.05v and 1.10v respectively) I have had zero stability issues. So far, I have heard that Samsung B-Die memory hates temperatures above 40C whilst Micron memory isn't nearly as sensitive, even exceeding 60C at more aggresssive speed and timings and still being stable. Can anyone help me clarify this is still a good temperature? No errors or strange behaviour is obviously a good sign but I prefer not to be living on the edge. Thanks :)
  22. Hello, I would like to ask some advice about the fans curve of my setup. I'm not sure if I chose a too aggressive cooling ramp to keep temps low. Now it's getting hotter at home and the pc has started becoming a bit too noisy. That's the build. i7 9700k - Z390 Aorus Ultra - RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio - 32gb Trident Z RGB C16 3200 MHz - Corsair H115i RGB Platinum - EVGA SuperNovaT2 850W - Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE - Samsung 970evo plus 500gb I have 4 fan installed in the case, 3 in the front and 1 in the back; while the AIO is on the top. I put the CCPro sensors: one between the cpu and the vrm, one near the ram modules just over the gpu, one below the gpu near the psu cover and the last one on the back, near the top of the case, over the HDD. I set case fans to follow the T of the sensor near the cpu and AIO fans the coolant T. While gpu fans start working when it reaches 25°C, so always. CPU is OC at 5Ghz, vcore 1.285v but when it's really hot I go down to 4.9Ghz at 1.240v. No AVX offset That's the temps I'm getting today with 24.5°C in the room after 1h of browsing. While these are from yesterday; it was a little hotter, I think around 26°C: What do you think about temps and curves? Too safe? Or it's ok to increase iddling T? Thanks in advance for the feedback
  23. Hello all, today for the first time ever I got a red blinking light from the right side of my pc! I immediately quit the game and it cooled down a little but after I checked on corsair link my motherboard temperature is so high over 100 celsius!! and it won't get any cooler! help please, below attached pictures of different softwares from speedfan ( https://imgur.com/IuQ8j4D ) from corsair link ( https://imgur.com/P3fNTxa) from speecy ( https://imgur.com/CVbDNp8 )
  24. Hi guys ! Greetings from Brazil ! I´d fell in love with this case, and build my new system on this and... I just can use my new PC because the temperature ! The system just shut down ! I´m using one Ryzen 5 3600 already undervolted cooled by an AIO 240mm water cooler placed on the top (the only place were it fits) My GPU is one MSI RX 5700 XT Mech OC, already with undervolt, I know it´s a "hot" GPU... 4x 120 mm fans (front and floor - in-taking) with 43 CFM and the two fans from the AIO (58CFM high pressure) on the top (exhausting). Everything goes OK till the GPU starts to do what have to do ... processing ! No complains about performance ! Is great for the price, neck to neck with RTX 2070 super for much less money The heat do not dissipate into the case and starts to heat the processor, MB, disks, coolant and everything around ! When the mother board sensor (Biostar Racing X470GTQ) reaches 90C... all shut down ! The back from the case and the lateral glass get truly very hot ! Throw away the case or the video card ? Have you some tips about ? It´s a pity, cause the build looks so fancy and gorgeous :) [] Sandro
  25. 1) What is the temperature difference between the PRO RGB and PRO XT versions? 2) I assume the XT has the fan passthrough, but it never hurts to check. Does it?
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