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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, about an hour ago, my mic just turned on by itself, the red light went away, and now it's permanently on. I tried putting it down and back up again, I tried the mute button on the side, turning on and off the head set, unplugging and plugging back in the wireless usb connector. and lastly tried restarting my computer. The only way I can mute my mic is by going into the iCue software and muting the mic from there. It was working fine up until just recently. Is the headset faulty? Edit: Just an update, I tested it out and it does mute properly but the state is off. The voice prompt will say if the mic is on, but won't say it's off when muted, and the red light no longer shows when the mic is muted. If I turn off voice prompts I'll get the beeps for when its off and on. The mute button though on the side of the headset doesn't work, pressing the button won't mute the mic.
  2. Hi guys I need some assistance. I noticed my fan was making a strange noise so i decided to see what the problem was. I noticed there was a screw missing so could anyone tell me where i can buy a replacement screw? Ive attaached a photo of the said fan Cheers! Dave
  3. I have had my strafe mechanical keyboard for a few months now and this past week I have had an issue with it. The caps through enter key row have not been working properly. It seems that at times I can't push the keys, or they are all simultaneously pushed at once. I have not spilled anything on it nor have any liquids been near it. I have all the updates done on the iCUE for the keyboard, I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program and nothing has helped. Also tried removing the device from the keyboard menu in setting menu, but this also didn't help. Thank you for any help
  4. Sorry, tried to keep this short but it not so much… Never had luck using the Corsair software starting w/ the keyboard. This has gotten worse trying now in 2019 adding a mouse and headset. Need to have this resolved whether it be a technical fix or an economic fix. Would rather a technical fix though so looking for help/advice. _____________________________________________________________ 2014 Notable Peripherals: Keyboard: Vengeance K70 RGB MX Brown - SKU CH-9000065-NA (preordered back 2014 on Newegg and have had since launch.) 2014 Notable PC specs: OS: Windows 8.1 Pro Board: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LK Rev X.0x Processor: 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i5-3570K Video Card: Geforce 780 GTX 2014 Notable Problems Included: 1. Need to leave on polling option 8. Switching to 2 or 4 did not function at all. Switching to 1 would work OK but when turning my PC on machine would get stuck on POST forcing me to unplug, wait for Windows to load, plug in. Both 8 and 1 would break Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock lights. Keys would work, just not light up. 2. Never able to run firmware update on keyboard. Every time I would try it would fail and the keyboard would stop functioning to the point where I would need to unhook, uninstall software, reboot, etc. Notes: I've tried every combination of polling switch + 1 or 2 USBs plugged in + USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.0. 1 USB is using USB 3.0 or both if USB 2.0 is how I've always understood it but have tried all combos anyway. Uninstalling the software has always been the only true fix. _____________________________________________________________ 2019 Notable Peripherals: Keyboard: Vengeance K70 RGB MX Brown - SKU CH-9000065-NA (same one) Mouse: M65 RGB - SKU CH-9000070-NA Headset: VOID Pro RGB Wireless - SKU CA-9011152-NA 2019 Notable PC specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Board: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LK Rev X.0x Processor: 3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i5-3570K Video Card: Geforce 980 GTX (stepped up in life :D) Problems I'm now experiencing: Keyboard: Same problems, had a complete meltdown. Got it to the point where just the Lock lights are broken. Not even showing in ICUE software anymore. Mouse: Mouse 4 and 5 stops working intermittently Sometimes they work, sometimes not w/ no known changing occurring (I’ll be actively in the middle of something). Firmware up to date Headset: 1. Battery drops noticeably faster. Went from 72% to needs charge within a single game of League of Legends, so about 1 hour. 2. Muting and unmuting both with the nice lady voice and just the beeps are intermittent. Often must raise and lower a couple times to get mic to click on/off as needed. Formed a habit of checking to make sure the mic is muted before doing what I need to do. Had to disable lady due to her never even able to complete her own sentences before cutting herself off. Firmware up to date The Biggie: I started having random disconnect issues in League of Legends. Sometimes the game would lag to the point where it would seem like a network connectivity issue, yet TeamSpeak and other internet tools would be working fine. This happens at least once a game now consistently. A couple times the game would crash without any error or notable lag/problem, crash to desktop so smooth and quick as if you just clicked the X on an open folder… That’s when I realized this same problem happened to me back in 2014 too… and was the reason I originally gave up/uninstalled… Common Denominators: Keyboard Corsair Software Motherboard (Latest available BIOS and drivers) Processor _____________________________________________________________ Between 2014 and present day I’ve moved 4 times, have new SSD, new OS, newer, more beautifuler me, even the software is a lot more polished than 2014. Not sure where to go from here. Would be happy to provide info from a Belarc Advisor run, pull event viewer logs if there are IDs to look for, etc. I just uninstalled the software and already noticing a difference. Unmuting and muting the mic via raise/lower is smooth and consistent. do DOOT - DO doot, over and over, without issue. I’m about to play a round of League while this post stews. I love Corsair but need to adjust DPI. I’d rather invest in a new motherboard than new peripherals if I can get some evidence suggesting the replacement. Don’t want to change brands. :/
  5. I was using the headest with my PS4 (and it still works perfectly fine on there) but just the other night I plugged it back into my pc, and the lights were on, and CUE even detected it, but there was no audio. I went into my playback devices and it said it wasn't connected. For whatever reason I thought 'removing' the device then re-plugging would solve my problem, but I think I accidentally made it worse. Now CUE still detects the headset, but anytime I try to change a setting, it crashes the app. I still have no audio of course but the lights are still on, and when I go back into device manager the headset is "unspecified" and when I try to install the drivers via device manager, it takes a long time to try to install them, then I get an error saying it stopped trying because it was taking too long. It says to check the device manufacturer's website for drivers. I already made a support ticket out, but I just thought maybe somebody here might know what I could try.
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