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Found 12 results

  1. PC was built and given back to me in March 2022 all was fine Armoury Crate and iCUE was all sync could see it on iCUE All good then my RGB on my Asus Motherboard, Asus ROG 3080 stop... All 9 Corsair fans, Keyboard sync just not the Asus stuff and not my Asus ROG 3080 doesn't show on iCUE anymore.... tried unstalling and reinstalling everything from what was said in this video: How To Enable Aura Sync Control For Your Corsair RGB Memory! not nothing still the same iCUE is: v. 4.25.155 Armoury Crate is: Anyway someone could help me please ?
  2. I just wanted to showcase something I'm working on using @DarthAffe's RGB.net library. It's basically a program to emulate the functionality of the Phillips Hue Sync on Corsair devices. For those who don't know, this will pick the dominant color from the screen and set the led lights to the color it finds. It will work with any app, video, or game with low latency and relatively low CPU. So far its coming along very well. Although it's still in very early stages, I couldn't help but to show you guys what I have accomplished so far. There is still tons of work to be done. I have a lot of plans to do a lot of pretty cool things with this. Next features will be a richer color palette, color fading transitions, and the ability to split the screen into multiple regions and assign the appropriate LED lights to capture the color in the corresponding area of the screen. It's just the beginning! Enjoy! UPDATE (4/1): added gradient fading between color transitions. Also did A LOT of code cleanup / refactoring. No this is not an April Fool's joke :) UPDATE: Added multi-part lighting zones. See Part 2 demo below. Demo (PART 2): [ame] [/ame] Demo (PART 1): [ame] [/ame] Hope you guys enjoy.
  3. Basically I have 6 LL fans and my issue is the two top mounted 140mm fans do not light up more than one colour each. My rear fan had been replaced as it was stuck on a static colour and with this new fan it works with many icue lighting modes but when I attempt to use it with the setting ARC for example, it won’t work with the 3 front mounted fans. I’m using a Commander Pro and an RGB Hub which both came with the 500D SE case and I’ve got all the cables in the right places which I’m positive are as I’ve switched them around into their designated places. I just need help at getting the fans to sync correctly, especially the two top mounted.
  4. My build is in both my forum profile and also here on pcpartpicker ( https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Gadolinium/saved/6fkVwP ) Looked around on some other forum posts on this issue, and even one person just gave up from the looks of it. I've got ab4x8G kit of Vengeance Pro RGB, and the 4 channels/sticks are out sync with eachother. Just looking at all 4 sticks set to marquee, I can watch the effect start off in-sync, but then over time, they will be all out of order with eachother. EDIT: Minor spelling issues. Want to add that the out-of-sync issue happens on ALL effects. iCue's preview always looks okay, but the effects will slowly go out of sync between the RAM sticks themselves. Even setting it to software-controlled has problems.
  5. Hey all, I've seen one or two posts about this but they're all pretty dated. As RGB builds get more and more ridiculous, users begin to require multiple RGB controllers/hubs. I know I currently have 3 in my set up (Commander, lighting node, and lightning node pro) and I've often run into the following issue: Within a few minutes of creating an animation across fans and LED strips, the lights will no longer be in sync with that of other lights from another controller. For example: My lighting animation, which runs a custom wave over my fans, requires me to use my lighting node pro along with my commander since I have 8 case fans. The two lower fans that I'm running on my Commander, after about a minute or two, will no longer be synced with the animation running on my lighting node pro. My main reason in writing this is to hopefully have some recognition from corsair on this topic as well as to hopefully have the issue remedied. They've proven with "Lighting Link" that they can manage to sync the clocks over more than one controller. Can we get the same clock sync to be persistent with all effects and not just Lighting Link effects? In a perfect world it'd be insanely great to have a lighting visualizer implemented into iCUE where you could arrange your RGB components in a virtual setting so that Lighting Link effects as well as custom effects and animations would have a little more control. But this is a far fetched dream of mine and much harder and more expensive than ensuring the clocks for the controllers syncing.
