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Found 6 results

  1. What is the back cutout of the Carbide 100R for? Is it for some sort of switch and where can I get one. Or get a cover for it and install it? Thanks
  2. Hi, Curious to know if Corsair have any plans to release low profile keyboards for other models. I'm very eager to get one for STRAFE. Also, will there be a comeback for blue switches on rgb keyboards?
  3. I will say this as nicely as I can because I would hate for someone to have a legitimate reason for removing this post. I have been a long time customer. I had nothing but satisfaction with my previous mouse, so when it finally gave up the ghost last year, after a long long run, I had no question who I would go with for a replacement. Started looking into what was then currently available and couldn't find a direct replacement of my old model. After watching a few reviews, I went with the Glaive. I don't think I have to tell you what the issue is, because as your other posts have made clear, you're aware there is an issue. I spent a lot of money for this mouse, and if it just behaved the way it is supposed to, I wouldn't mind the money I spent because in every other way it's a great product. I will tell you, however, because I would like your company to seriously reprimand the person responsible--of course, it won't likely happen that way. What will likely happen is what almost always happens. Someone lower down the ladder will take the heat. It's software related they'll say, and some poor middle manager in software will get the blame, when in fact some purchaser went with a switch that perhaps shouldn't have been used and probably because a superior told them to do so. Or the switches turned up too sensitive, and someone approved it because to do otherwise would've cost too much money or embarrassed someone by missing a deadline. Or all of the above. But one thing is sure: You can tell how the interior politics run because the blame will almost always run toward those with lesser clout. Of course, now that it's in the wild, to admit it's the switch would mean a lot of money, so that won't be happening. Corporations need to learn that honesty will get more positive responses than the typical machinations, juggling, and somersaults in which they tend to engage. Your switch. Your maddening, work-stopping, much, much, much too sensitive switch. The problem that started within the first few weeks, that you tricked the hardware into behaving with an update, is back. Only now what hope have I got of returning the product for an exchange? An inferior switch was the source of the problem then, and with the continuing use has begun being more finicky once more. I've turned the polling down all the way, but still I'm having trouble getting any work done. I now have been forced to begin forcing my left finger down quickly and fully on the mouse button in an effort to avoid a double click. Sometimes this helps. Often it does not. In a year, with such continued use, how finicky will the switch be? And who will stand behind this product then? I click on a login attempt while trying to sort out a password issue, and it registers two attempts because it double-clicked. I click along my Windows taskbar to bring up another program, but after doing so, the second click strikes the program that I have full screen and the other program drops into the background again. I click something to drag in program, only to have it selected and applied. I have to undo repeatedly many things, and my productivity has slowed to a crawl. I've said all this to say, the money you took from me for this Glaive will be the last money you ever take from me. I have not been rude, belligerent, or threatening, so if this post voicing my complaint gets removed, I will simply have to ensure I post this elsewhere. What they say about customer service, you know, the thing about if you get it right, people typically say nothing, but if you get it wrong, they tell everyone? That's true. Now, to make sure that I get my money from this mouse, I am going to open it up and fix the switch that is faulty, just like others have posted elsewhere. And you will probably not hear from me again. But you lost a good customer, and that's the nicest thing I can think to say in response to the torment you've introduced to my life.:mad: Sure, I'm mad, but I won't stay mad. I will remember and I will spend my money in accordance with my views. This is not childishness. This is behaving like a mature person who refuses to support companies with bad QA who fail to spare those who keep them in business from things that will disrupt their lives in maddening ways.
  4. Hi, this week my RMx650 PSU started to do electric explosions when switched on, in the past it didn't do that, maybe is it defective? Anyone had this problem? Thanks.
  5. Hello, my glaive seems to be one of the many with a double click issue, where the mouse will click twice instead of once. I have installed the updated firmware for the glaive but this just makes it so sometimes my clicks aren't registered at all. Will there be another update to completely resolve this issue? Or is it truly hardware related and I will need to RMA? I am not comfortable with bending my switches.
  6. My third K70 has developed key chatter. Yes 3rd! Thats three of these god forsaken keyboards since October. And the only reason the three have lasted this long is becasue I don't have time to continually RMA my keyboard, otherwise I would have went through half a dozen by Christmas. Never in my life have I had so much trouble with a piece of computer equipment and I have been using computers professionally for 20 years clocking up to 80 hours per week with my hands on a keyboard over that time. So I know that RMA is my only option ...again. I also know that in 6 weeks it will be my only option again....and again, and again, right up until the warranty has expired then I will have to buy a new keyboard after having having spent £115 for a years worth of frustration and hassle. The £8 replacement I am using right now feels like crap, but it works perfectly. It has never once chattered or failed to respond to a key press. My problem is that I don't buy the official explanation of switch failure... Why not? Well, my experience of using these k70's while they were failing suggests the problem is software, or if its hardware, its something other than switch failure. My current keyboard now has 23 keys that chatter, and three that often don't respond on the first press. Now thats a pretty epic failure rate. Also, it started on the tab key, but now the tab key works fine. The problems seemed to be spreading across the keyboard from left to right. Started with tab, 1 and e, then moved on to r, t, u, o, then enter and right shift. Interestingly the minute the top row 1 key started acting up, the number pad 1 key starting acting in exactly the same way. But I could plug it right now and find that certain keys that weren't working are, and new ones have developed problems. None of this seems to fit with switch failure. Some people blame it on the cherry reds... but I have read plenty of reports of people experiencing the same on browns and blues. Some people say its the anti-bounce software that all keyboards use... don't know enough about this, but I imagine everyone would experience chatter if that was the case. Some people have told me it's my typing style:mad:...but thats plain nonesense. Why was my typing style ok for the first 6 weeks then? Also, I have been typing a long time and on hundreds of different devices and if that were the problem, then the k70 would be the only keyboard I have ever used that required you to learn a special typing style in order to use it effectively. Some people have said its dirt, dust, food, ash, dandruff, or whatever. Ok, I do a little bit of everything around my keyboard as I spend so long at it, but really - its never been a problem in the past except for liquid spills, and I didn't want a keyboard that I would have to use in a biohazard suit in a sealed room for it to last. Surely it can't be such a delicate little flower can it, with its heavy weight and industrial looks? Anyway, I meticulously and carefully clean it regularily with no effect on the problem. Now I am going to have to go back to mushy keyboard hell just so I can do my job properly:(:. And now I have experienced the silky feel of cherry reds its going to be very hard to go back to the jarring feeling of rubber dome, but its looking likely I'm going to have to becasue this keyboard has seriously tainted my view of mechanical switches. So off to rma again but ultimately I expect it to be a pointless exercise and have a feeling I will be using a different keyboard from now on.
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