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Found 4 results

  1. I got a brand new AX860i and had not used or tested the usb info feature at the time because I was missing headers. I have tested it now and the temperature readings are just impossible. Fixed at -198.5°C/-325.3°F. Tried changing internal usb connection and installing both icue and corsair link. No success. I have efficiency readings and control of the fan. Only temperature seem not to work. Ideas anyone?
  2. I have two temperature sensor from Phobya in my desktop's liquid cooling loop and they are connected to commander pro. Corsair Link can show temperatures read from those two sensors but I wonder how accurate it can be. Will it happen that, for example, the liquid is 46°C but commander pro reads 38°C? Is there any standard that everyone follow when making fan controllers and sensors?
  3. Hey guys, I installed my Commander Pro last week and hooked up all the fans and developed curves off of temperature sensors I have throughout the case. I recently added one to measure intake air temperature (ambient air temperature) and it was reading unusually high. I decided to look into if further thinking my house AC system was just not balanced, but I had a Fluke laying around and tested what the sensors were reading vs what the Fluke sensor read and found that all my Commander Pro temperatures are reading around 3 degrees C high (the probes from the fluke were placed immediately beside the commander pro sensors). The voltages the commander pro is reporting are right on the money (12V is reading ~12.04V, 5V is reading ~5.05V, 3.3V is reading ~3.40V). Has anybody run into this problem or have any ideas on what's going on? Thanks in advance!
  4. I just acquired a Corsair RM450 (the product is discontinued, but I got it new from someone that had it sitting on their shelf for years). It has a link cable, but its an analog connection, so the cable splits with half connecting to a fan header and the other half a temperature probe. In the old Link 3.x you could change the Temperature probe to a Load option so you could monitor the power load. Was that dropped in Link 4.x? I can see the temp readout, but there's no option to change the sensor type, even though the window says "type: temperature" when I double click on it. If that has been dropped, if I buy the analog to USB header digital adapter (still available for $10) would that work with Link 4.x? Or is monitoring the loading condition on the RM450 a lost cause?
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