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Found 11 results

  1. I have been trying everything, from downloading iCUE, to meddling in device manager. Nothings working, it happens when a loud audio bass comes up and disconnects it from my computer and once the bass is done reconnects it.
  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/dYQcVII I have RMA a SF600 and got a refurbished unit. It has been working fine for a few months but recently iv noticed a wired sound coming from it. This noise is quiet and happens occasionally. Should I be concerned?
  3. Hello, I have an HS70 and last night I decided to finally do the firmware update on it via ICue. Upon clicking the update button it prompted me to connect the headset via USB. I did so and it detected my HS70 as a generic headset at which point it gave me the option to select a model. I believe here is where I screwed up and either selected a different model or something because the picture I get is for the VOID pro wireless. Now my HS70 doesn't even turn on and my pc doesn't detect it. The dongle has a constant blinking light, if that is of any use. It is still under warranty, if it needs to get to that, but I assume downloading something from somewhere would do the trick.
  4. http://imgur.com/gallery/dYQcVII I have RMA a SF600 and got a refurbished unit. It has been working fine for a few months but recently iv noticed a wierd sound coming from it. This noise is quiet and happens occasionally. Should I be concerned?
  5. Okay, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out here. I have a Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard, Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse, And the Void Pro Wireless headset and whenever I launch Fortnite (Haven't tried it with other games) randomly, sometimes it won't even happen, the devices I just mentioned will disconnect and reconnect indefinitely forcing me to restart my computer. This recently just started happening as well, and I doubt it is an issue on Fortnite's end as users have complained in the past about devices Disconnecting and reconnecting. I have tried troubleshooting as well, and here is what I have tried. I moved the hub the devices are connected to, to another port, updated device firmware, updated windows 10 software, updated icue, unplugged and re-plugged back in. All have done nothing. Thing is while I'm on desktop and not in a game it doesn't freak out but only sometimes in game will it disconnect and reconnect. Things to note: I have the devices plugged into a USB hub. Here are my computer specs as well as the firmware versions on the devices. Hopping someone can give me some help on this. Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 GPU: MSI R9 390X (x2) Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00 GHZ RAM: Corsair Vengence 32 GB DDR3 PSU: EVGA 1000W G2 Keyboard Version:2.05 Mouse: 1.04 Headset: 0.15
  6. I have just bought 3 Be Quiet fans (the silent wings 3 PWM high speed edition) and have connected them directly to the 3 fan splitter coming out of the CPU block/pump. However, I can't set a custom cooling curve without the fans turning off complete and in order to get the fans spinning again they have to be set to fixed % above 95%. Any ideas why it is bugging out like this and why I can't get the % any lower? Is it because the new fans max out at 2200RPM and not 1600RPM? All fans are connected correctly and are working, I also have 3 more that are controlled through CAM and can be varied individually without an issue.
  7. Hello folks, recently I bought the Dark Core RGB SE and am really enjoying it, but I do have an odd problem while using it with the iCUE software. I read the corresponding post on this forum about the firmware updates and iCUE installation and made it work. My first main goal was to create a hardware profile, so I can use the Dark Core in Bluetooth mode. Somehow the hardware profiles got corrupted/desync while I was trying to create and test that, so I had to reset and redo the whole thing, but okay, as long as it works. For my first profile I wanted to remap some keys to the mouse buttons, one of those was "ö". Right there I noticed that pressing "ö" on my german keyboard does result in the iCUE software registering a ";" (I think; whatever the corresponing key on a US layout does) instead, even when I switch to german iCUE (my default was english). So apparently iCUE does not know about keyboard layouts for remappings on mice? found this thread in here regarding that issue. Well, I still worked with that, using the alternative remapping, saved it as a hardware profile, started using it and everything was fine. But after a day or two, that just .. broke? Another remapping I did was "8" to the sniper key (don't judge me and my weird setup, okay :D:) and that worked fine, but the key I wanted to use for "ö"( or, well ";" I guess) just wasn't doing anything anymore. the only input that my game could detect was a generic Mouse 4. Weird, but okay, so I switched around my ingame keybinds to M4 and that works. But because this behaviour seemed a bit odd to me I tried another approach. Plugged in the USB cable(switching to 2,4GHz mode) and created a software profile instead of hardware with the exact same settings. At first everything worked as expected....until I turned off the laptop. After restart all of the keybinds were broken, even my sniper 8. As long as iCUE was running I basically couldn't use the mouse the way I wanted to, so I stopped it and went back to the (just slightly odd) hardware profile. Tried to run a repair of iCUE, didn't help. Only thing that helped was uninstalling and a fresh re-install, but I refuse to re-install software after every system reboot. So for now I just uninstalled iCUE completely, sticking with the hw-profiles I created before, which is a shame, because I'd like to use the Dark Core in 2,4GHz wireless with software profiles at some point in the future. Does anyone know what is going on here and if there is anything I can do to fix it? I know this is a weird story and I probably did a bad job explaining the situation, I didn't take notes during my testing and at this point I'm kinda tired of doing problem analysis, lost count of how many re-installs and firmware resets I did. I suspect that the german keyboard layout being involved in the remapping while not actually being supported by iCUE has something to do with it. That being said, even with those problems, I really like a wireless gaming mouse (never thought I'd ever say that) and I'm planning to get a MM1000 and a K70 to use those alongside the Dark Core. Basically chaining all of my gear together on one USB port, maybe even through a port on a monitor at some point, creating a kind of gaming-docking-station :laughing:
  8. Okay so I’ve had this keyboard for ages, but today I woke up and turn my pc on and the keyboard won’t turn on, no lights, no detection, nothing. I tried to do a software reset but the keyboard isn’t being registered and would not do anything, when I plug the keyboard in it come up with file explorer saying it’s being registered as a device called CRP DISABLED now I know what this is as I looked everywhere for a fix, but no one actually has a fix visible it’s all through support (I have messaged support) this isn’t good for me, I’m meant to be streaming at 7pm and I can’t fix a keyboard that shouldn’t have broken in the first place. I need someone to message me the new firmware.bin and how to get it working, Corsair or not, this need to be fixed today and not in 2 business days!
