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  1. Hi I have a Corsair STRAFE keyboard and suddenly the F6, 6, Y, H, B keys stopped working. I have tried to reset the keyboard and updated the firmware using iCUE to the latest (3.08) but didn't solve the problem. Please help me.
  2. Hello, does anyone know what is the led smd module used for Strafe RGB MK.2? The ‘N’ key on my strafe is only displaying red color and no longer under warranty.
  3. I have recently bough this keyboard and installed the latest version of icue. When I turn on the pc, the keyboard is set to the default layout (Everything red except WASD and arrow keys). When I open up iCUE, it starts the raimbow for a few seconds and then it stays completely red. Instant lighting is disabled and iCUE DOES recognize it as RGB, but no matter what setting I put, it just stays red. Please help. Thanks in advanced.
  4. Hi, recently I've been trying to remap a button onto a key on my strafe keyboard and my scimitar pro. I was wondering if there was a way to have a button that runs a remapped key press while also switching to a different profile, or if this is something that could be added or has already been added?
  5. Hi I bought this keyboard 3 years ago and never had problems, but a few months ago I had a problem that randomly the keys from F1 to F12 are pressed by themselves, including esc and tab, I had to download a program to disable these keys from windows to be able to use my computer. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I don't want to buy another keyboard, I have disassembled and reset the keyboard, but it is not solved, on another occasion I disassembled and cleaned the keyboard completely and it worked for a few days without much problem, but after pressing those keys again the problems returned PD: I have never spilled any liquid on the keyboard :[pouts:
  6. Corsair STRAFE RED keyboard suddenly stopped working and flickering after cleaning with damp cloth. My brother attempted to fix it by using the reset button and then accidentally deleted the firmware file inside the CRP_Disabled folder. Could someone please PM me the firmware file for CH-9000226-NA as soon as possible? Thank you!
  7. I have a Harpoon mouse and a Strafe keyboard and wanted to bind a button in one of them (or both) to mute the microphone on my USB headset (non-Corsair). There is no option for that on the media buttons in ICUE software. I see that some threads were opened about this but all suggested third party software. Can this be implemented?
  8. Hello, good day! I recently got the backside of my Corsair Strafe (non-RGB, Cherry MX Red) wet by coffee. After unplugging and wiping it down, I noticed that the keyboard is going haywire when the backlight is above 2nd level of brightness, with the numlock rapidly going on and off and typing symbols automatically, but is normal if I have the backlight off or on 1st level of brightness. I am wondering if there's a possible fix or identify what might be the problem for this? The fixes that I did are going into BIOS mode (and back), and resetting the keyboard via unplugging it, hold ESC, plug it, unhold ESC. I've uploaded a video for you to see [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_wwoow3ecg]here.[/ame] UPDATE: After some testing, pressing the "-" button on the numpad side (right side of keyboard) does multiple keystrokes of (**-*-*-) when the Backlight is on the 2nd level of brightness. UPDATE 2: I exited iCUE, the automatic pressing of symbols are now gone even at max brightness, but the "-" button pressing multiple keystrokes still persists on 3rd level brightness and higher.
  9. I bought a refurbished Strafe RGB from Amazon not even a week ago and I had been using (and loving) this keyboard without issue since then. I had downloaded iCUE and applied the necessary updates, per usual. On Wednesday afternoon, I shut down my PC (I do this a couple of times a week; normally it's in Sleep mode). About 7 hours later, I booted up my PC again, but my keyboard did not turn on and was unresponsive. There were no lights at all. Thinking it was a fluke, I restarted, but still nothing. I tried plugging it in to various USB ports, but still nothing again. Instead I noticed a message pop up saying "CRP Disabled" and my PC treating it as a storage device with only "firmware.bin" contained in it. I did lots of searching and found that the general consensus is that the firmware file has somehow been corrupted. I tried a soft reset (hold Esc when plugging it back in) just to see if maybe that would help anything, but it didn't. I've already submitted a support ticket about this and am still waiting to hear something back, but in the meantime I'm feeling rather desperate to get this resolved, so that's why I decided to post here. I was really enjoying the keyboard and it's a real bummer to have something like this happen 4 days after getting it. I'm also on a bit of limited time, because if the issue cannot be resolved, I need time to be able to contact Amazon to have a replacement sent. I'd really appreciate any help or other suggestions.
