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  1. Hello I'm french, I bought the st100 rgb. Every day it asks me to update. It does not work, and the st100 disappears from Icue (v 0.4.106)
  2. Everytime I restart my PC it asks me to update the firmware to 0.04.106. I've done it several times and it doesn't seem to stick. I've also noticed ever since I got this stand, all my corsair peripherals would randomly disconnect/reconnect. All the googling it doesn't look like anyone found a definitive solution. In the mean time I just have my stand unplugged. I don't use it for audio or anything. Imagine such a faulty product making me think I was suffering from the B550 usb disconnect issues when it was not my mobo at all.
  3. Hi guys, I just recently bought the Corsair ST100, but I found some strange issues: The lightning color is offset, for example, when I set the color to yellow in iCUE, it become lime green. When I set to brown color, it become yellow. Set white, and it become blueish color When I plug an earphone to the jack port, the sound is very loud, when I set it to volume 1, it sounds like volume 14 I've searched on the internet about this issue, but I still think this is not normal, I emailed the Corsair support and they are offering for RMA. I also contacted to my place's distributor and the owner offering RMA too. I just want to make sure if those issues are affecting all ST100 or not, since it is quite far from my place to the distributor place. I'm using iCUE version 4.9.338, with ST100 firmware version 0.04.106
  4. As the title suggests, the in line mute switch on my shp9500 headset does not work when the headset is plugged into the audio jack on the st100 headset stand. This means that microphone will still work when I should be muted. The mute switch works when plugged into the audio jack directly on my pc case so the problem is with the st100 stand and not the headset or the cable/mute switch. This has already caused me a lot of grief as I was unaware of this problem until during a work related zoom call where I thought I was muted but I actually wasn't. Is there a way to fix it and if not would I able to return the product for not working as intended? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I have had the ST100 a couple of months but the last few days i notice the lights dont stay on anymore. They flash rainbow colours when i boot windows then it stops. I checked out iCUE and it doesn't have it listed in there at all, i got other stuff working in iCUE like my keyboard and RAM. The USB part works on it and the lights do come on briefly so not sure what the issue is, i have tried different USB slots and updated ICUE. Does it not work with iCUE anymore?
  6. Make no mistake, I didn't think it was possible for a headphone stand to have said effect on a system, which is why it's been "years of" issues. I have always had regularly random BSODs with my system from a certain point in time. It's an aging motherboard, modded for some new tech, so there is expected to be some discomfort at times. Growing pains, if you will. I will be upgrading soon, but this machine is still fast and responsive, as a result of tweaking and tweaking the tweaks for many years. And the board is a very solid board for its age. Anyways, on to the problem, and efforts I've given (also randomly and sporadically as life doesn't make such investigations a smooth process) in trying to assess the factors responsible for every sort of random crash, or make system adjustments to fix it. So, I have flashed the mobo bios with mods, and updated on board chip firmware, I have laced through the BIOS changing different settings, I have ran diagnostic tests on everything. I have solid quality components, and I have always built my own rigs, as well as building custom gaming rigs for others. I repair cell phones, tablets, electronics, etc so I have enough experience to be able to assess issues, and over time I can usually narrow things down to the heart of the issue. There has always been the thought in the back of my mind that the headset stand was a possible factor, but I didn't think that by being plugged in and not used for anything but holding up my headphones and displaying synced RGB lighting, that it would cause regular crashes. And I mean on every OS I've tried from every release of Windows since I received the stand, which have been many because after several BSODs, my solution is to start fresh and pay attention to when the BSODs start kicking in, and draw similarities until they point somewhere vague or specific. Also several Linux gui distros, ubuntu debian and arch based. Modified versions of Windows, as well. But the issue being so random and sporadic but regular, that I knew they were coming, yet no regularity so as to indicate anything specific... EXCEPT the times for whatever reason I had the headphone stand unplugged, and I would think everything was going great and decide to make sure everything was plugged in and working, and oh.. the stand right let's plug it in and get it set up too. Then usually not immediately, but still soon enough that thinking back I could start to see a peripheral timing association with the stand being plugged in.. but still stubbornly believed it wouldn't have that effect. Especially since the BSODs occurred at times when there were no obvious functions involving the stand going on - wasn't plugging or unplugging anything into the usb ports - in fact, it never happened when I was doing those things. The only thing is that I noticed there was a difference in functions between the usb port on the top near the upright base, and