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Found 5 results

  1. Anyways, my old case and setup just had 6 rgb fans, which worked out nice for the Commander Pro (plus lighting node). But now I've got 9, possibly adding a 10th (all QL120 rgb fans). I've also got a pump but don't usually control it through iCUE, as it has its own software suite for advanced metrics and whatnot, but I'm curious if anyone actually plugs their D5 pump into it? Also, I don't need more than 4 temp probes. I don't intend to have any LED strips.. at least, I don't think. My GPU block and CPU block both have RGB, but it's EK so I can't plug those into the Commander, right ??? When I bought the Pro, the Core and Core XT did not exist, as far as I'm aware. But either way, here we are: is one Commander Pro enough to run all of this? If yes, how do you connect 9 or 10 fans to the 6 fan ports on the Pro? If no, which extra device is the best choice for my needs, pairing it with the Pro I already have? Finally, are there any Corsair products that come bundled with the Core or Core XT?
  2. I got a brand new AX860i and had not used or tested the usb info feature at the time because I was missing headers. I have tested it now and the temperature readings are just impossible. Fixed at -198.5°C/-325.3°F. Tried changing internal usb connection and installing both icue and corsair link. No success. I have efficiency readings and control of the fan. Only temperature seem not to work. Ideas anyone?
  3. I have two temperature sensor from Phobya in my desktop's liquid cooling loop and they are connected to commander pro. Corsair Link can show temperatures read from those two sensors but I wonder how accurate it can be. Will it happen that, for example, the liquid is 46°C but commander pro reads 38°C? Is there any standard that everyone follow when making fan controllers and sensors?
  4. Hey guys, I installed my Commander Pro last week and hooked up all the fans and developed curves off of temperature sensors I have throughout the case. I recently added one to measure intake air temperature (ambient air temperature) and it was reading unusually high. I decided to look into if further thinking my house AC system was just not balanced, but I had a Fluke laying around and tested what the sensors were reading vs what the Fluke sensor read and found that all my Commander Pro temperatures are reading around 3 degrees C high (the probes from the fluke were placed immediately beside the commander pro sensors). The voltages the commander pro is reporting are right on the money (12V is reading ~12.04V, 5V is reading ~5.05V, 3.3V is reading ~3.40V). Has anybody run into this problem or have any ideas on what's going on? Thanks in advance!
  5. I just acquired a Corsair RM450 (the product is discontinued, but I got it new from someone that had it sitting on their shelf for years). It has a link cable, but its an analog connection, so the cable splits with half connecting to a fan header and the other half a temperature probe. In the old Link 3.x you could change the Temperature probe to a Load option so you could monitor the power load. Was that dropped in Link 4.x? I can see the temp readout, but there's no option to change the sensor type, even though the window says "type: temperature" when I double click on it. If that has been dropped, if I buy the analog to USB header digital adapter (still available for $10) would that work with Link 4.x? Or is monitoring the loading condition on the RM450 a lost cause?
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