  10. Hello, after trying some mechanical keyboards I was very displeased with both keys loudness and pinging (or resonation of metal base). I already tried K70 RGB Low Profile Red (it was not mine), that looks and sounds amazing, too bad it's not on my country's market yet, so I can both order it from overseas (and risk not being able to RMA it, if it'll have any defect), or choose from some other available variants. So far, this one is my absolute favorite, yet I want to be sure whether the other variants won't be as good. My first question goes for standard K70 RGB MK.2 Silent Red. I'd like to know whether there's some kind of pinging or other noise coming from both keys and metal base? There's also STRAFE version that comes with semi-metal base, thus much lower chance of pinging. Yet, I'm not sure. I watched some videos, in some there was audible pinging, while in others not. It's huge deal for me, as I don't want any unpleasant noises outside of keys themselves. Then there's another available Low Profile version, K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE with Speed switches. About these switches, on HyperX keyboard they are not much good in my opinion - of course, they're extremely responsive, but I don't like the sound - some keys are making weird "clack" noise (little different from others). I'm worried it's the case of every keyboard featuring Speed switches, so also this low profile variant. Last question stands... Is Low Profile Red actually much louder than standard Silent Red in your opinion? I didn't find any good comparison between these two switches. All of this may help me with choosing perfect keyboard I'd be finally satisfied with. I'm actually tired of paying not so small money for something that's making unacceptable noises (out of standard sound of mechanical switches, they'll always be a bit louder). Of course, I could go for membrane, but that'd be huge step back for me now as I got used to feeling and responsiveness of mechanical keys. Thanks for all replies!
  11. hello, I have corsair strafe keyboard and today B key didn't work. When I tried to reset it the same steps I found in corsair website (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025465031-How-to-Reset-your-keyboard) the keys : Y H 6 as well as B stopped working. What should I do ?
  12. Hola buenas. Estaba jugando normalmente cuando de repente se me abren un monton de aplicaciones y mi teclado deja de responder Ahora las teclas de la primera fila, con excepcion de las direccion no responden (tampoco activan el efecto de iluminacion en cadena, pero si se iluminan) Mi teclado es un Corsair Strafe RGB y al ver en iCUE si estaba bloqueado me sale con que el diseño del teclado es japones (esta bloqueado y no lo puedo cambiar) Lo probe en otra pc, instale antes el software icue y lo sigue detectando igual. Tampoco funciona cuando cierro el servicio de icue.
  13. Pre-sales: I am considering CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for purchase. 2 questions: Question #1 Is there a newer keyboard which matches the MK.2 for the current ~$130 price? I need, USB, Per-Key RGB, keypad, toggle light on caps lock state(?), not flimsy. Question #2 Nowhere in specs or marketing video is it clear that I will get full per-key RGB of the nature I MUST have. I've seen per-key RBG advertised by a single, solidary 3rd party seller, but the corsair site sort of backhandedly says yes to pre-key lighting control, but I can not find a specific statement or spec that is an unconditional yes. In particular for my personal needs, I could care less about rainbow colors, and it is nice to have optional per-key lighting with keypresses... BUT that is not enough. Before I buy I MUST know that I can get a static white background, and I MUST know that I can additionally statically specify the color of each, any, or every key individually against a white background or dark background consisting of the rest of the keys. This is important to me because at the age of 75, my sight is OK, but not as good as it used to be, and there is a chance that I will slowly go blind. The lighting of the keys with complete static control is and would be very helpful to me until I kick the bucket. Sincerely, JS
  14. I opened a ticket with corsair to solve my problem: I had some key entries registered twice sometimes. They gave me the hard reset solution with a firmware, now after I used their new firmware binary file. Everytime I plug in my keyboard I keep getting the CRP_DISABLD drive, and my keyboard is completely out of comission now.... My ticket number is #2003668708
  15. Bonjour à tous ! Après de longues recherches je n'ai toujours pas trouvé une solution à mon problème, je vous explique tout ça : J'ai une souris M65 RGB Elite ainsi qu'un clavier STRAFE RGB MK.2 La souris dispose d'un bouton "Sniper" que j'ai mappé sur le clic droit pour viser avec le pouce (ne me jugez pas, c'est une vieille habitude :D: ) Le mapping marche bien (le clic droit s'active à l'appui du bouton sniper) mais à chaque fois qu'une touche du clavier est relâchée, le clic cesse d'être enfoncé, et donc la visée s'annule. J'ai l'option "conserver la touche d'origine" de sélectionnée mais la désactiver ne change rien. Jai l'impression que ce bug est apparu suite à une maj du logiciel iCue, vous auriez de pistes pour m'éclairer ? Merci beaucoup !
  16. After a while, it seems like my Strafe MK.2 RGB keyboard will have the 3 upper left LEDs (Profile Switch, Backlight brightness, Windows Key) start blinking. Is this significant for any reason, like an error or warning? I can reset the keyboard and it will stop (until some time later when it will start up again.) Is there something that I need to set to get this not to happen? Or something I need to fix? Thanks in advance!
  17. Bonjour, J'ai actuellement un set de périphérique Corsair (Corsair Straffe, Corsair Sabre, Corsair VOID ELITE), un problème se pose à moi, depuis le Upgrade de mon pc par un ryzen 7 3700X, une B450 et de la ram en 3200Mhz, mes périphériques ont tendances à (tous) se déconnecter / reconnecter de façon aléatoire et intempestive (régulièrement en pleine game donc c'est bof). Je pense que ca à un rapport avec le logiciel Icue, mais après l'avoir mis à jour / désinstaller / réinstaller, aucune changement. Avez-vous eu la même chose ? Si oui, comment régler le problème svp ?