the one on the right side of the base. Almost as if one functioned as USB2.0 and the other as USB3.1 despite the fact they are both blue, which should indicate USB3.0/3.1 functionality. I did however, end up thoroughly checking the hub it was sometimes plugged into, thinking it was the hub and not the stand. lol yep. Anyways, this last install of 20H1 crashed on me a few times and I finally decided (who knows what finally triggers us to jump off that cliff, after standing on the edge of it looking down for so long - idk ask Freud) that the stand might be the issue and I needed to finally try specifically testing. Well I have had it unplugged for several days, and no issues with my system, no glitchy things happening, no random slower than normal boots, and NO BSODs... so far. Hopefully I don't get a red herring BSOD, and end up getting thrown off the stand focus, although this thread might assist in keeping from that possible eventuality. Ultimately, I'd like to see if anyone else might have similar issues. I couldn't find many in relation to this in a search, and the times I did, the user seemed to feel it was other issue with the stand, like the USB ports on the stand causing the BSODs, and I mean the 2 extra ports, not the main power port for the stand - which is a possibility. Anyways, I wanted to give my specifics and see if it triggered anyone else's memory or realizations of past or present experiences with the ST100 stand. Perhaps I can get some confirmation, or a nudge in a different direction, but still related to the stand, as I am positive that is the device causing the issues. And answering why would be the ultimate goal, although with computer tech - many why's go unanswered as an accepted loss. In any event, hopefully I can get some help here, or better yet help others. Thanks for the interest, and my most sympathetic apologies for the length of the... meandering type of explanation. Hopefully it was somewhat clear.
  7. So I've been playing around with the audio visualizer you can use with the ST100, and I've found an issue. No matter how I change my audio levels, I can't make the visualizer go more then like one bar. I feel like there should be a sensitivity slider to make you get greater spikes. Because right now, the only way I can see any movement is to burst my ear drums.
  8. Hello, I have a K70 RGB, ST100 and a Virtuoso RGB headset. All of these are being controlled through iCUE. I am also using Wallpaper Engine and allowing it to control my device lighting using the iCUE SDK. This has worked great for the most part but I have not been able to figure out how to get my ST100 to function properly out of all of the devices. I can see in iCUE that the profile set by WPE is applied on all of my devices including the ST100. Its a very noticeable purple/blue gradient color. My Virtuoso and my K70 both display the proper color gradient, however both the base and logo of my ST100 refuse to change to this color physically, even though iCUE shows the proper setting. The ST100 instead shows a static light green color on both. I am not sure why this is because when iCUE is turned off all of my devices including the ST100 default to the rainbow spiral effect. So it doesn't seem to be getting the right setting sent to it from iCUE although iCUE thinks that it is. Is there any ideas how to fix this?
  9. Hi, just bought ST100. It's my third Corsair device linked to iCue and a first problem. The thing is that ST100 goes into demo/rainbow mode when iCue is not running in background (turns into it just after I quit from the app). It means that during system startup it's shining like a princess (before iCue starts), same when system is shutting down. It basically ruins the whole look of my quite dark setup :) I thought iCue somehow have a conflict with my motherboard RGB software (RGB Fusion from Aorus) but the same issue happens when I connect the stand to my laptop. Any ideas what could be wrong? Firmware version: 0.04.106 iCUe version: 3.28.75 Windows 10 PS. Sorry for my English, I'm not a native.
  10. I have a Corsair Void Pro RGB and a ST100 stand. When my Stand is Plugged in the K70 Void Visualizer Stops working. Unplug it and it goes back to using audio from the Void Pro. Kind of Disappointing I like the rgb being synced. Anyone know how to fix it or how to tell the audio visualizer which Corsair device to grab from?
  11. Yet another iCue software issue... The previous software update seems to have bricked my ST100 headset stand... The newest update to 3.31.81 has fixed nothing, and I still have a $50-$60 paperweight. I have tried to go back to an older version, back to when I know it worked, but still nothing. When I boot up my computer, the ST100 will not even light up, I can manually get the LEDs to turn on by unplugging it and plugging it back in, but at the end of the day, the computer does not recognize it, and iCue doesn't think it exists either. Both of the USB pass-throughs do not work either since the previous 3.30.97 software version that killed it in the first place. I have sent an inquiry into Corsair and have not received any info back. Honestly at this point, I don't really think I will, there seems to be a list a mile long of customers of the Corsair products that have issues, and Corsair does nothing about it.... Can the forum provide anything for me to try? This point I am wondering if its something permanently wrong with the ST100 with how it doesn't boot up. I searched to try and find just the driver for the ST100, and I was unable to locate that. Granted I do not even know if that would remotely fix anything at this point.