  9. I've had this problem for a while, where only the first LED on my four LED strips light up. The LED that lights up is the one closest to the Lighting node pro. By the first LED I don't just mean the first LED strip, buy only the very first LED light. I've tried using and reinstalling both Corsair Link and Utility engine, none of them work. I've also tried switching around the slots for the fans and strips in the lighting node pro, but this didn't help either. I've also tried switching around the order of the strips, but to no avail. My current rgb setup: 3x HD120 fans plugged into fan hub, fan hub plugged into lighting node pro slot 1, 4x LED strips connected to each other (came with the lighting node pro) plugged into slot 2 of the lighting node pro. How should I go about fixing this?
  10. Good day to everyone! Few days back I wanted to download some files and open them, but I couldn`t, says it has some error. Restarted PC noticed that my Corsair Force Series LE 240 GB has renamed it to SATAFIRM S11 ... Ok, found some thread to update firmware by Corsair SSD Toolbox, but can`t because it hasn`t any firmware updates. Read thread more to contact Tech support. Allright wan`t to register - can`t - error. Try to contact tech support error code 002 .... . My last resort is here to someone help me, please!
  11. Edit: It does appear Corsair is working to improve their customer support. Many of the issues regarding support have been corrected or improved since this thread was created. Thanks to Dustin, Deanna, Alan, and now Reiner at Corsair for their customer-focused efforts. Hi, Evenings and weekends are when tech support for consumer PC's is usually needed. Especially by working gamers like myself who can't troubleshoot my home system during the workday. As a new Corsair One Pro (Ti) owner, each time in the past week I've called in to Corsair for Tech Support, evenings, or weekend afternoon, I only got the Corsair answering service guy (I wouldn't even call it Tier 1 support, it's not). He would "check to see if Tech Support was available" ...and invariably, they're not. There's no, "We'll call you back when the next available Tech Support representative is available...in about...24 minutes", or whatever. Nothing. There's no point to a 24/7 answering service without the actual Tech Support behind it to help customers. Additionally, what's the point of a company forum if Tech Support reps aren't replying on it with any timeliness? Corsair, if you're not going to invest in your customers, by investing in a full time Tech Support staff for a product line sold on Amazon, Newegg, at Bestbuy and more, and if you're going to cripple the BIOS options on the Corsair One PC's so customers can't troubleshoot the broken configurations shipped to us, then you're going to get pretty bad reviews for your company and support overall. Corsair Executive, please don't read this to mean you should discontinue the Corsair One line. That is not my message at all. The message here is, do better. You have customers who are very excited by the prospect of the Corsair One product line, but your current technical support services aren't geared towards servicing consumers (or non-gaming pro-sumers) who purchase these products. Most working people/gamers who can afford your Corsair One Pro line, can't troubleshoot systems within your 7am-5pm weekday tech support window, because we're also busy working. Tech support needs weekend hours. And as an international company/service, late night hours to cover multiple time zones. And, if your Tech Support team isn't interested enough in your products to hop on the forum during weekends, or there aren't enough knowledgeable tech support staff that one guy being out sick or on vacation completely disrupts tech support, you have some hiring and training investment to do. The Corsair One line has been out for at least 6 months, with it "being in the works" prior to that. More than enough time for Corsair to have trained a viable tech support staff. I'm spending a part of my weekend checking the Corsair forums for a reply from Tech Support on 2 different issues and posting this now, instead of PC gaming with my wife like we'd planned. Yes, we have other things we can do, and we'll go do them, but shame on you Corsair for not providing adequate technical support. Because you describe your support as "world class" ...when it's currently not true. I'd rather be excited and able to tell the world how awesome our new Corsair One Pro is, and how amazing Corsair Tech Support is, but right now, I can't do that. Please prove me wrong, ASAP. If I end up returning it, this is the impression I'd be left with to share with others. Don't apologize. Do better. Be effective. Provide good products, and great technical service/customer support. Make the Corsair name worth repeating with respect and appreciation, not derision and disappointment.
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