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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am new to the AIO scene and I wanted to know if my watercoolor will auto adjust rpm to cpu temp.:D:
  2. Hye I have buy the Corsair H100I RGB platinium somd days ago but actually, my pc say than the processor has a temperature of 80°C just on Windows. The Big problem is than the watercooling work at 1900 RPM ans Corsair iCue say than the Waterblock has a temperature of 20°C. I understand absolutly nothing... Can you help me please (I precise than I have put a Thermal Paste (Thermal Grizzly) and Thé Waterblock is well attached to the Processor) Best regards. Have a nice day
  3. Hi everyone, I’m looking for clarification on whether the coolant temperature on my H100i v2 is in the normal range while conducting a stress test on my 8700K, the details are listed below. I have no reference point of whether the coolant temps are normal or out of range (hence this post), but to me the coolant temperature seems very low given the CPU temp even with when considering the poor die/IHS heat conductivity. I conducted this specific test twice, once after finishing the OC process and again after having repasted and reseated the cooler. -Test: Prime95 (v29.3) Small FFT (no AVX), temp readings taken after 2 hours. -CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.9 GHz @ 1.312 V (1.31 V in Link). -CPU Max package temp: 89 degrees C. -H100i v2 max coolant temp: 34.1 C (idle temp 27.6 C). -Ambient room temp: ~24 C. -GPU temp during test: 30-34 C. -H100i v2 pump speed: 2900 RPM (Performance mode). -SP120L speed: 2700 RPM (Max). -Case/Fan arrangement: Cooler Master HAF 922 with 2x 200mm fan intake (front and side), top mounted radiator (exhaust, fans pushing) and 1x 120mm rear exhaust. Changing the pump setting to “Quiet” (1280 RPM) or reducing the fan speed to 50% only sees a coolant temperature increase of 1 C over the listed settings above. A touch test of the radiator and the air coming out of the radiator were both luke warm at best. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hello all, Can you help me with to questions please. 1. What maximum fluid temperature can be on h100i v2? 2. Can anyone tell me what is the best fun curve for this AIO cooler? I am asking because I already have second time when my fan on radiator is start to be very noisy. I mean rattling. My fans were set for 83% what give around 2300rpm. Really strange max for this fun is 2400rpm. Please help me with these questions. Thank you in advance
  5. so i've been doing research on new coolers, and in that process i've seen a lot of posted temps way lower than mine under idle. my processor seems to be running too hot. most things i have seen, peoples temps are in my range under heavy load, while mine is high under idle. any help? i'm attaching a screen grab to show what i mean. also, this is idle. under load, processor temp is around 80-85, sometimes peaking barely over 90.
  6. Hello, I had a question regarding the H100i V2. Basically, I have my CPU overclocked to 4.6Ghz with the voltage being set to 1.31v When I am stress testing my CPU my maximum temperature is 82-85. Corsair LINK works perfectly as it shows my RPM etc I even set my CPU FAN speed to full speed under the bios for Q Fan control. The temperatures exactly go around 68-77 degrees then it sometimes goes to 83 then back down but as far as I surfed the internet people that have the H100i V2 get lower temperatures then I do. My room temperature is 21 degrees. Do you guys recommend me to use any other stress software or to monitor my temperature? Currently using AIDA64 and Real temp to see my temperatures. Did I forgot to do something while setting up the cooler or something? Anyways thank you guys in advance.
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