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Found 4 results

  1. This has been a bug ever since I downloaded iCUE in December. Whenever I try to edit a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Whenever I try to use a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Whenever I try to even VIEW a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Note: the profile it switches to is always the same profile; upon deleting the profile, it just chose another profile to always switch to. This is really frustrating because it is messing with my binds I have for various games and is restricting my RGB to one profile. Corsair please fix this.
  2. Hello. I am disturbed by the inconvenience... How can i track profile switching? For example... During one game, need to switch profiles. And... To find a suitable one, need to minimize the game, open the tray, and then open iCUE, then select a profile (a lot of them), close iCUE and maximize the game ... So many actions... Can i quickly select the desired profile during the game, work, internet surfing :question:
  3. Bonjour à tous, Je recherche un peu d'aide concernant le visualiseur VOID. J'ai un clavier K95 RGB Platinium et un Casque VOID WIRELESS PRO. Le visualiseur void marche très bien que ce soit sur le son du micro ou sur le son du PC. Sauf que récemment j'ai également acheter le support ST100 RGB pour mon casque et il semblerai que désormais le visualiseur VOID se configure dessus. Sauf que j'ai pas besoin qu'il se mette dessus mais qu'il reste sur mon casque VOID PRO WIRELESS. Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'indiquer comment switch ? J'espère que c'est assez clair =/ Je vous remercie.
  4. Hello all, I have the latest version of CUE (2.19.65) and there is a really annoying bug. I have reinstalled twice and removed settings, still no luck. When you start up CUE, you can switch profiles back and forth as normal. When you lock your system, it defaults back to whatever profile you set as default. Normal. However AFTER you unlock it, it goes back to the profile it was in before you lock it, but you cannot switch profiles. You can switch it in CUE, but the hardware does not respond to the profile change. (K70 LUX RGB and M65 PRO RGB) The keyboard and mouse stay in the profile it was in prior to locking the system. This is a frustrating bug as I have tried many things (reinstalls, updating firmware on keyboard and mouse), but to no avail. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Have to close CUE and open it up again to change profiles. Works until I lock Windows.
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