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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone, i recently finished my new build and purchased RAM from Corsair "CMW32GX4MC4C3200C14". I would like to know the maximum operating temperature for such modules. My System specs are: Ryzen 9 5900x 4x8GB RAM 3200mhz C14 A picture of the build is attatched, i also attatched a screenshot from HWInfo after 20 minutes of Cinebench (Multi). I also flipped the radiator fans of my CPU Rad which is mounted on the side from exhaust to intake, this resulted in a bit higher maximum CPU temps, higher storage device temps and +4C on GPU in idle, however Motherboard temps were lower by 2C. A pretty good fan curve is also setup via Agrus Monitor and it uses both CPU and GPU sensors for regulations. What seems to be weird is that RAM temps are also highly impacted by the LEDs in IDLE usage. i switched from purple to orange and instantly dropped by 5C in less than a minute, when LEDs are off the temps decrease further. Are the sensors just bad on those RAM kits or do they really get quiet warm cause of their LEDs? Would be thankful if someone could clear this up for me, maybe someone of CORSAIR staff? Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. Started up my computer today and my temp sensor for my CPU stopped working. Noticed it when my nexus wasn't updating CPU temp, after some investigating the sensor is not showing up in iCue at all. Coincidentally my motherboard is also no longer showing up in iCue. Both of these things were present and working last night. HWInfo/Ryzen Master/Core Temp all show the CPU temp sensor if I open them up (I normally don't run them except for specific instances and then shut them down after). Nothing has changed on my system from last night when it was working at shutdown to this morning when I started my system. I have tried doing a repair of iCue, I have tried doing a reinstall of iCue. I have made sure Synapse is not running and does not run at startup. There isn't any reason I can think of why the CPU sensor would just vanish. iCue currently shows the sensor for Commander Pro, 3090, and Vengeance Pro but that's it.
  3. Hi, I am getting very high liquid cooling pump temps on my h100i (brand new machine). Sometimes it has exceeded 60 degrees Celsius and caused iCue to throw up warnings. My full system specs are at the bottom. Room temp - 28 degrees Celsius Idle temps: Pump/cooler - 35-40 degrees CPU - 39 degrees GPU - 37-40 degrees Gaming temps under load: Pump/cooler - 60 degrees or more (VERY HOT!) CPU - 70-78 degrees (normal) GPU - 77-80 degrees (somewhat normal for a 3080ti) Full system specs Case: Corsair 280x w/RGB fans 2 front intake fans 2 floor intake fans (ML120’s) H100i liquid cooler (2x exhaust fans) Full clearance under the case for max air flow ( on a wheeled open bottom PC stand) Corsair RM 850 gold PSU CPU - intel i7 11700 RAM - Vengeance Pro DDR4 @3200 GC - ROG STRIX 3080ti OC 12GB Samsung EVO PRO 980 m.2 nvme M/B Gigabyte z590m Gaming X Any help why my liquid cooler is boiling would be much appreciated. All components are brand new and the case has good ventilation. Playing with fan curves and settings doesn’t make much difference. Thanks in advance for any help/opinions/advice. Cheers Dean
  4. I did not seem to have an issue with installing and running the software. I do have a question about what the different temp numbers refer to. Also, Temp #11 runs from 70c to 94c at any given time. This is why I would like to know about the Representation of the widgets. Thank you. EDIT: My fan for the GPU does run all the time. It does not appear to show on this display unless there is an increase from the base idle speed which is unknown.
  5. I noticed that the fan on my RM650i doesn't start until the unit gets quite hot. I know the fan is not triggered by temperature but instead by power output, but I still think the fan is coming on too late. According to the manual, the fan is supposed to kick in when the unit is putting out around 260W but from my experience this is not the case. Here's my research: I was playing a game and watching the fan/temp/power out using iCue, while recording everything using HWinfo. The unit was constantly putting out 300W+ with peaks as high as 350W and the fan was still sitting at 0 RPM. Using HWinfo, I can see that the fan finally did kick in when the PSU was reporting temperatures as high as 63/46 C (that is temp1/temp2 sensors respectively). Considering that this PSU is rated up to 50 C, this seems a little toasty to let the unit run that warm all the time. I could set up my own fan curve, but using iCue I'm not able to set the RPM below 40%. That would mean giving up on the silent/passive cooling at low load that I really like about this unit. TL;DR the PSU runs warm and I want to be able to set a custom fan curve that goes to 0 speed at low temperatures.
  6. I have every thing working except my temp sensors on the commander pro. I have tried resetting it and changing out the temp sensors. I have the pump/res sensor in #1 and three other temp sensors placed through out my pc case. None of the sensors are reporting. I have a 9900k/Asrock PG9 mobo. I figure for the loop to run the most efficiently I need these temps to be reporting. Oh and another questiong does anyone know what the max rpm is on the pump for the XD5? I don't want to run it too high. I may just have a bad commander pro. I noticed there are alot of issues being reported.
