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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone experiencing any of these? Only thing I've changed is installing latest Nvidia drivers. One other random correlation is clocks changed same day this started (just saying in case a log/config sequencing/processing issue might exist). - iCue random crash on system startup, starting manually is then fine. - Nvidia fan control is enabled - option is back in iCue? I thought this was still disabled? - Lost all custom fan profiles (AIO and Commander), despite them still being in correct folders - had to recreate. Any ideas?
  2. I know this has been posted countless times, but this seems to have been an issue for YEARS. I just bought a H115i Elite Capellix, theres some glitchiness I'm willing to overlook like the flickering corsair logo, but not being able to control anything connected to the Commander Core is driving me crazy. When I install iCue, I hear the USB connection sound. However, immediately upon starting iCUE it disconnects. It does not reconnect unless I restart and keep iCue from starting on start up. I've tried both USB headers and still the same result. Corsair has clearly made this too complicated for their muppet software devs. The cooler itself seems to be underperforming as well. I'm going to rip this thing out if I can't get a fix in a week or two. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix x570-E Gaming
  3. When I cold boot my computer, the aio gets crazy loud. It sounds like grinding sound. Im not sure if its bubbles or pump itself is ramping up. The activity is normal after start up. The radiator is mounted top. Here is a 17 second video of my computer starting up. http://tiny.cc/dz97tz Should I RMA my H100i SE? Thanks.
  4. Hello, For several weeks, I have had a weird issue with iCue and my K90 keyboard: The computer starts up, the keyboard turns red, by default. I log into Windows, iCue starts in background, my last profile is loaded normally (after hearing a disconnection sound) After 1 or 2 minutes, the keyboard turns completely white/light blue with random flashes everywhere (like if there were bad contacts). The key to change profile and macro keys don't work. iCue shows the same broken layout in real time. I shutdown iCue, the keyboard turns back red. I restart iCue, everything works normally. The issue doesn't appear until the next computer restart. I didn't notice the issue immediately, as I often use the keyboard without lights. So I don't know if it was at the same time, but the keyboard took some water several weeks ago. I unplugged it and let it dry immediately when it happened. Every key and light work normally. I think that if it was the cause of the issue, it should be permanent and not solved by simply restarting iCue. No other noticeable software or hardware changes were made when the issue appeared, but I don't know if it was after an iCue update. After a clean Windows 10 installation from scratch, the issue is still there. The disconnection sound has always been there, even before the issue appeared, but I don't know how to solve it too. Do you have any idea? :[pouts:
  5. Gday all, ive had the rm 1000 in storage for year because I didn't find a solution to the problem back then. I would like to find a solution. You have zero power thru put on initial stratup. Until you short pins 3-4 with a jumper. You can hear the psu tick over. After that its good for one post. It will run with no issues untill power is lost/reset. Then you have to jump it again. Please let me know if you need more info. I have tested this psu on more that six completely different builds over the years. Exact same result. Thanks
  6. Every so often, the saved fan curves I am using disappear from iCUE for my H115i. I know that they are stored in %AppData%\Roaming\Corsair\CUE\cooling\configurations so I can create backups for when it happens, but it is nonetheless quite annoying to have to manually ensure my fan curves don't get lost. I found this line in the log: cue.clink.configuration_manager: Cooling storages load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input Which I think might be related to this bug. However, I do not fully understand this log entry (which is only marked as a warning btw), but I'm quite certain that this is due to no fault of my own as I didn't change anything and it keeps happening. If a full log is needed, I can provide it if necessary.
  7. iCue has been working fantastically for when when open (both in fore/background), but when closed, it does a few strange things. 1. During boot up, my default color scheme for my case lights, RAM, CPU cooler, etc., are all rainbow wave. The rainbow wave on my case fans (x6 HD120's) is indeed rainbow wave, but a solid color wave instead of like 4 colors at the same time. When I open iCue, it corrects to what I think is the 'standard' rainbow wave (multiple colors simultaneously). When I check what is set to the hardware profile on my commander pro, it shows rainbow wave and lights up to the 'standard'. Not sure why it's different when iCue is open vs closed, anyone have input? 2. During boot, my RAM should be set to rainbow wave, and it is, but near the end of the startup when windows fully loads they lose sync. Still doing a rainbow wave, but no longer a clean progression through the 4 sticks of RAM as 1-2 sticks will completely lose sync. Problem completely resolves itself when iCue is opened, but is frustrating. 3. My last question is more of a check, but is it normal for the case to light up briefly, then go dark for a second before booting up like normal after disconnecting your PSU from power? Only happens on the first boot following disconnecting from power. Thank you for any help you can give, most of this is basic and doesn't affect the PC in an overly negative way (and they're easily worked around), they just irk me as they should be working properly without issue.
  8. So with the new system CUE software, my system no longer completely lights up on startup. I have 6 LL120 fans and 4 LED strips. When my system is on they all work fine and use the effect that I assigned. But on startup only my Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, and bottom LED strip does the rainbow effect and everything else is black(off). Is there a way to assign a startup profile or am I just doing something wrong. It's only for a split second on startup, but it makes the PC look broken.
  9. Our dev team is investigating the cause behind these crashes that some of our users have been experiencing with the most recent update to CUE. Here are some instructions for a workaround that should get most of you up and running again: Open up File Explorer and go to %APPDATA% Locate the Corsair folder and rename it to Corsair.OLD (or simply delete the folder) Start CUE and it'll recreate the folder If these instructions do not work in your case, please contact our support team at support.corsair.com, use the search feature of the forum to see other workarounds, OR create a thread and ask us/the community for help.
  10. so when i boot up my computer or wake it up from sleep sometimes it will make a really loud noise almost like the fans are spinning extremely loud? usually i give it a couple minutes to see if it will work itself out because i heard sometimes the motherboard starting spikes the temperature of the CPU and cause the h115i to ramp up too keep up with the hot temperature but it never ends up going back to regular speeds. the weird thing is that when i open corsair link nothing is running high all my temperatures are fine my rpm and pump speeds are regular? so my hotfix for this is too either restart my computer (sometimes it will fix the noise) or completely have to just shut it down then reboot for it too regulate and if that doesn't work i have to go into my bios and set the fan speed to quiet it and it will calm down to regular sound level then i exit and when windows loads i have no problem! if anyone has questions feel free to ask, advice or any suggestions would be much appreciated thank you!
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