  6. Hey everyone, Here is a weird one. First of all, I am using the latest version of iCUE with a lighting keyboard, mouse, and Corsair lighting strips. I want to start by saying the mouse and keyboard work fine. When I built by PC in July of last year, I got iCUE and everything worked fine, all my lighting profiles, everything. However, now my 4 LED Strips struggle to sync all of the time. Sometimes they work fine, but other times one of the LED Strips isn't the same as the other 4, and even when they are the same, they don't sync with the profile being used on iCUE. They are set up, and the number of strips is configured. These do work fine some of the time. I haven't yet gone inside the computer to unplug anything or plug anything back in, and I really don't want to. I wanted to come here to seek a solution before messing with anything internally. Thanks for your help!
  7. This would be an AWESOME addition to ICUE and all corsair lighting products. Fans, RAM, Coolers, LED strips, Mouse pads, mice, Headphone stands, and Keyboards. (Including Commander Pro, Lighting Node and Fan RGB Controller) I know you have the option for keyboards (VOID Visualizer) but it would be nice if you had the option for every corsair product as it would make the builds/systems pop and stand out. Especially for those who own all of the above mentioned devices.
  8. Hello, I have been making a program that syncs all the devices I have. My Peripherals: Mouse 1 : Razer DeathAdder Elite Mouse 2 : Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Keyboard : Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mouse Pad : Corsair MM800 RGB Head Phones : Corsair Void RGB Pro As you can see here, my Razer mouse uses Chroma and Razer Synapse as it's LED controlling software. However, all my Corsair devices uses Corsair ICUE as it's LED controlling software. So, I decided to make a program that syncs all the Peripherals. Personally I am a freshmen studying Computer Science and Engineering in South Korea. I thought that it would be fun project for me to make a program to solve this problem. I have started this project about 2 weeks from now, and it is quite finished for me now, It does work for me now. And I would like to share you guys the working images of the project. If any of you would like to modify this program, feel free to do so. Also, huge thanks for all the wrapper projects in python. Gif that shows all the devices are being synced into one colour Gif that shows Two mouses using different SDKs are being synced into one colour. Sorry for that low quality gif. I had to downgrade the quality for me to upload it to github for image hosting. If you are interested , please check https://github.com/gooday2die/PyPheperial for more info. Thanks for reading this. I am quite new at this forum right now, so if there is anything wrong with my post, please let me know. Contact me at edina00@naver.com for further action.
  9. I've done a quick search on YouTube but all I saw was the keyboard, mousepad, mouse, headset (not sure) sync with the audio but as the title suggests does the Fan and RAM can do the same? I saw one doing it with a RAM but I think it was being controlled by Asus Aura Sync. Planning to buy ML or LL fans and CMW16GX4M2C3000C15 RAM and MSI gaming M5. Thank you.
  10. Hi, (Regarding K95 plat and M65 Pro) Does anyone know if it's possible to link buttons without making "everything" flash? For an example: If I want to make a certain part of the keyboard pulse, when I press "Enter", all of the chosen button starts to pulse, when I press any of the selected buttons. Also if I try to link my mouse I can only link "once" and that's the only the lightning effect. Is there any way to make for an example: if I press the "sniper" button to make all numpad solid colored? I hope you understand what I mean. Any inputs will be appreciated. Regards, William
  11. Hello. Since I've purchased the K70 RGB LUX I've been wondering about the Link option. I have a Razer mouse and headset, both of them being the same colour as my K70. I use a pulse effect on all my peripherals. I was wondering if there's a way to have both my keyboard, headset and mouse flicker at the same time? Thanks!
  12. Hey, this may be a stupid question, if so, sorry in advance. Is it possible to sync all the RGB effects of my Corsair devices? I have a K95 Platinum, Corsair Vengeance Pro, 2 x LL fans and an h115i pro.
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