  7. A little story and a lesson i learned in hard way. This happened to me long time ago. But i thought i just share it :) While i was stress testing to see if my OC was stable, i decided to change the pump speed to see how it affects CPU temps. Just when i applied new speed, system froze... unstable OC, BSOD. It didn't take too long until i noticed my CPU was running at 800Mhz, super slow. Could not boot into windows. even in bios it was struggling to run. Temp was at 100C! Basically pump speed was set to 0... what a mess! So i shutdown my PC, plugged out all power cables, waited like 10 minutes for pump to cool down. (It was really warm!) Then i tried to get into windows, I only had a few minutes before the CPU reached 100C again and shutdown itself. So again after 10 minutes i reduced Vcore voltage as low as it made sense! Finally i could get into windows and set pump speed back to Quiet mode. And there i revived my cooler :3 Not to be paranoid or anything, just make sure your system is stable before changing the pump speed. Because it can be a PITA if you get unlucky... That cooler is still running good though ;) ---- My suggestion to Corsair is to include hard reset button on their coolers because that would be really handy for cases like this.
  8. I have my i7-7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz, so I was expecting a bit more heat from the CPU, but I'm averaging 40 degrees whilst only iCue is open, nothing else. Also there is a loud rattling noise which is constantly present, less noticeable on Quiet, but on Balanced and Performance, you can hear it very distinctly, even above my fans at 100% speed. I've tried shaking the radiator in case of air bubbles, re-applying the thermal paste (Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition), remounting the block onto the CPU, and even making sure that the bracket was firmly tight against my motherboard on both sides at the end of installation. Any suggestions? Or should I get a new one? Here is a video showcasing the issue: [ame= ] [/ame]
  9. Hi, i have H80, thing is, i's a really weird software, very confuse....i get around....but it could be way better! But that's not the problem now! i was doing running prime95 to test my profiles, as i always have done with any other software...good thing i do! i got a BSOD, next thing i know, running again...i was looking at my screen, iCue readings at 40c(wut?) and actual readings from realtemp/intel something utility was 95c i immediatly stopped the test, that's scared me so deep dude! now i know why BSOD just happened, good thing it didn't fry my cpu though... Check: RPM, Fan Curve, Temp reading by iCue and real temp by RealTemp that is shown on screen....wth?
  10. Couple of questions regarding the H80i: When corsair link software reports the "temp" of the H80i, where is the temp sensor located in the loop? Is it measuring the temp of the pump motor, the temp of the copper block touching the cpu, or is it measuring the temp of the actual liquid? The reason I ask is simply for a better understanding of how the corsair closed loop systems work. I am intricately familiar with DIY water cooling, and have built several dating back over a decade. I have always been hesitant to use these closed loop kits, but this is one of the first units i have seen which actually might be worth looking into. (I Absolutely HATED the external SATA power connectors... good job on cleaning up the v2) Second, Is there any way to allow other hardware monitoring/fan control software to actually read the Temps and Fan RPMs from the H80i? I can get the RPM for the pump head itself to be seen by the bios/other software, and the reported RPM is half of actual (this is normal for pumps, i know), but no ability to read the Temp or Fan RPM outside of the Corsair Link Software... Why would I want to do this? The answer is simple. The Corsair Link software is pretty rudimentary to be honest. I will be posting more about this issue in the appropriate forum.