  18. Hi, I’m new to all this, I played with a Zalman and was surprised that I was able to turn off the key “backlighting” and still have the top of the keys lit. I’m talking about all the light that seems to reflect back from under the key onto the backboard, I liked having that off but the keycap lit on the Zalman. I don’t know how the Zalman managed this, can my new Strafe RGB Mk.2 do it too?
  19. After an iCue update I couldn't change my keyboard settings in iCue anymore as, for some reason, it now has that error icon. I've changed nothing whatsoever
  20. I created 2 color profiles -- one is the "Default" color profile and then a "shifted" color profile. While in the "Default" color profile, I set the Left Shift assignment as "Left Shift, Mode switching" where the mode switching switches to "shifted" profile while pressed and reverts back to "Default" profile when unpressed. I did a similar thing to Right Shift. However, I noticed that when holding down the shift keys, while the color profile shifting works as desired, but the shift functionality is lost. So when I do a SHIFT+P key sequence, I only get is "p". Is there any right way to do the mode switching while keypress without losing the shift functionality? My keyboard is a Strafe RGB Brown if that matters.
  21. I have Windows 10 Pro installed on my PC. Couple of days everything was fine until I decided to update corsair drivers 2nd of April. Tried the Esc and 10s trick. Went into BIOS mode with F1 and Windows lock keys, but the numpad still does not work; dunno what to do then. Software install/uninstall did not help too. After the reset with Esc key or firmware update in software I press NUM LOCK and it suddenly starts to type all the numpad nonstop 0123456789.0123456789.0123456789 and so on untill I pres the NUM LOCK again, plug the keyboard out or break the operation closing the programs. Tried plugging it onto another pc, still nothing... even without software. Never had any issues like that with any of my previous keyboards... Anyone having the same? P.S.: Tried the numlock on/off and windows accessibility with mouse function too. Must be April's fool:D
  22. I once unplugged and plugged in my Strafe and it stopped working completely. When I plug it in, a window appeard with CRP DISABLD and firmware.bin inside the CRP DISABLD. The LEDs are not lighting up at all, I tried holding esc while plugging, esc + F1, esc + F1 + windows, etc. They didn't work. My friend told me to ask the guys at Corsair for the fixed firmware.bin file since mine got corrupted and needs to be replaced. 2001230901 - Here is my ticket number too. I'm hoping from this thread I could get a response faster than the e-mail I sent. I really want to fix and use my Strafe back. Thanks in forward.
  23. Hi, I have just noticed a weir behavior with my STRAFE Keyboard. When I use TeamViewer to connect to a remote computer, the lights for the Caps Lock/Num Lock/Scroll Lock will not work anymore. If the lights were on before the TeamViewer connection, they will remain on until I reboot the computer, if they were off before, they will remain off. The action of the keys still works, it's just the indicator lights that stop working, so I never know if my caps lock is on or off until I start typing. pretty annoying, specially with numbers (num lock). Any idea of what it could be? Anyone else with this problem? I think that this might be some conflict with a Corsair and TeamViewer driver or something. This is the first place where I am posting this problem. BTW: The firmware installed is: v3.08 I am on a Windows 10 Pro, 64 bits
  24. I'm brand new here, so sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I purchased my Strafe RGB (Cherry MX Brown) keyboard off of Newegg last year. It's my first mechanical keyboard and I've had nothing but good luck with it, up until this point. Last week I was advised to update my ICUE software, and I did so. Since then, I have only been able to get the color red out of the keys Equals, Backspace, Delete, End, Page Down, Right Shift, FN, and Right Ctrl, and the color yellow out of keys Left Shift, Z, X, C and Right Alt. First thing I did was reset my KB. That did not work, so I uninstalled ICUE (w/ ICUE profiles) and my KB drivers. That didn't seem to fix the issue either. I saw on some forum that this could be an issue with blue and green leds going out for certain keys. Another weird thing is that the colors (red and yellow) kind of spill out from the affected keys. For instance '?' '-' 'enter' and a few other neighboring keys are very slightly effected. I have looked all over the internet trying to find a solution for this. Any help is highly appreciated, thanks!:)
  25. I've got a new Strafe MK.2 keyboard, and ahaving issues. The lock button, and the profile/color buttons, won't respond at all. I've unplugged the keyboard, rebooted, and these keep freezing up. All three buttons are on, and iCue is closed, but whether it's open or not, I can't get these to respond. Apparently images aren't allowed. Image here voiceofthedba.files.**************/2020/04/20200409_121808.jpg Ideas?
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