  11. Hello, What is the range for these sensors? I've searched this forum, and on google, with no luck what so ever.
  12. Comparing the CPU Package (node 0) on the newest Corsair Link ( and HWMonitor, the Corsair Link is showing +20 C higher than HWMonitor. The issue I have is that I have my H110i fans are grouped with the CPU Package temp, but since it shows +20 C higher, my fans are turning on prematurely. The fan gets super loud, when in reality the CPU is a lot cooler than Corsair Link is showing. Possible remedy? If I group up my fans with the H110i Temp, is that pretty accurate with the CPU package temp? http://i.imgur.com/T3Rd1ln.jpg
  13. Hello guys, I had an urge to finally make a thread here and explain myself for what I've been doing for a week. TL;DR: Stock fans don't go below 2000 RPM when on idling or small load. H100i is pushing air out from top of the case: This picture is before I made all the maintenance https://imgur.com/a/dGme9 It all started with h100i stock fans started to generate alot of noise no matter if computer is idle or on load and finally one day, my PC ended up with endless power loop, not even getting to boot screen. I've started with CMOS reset and it was fixed, then I saw my 4x4GB rams listed as 12GB at OS. I seated them again and that was also fixed. I made various stress tests and checked temperatures, did some hardware diagnostics and everything was seeming fine. But that h100i fan noise was not going away so I went ahead did the below things: Bought Cooler Master: MasterGel Pro and applied it to both CPU and GPU, replaced thermal pads on GPU memories as well. I have completely removed every fan in case, including H100i, GPU, cleaned them all and also applied sewing machine oil to them. Did cable management on entire case. Added 230mm fan to side panel to push more air into GPU and to the case. H100i had 1.0.5 firmware and CL v4 didn't offer firmware upgrade so I installed v3.2.5247 and updated firmware to 1.1.3 My notes are below: There was tiny bit of thermal paste left in h100i copper sink, I was shocked but 5820k having soldered IHS, heat transfer was okay. That MasterGel Pro is so hard to apply, being so intense. I don't use USB cable for CL, I plugged it and started monitoring stuff, pump temperature is around 32°C (ambient is more than 25°C) on idling or small load, crawling towards 38°C or more if load gets tougher. Pump RPM is always around 2100 (I read it is always like that no matter the load) and fans are 2000-2200 RPM on low to medium loads, going towards 2600 on full load. When I updated the h100i firmware, fans went down to 1600RPM (balanced mode) until I restarted PC, they were back to 2200ish. I hit Quiet mode 1300 Rpm and repeated stress test and CPU package was around 50-53°C. I read that fan RPMs are tied to Pump temperature and not to the CPU heat, When I max CPU fans in BIOS, they don't increase or lower. (Fan cables are connected to h100i). Manual set speeds change when they are directly connected to mobo. I have OC'd my CPU from 3.3Ghz to 4.5GHz and repeated many tests, on 4.5GHz stress test, CPU package was around 65°C. All seems fine, I am back to stock speed. When on idle, OC or not, fans spin fast and they blow really cold air, seems like they are working heavily for nothing. And today, I plugged h100i fans to Mobo, oh guys!, they were idling at 650 RPM and it was so quiet I had a shock =) How I missed silence. I was reading various forums and watching tons of video about h100i and fan noise, many people are complaining about stock fans are too noisy and replacing them. Then I spent couple of days trying to decide between alot of fans as a replacement. It seems that NF-12 (expensive) and Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM (cheap) good alternatives to try. Also, SP120 quiet edition to consider. It's not fair to compare 2600 RPM fans to 1500 RPM or lower fans, h100i stock fans also silent on same speeds. I even thought about replacing the coolant inside h100i, but then I don't have overheating issue. My questions are: If I use 4x fans for h100i. Will it lower RPM so I will have lower noise? Plugging CPU fans to mobo resolves the noise but then I feel missing something so I want to connect fans to heatsink as usual. I want to stay on Balanced mode but I want RPMs to be lower than 2000 when idling or on medium load. Don't want to lock fans to 1500 RPM, need them to vary speed according to load. To resolve all of this guess I need to replace fans with NF-F12 or equivalent, bcs they don't have high RPMs, but I am open to inputs from you guys as after all these stuff, I might be missing something to fix. In future, if I decide to OC, those slower fans feel like they will be inadequate to cool. Using High - Balanced - Medium profile don't change CPU/pump temps on idle or medium load. Came upon some great videos while searching for solutions: This guy is using custom mainboard tray and this timelapse build is amazing to watch: [ame] [/ame] How to clean a computer fan, simple: [ame] [/ame] Noctua NF-12 PWM: [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] Corsair H100i with Replacement Fans: [ame] [/ame] Cougar Vortex Push/Pull Water Cooler Corsair H100: [ame] [/ame] Fixing a clogged H100i pump: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OdWsP2fzjI[/ame] Corsair H100i Primer Modding Watercooling: Someone went crazy modding with his h100i [ame] [/ame] Noctua NF-F12 Review Corsair H100 including push pull: [ame] [/ame] This was a long post to read, if you did read, thank you so much. I wanted to share my trouble and findings, hope they will server others having similar problem in future. English isn't my native language, I tried to be informative as much as I could.
  14. Hallo Leute, ich hab mir mal den i7 7700K & die H115i gegönnt. Nun habe ich heute für eine Stunde Prime 95 laufen lassen und folgende Temperaturen Erreicht. Da es meine erste AIO ist wollte ich fragen ob die Temperaturen so normal sind oder ob es sich um ein Fehler handelt. Der Test hat die ganze zeit die CPU zu 100% ausgelastet. Die ersten 30min ist die Wassertemperatur noch gestiegen ab 31°C stieg sie aber nicht mehr weiter an. Hab euch noch die Grafik von HWMonitor angehängt. Ich freue mich auf eure antworten. Gruß Evilsunz Temp: Last: CPU: 73°C Wasser: 31°C Idle: CPU: 30°C Wasser: 25°C Mein System: Mainboard: Asus Maximus Viii Gene CPU: i7 7700K (nicht übertaktet) Kühler: H115i Corsair Link Profil: Silent RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LED rot DDR4-3400 DIMM CL16 Quad Kit
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