  12. Hello, I have a ST100 on the lefr of my keyboard and when i’m using some effects in lighting link, it’s making the effect like the ST100 were on the right of my keyboard. So, is it possible to change his position or fix it ? I allready saw threads talking about it but in 2018 and they said they were working on it but idk if it’s done. Thank you, Nicolas «Nirs» F.
  13. i just got the st100 for christmas and when i plug them in (tried multiple ports, did everything anyone else would do, im not stupid) the lights do not show up or even turn on. however, when im in the program cue, the lights work fine. ACCEPT, i shouldnt have to use a program to see the lights. most people are complaining that they cant see the lights show up while in cue and can only see them when out of cue, which id rather that then it not show up when out of cue
  14. I have a Bluetooth headset (Skullcandy Venue's) and I was thinking about getting the ST100 headset stand, but I still want to use my headphones wireless. I hope someone can help.
  15. I have an ST100, a USB Void headset, and another set of studio headphones at my desk. I have had the Void and the studio headphones running through the ST100, but yesterday I was unable to play anything through the ST100. It wasn't that I wasn't getting any audio. Programs like Spotify or VLC would throw an error and would not play when the audio was routed through the ST100. I tested the Void and the headphones on other paths through the PC, and they worked. The ST100 is lit up and looks fine, and the Sound Control Panel recognizes the device, but playing anything through it is a non-starter. I've tried unplugging it, restarting the PC, and checking for new iCue versions or new ST100 firmware. No dice. Right now it's just a hunk of metal with some very pretty lights on it. How can I get the additional functionality back?
  16. Hallo an alle, Um mein Setting komplett zu machen, gab es zu Weihnachten einmal das Corsair Void RGB Pro USB und den Stand ST100 dazu. An und für sich alles Top es sieht rattenscharf im Setup aus. Nun mein Problem. Das Corsair VOID funktioniert direkt am PC ohne Probleme, nimmt beim starten direkt die ICU Einstellungen an usw.. Wenn ich es aber über den ST100 anschließe (und das muss ich leider wegen der USB Kabellänge, daher auch ein Grund warum ich den dabei habe) habe ich folgende Probleme: 1. Beim starten von Windows funktioniert vor dem ICU Laden die Beleuchtung am Void Pro USB, sobald ICU mit dem vordefinierten Profil geladen wird bleibt es dunkel, erst beim erneuten Profil auswählen gehen die Lichter an. 2. Nach längerem nutzen des Headsets, verliert es unregelmäßig den Connect und wird aber direkt wieder connected. Das ST100 verliert dabei nicht die Verbindung, sondern nur das darüber angeschlossene Void Pro USB. Dabei scheint es egal zu sein an welchem USB Anschluss des ST100 ich das Void Pro USB angeschlossen habe (nutze aber eigentlich den an der Seite). Was habe ich bisher getant? 1. USB Anschluss gewechselt, mehrfach direkt onboard 2. Treiber geprüft (aber nicht geforced oder komplett Deinstalliert) 2. Software Update bei beiden Erzwungen Ansonsten funktioniert es eigentlich ohne sonstigen Probleme nur der Verbindungsabriss nervt tierisch. Wenn ich das Void Pro USB wieder direkt am PC habe funktioniert es tadellos ohne macken. Sind hier Probleme beim ST100 mit den USB Anschlüssen bekannt? Habt ihr noch eine Idee oder kann ich direkt von einem Defekt vom ST100 ausgehen? Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend Monkey EDIT: Ich muss etwas korrigieren, das ST100 verliert sporadisch die Verbindung, nicht das Void Pro, wie ich erst angenommen hatte. Also scheint es so als ob das ST100 ein Problem hat. In den Logs findet sich folgender EIntrag zig mal: 2019-01-11T03:02:43 I cue.dev: MouseMat LED colors change failed. request timed out for ST100RGB ist das normal?
  17. WizzWard

    St100 rgb

    So recently i bought the ST100. I like the product, however it seems that the power cuts out sometimes and it discontects me from all of my sound divices. So i was wondering if anybody else has this problem? and if so what to do to fix it.
  18. Hello. I have had my ST100 (headphone stand) for a few days and when I unlock my computer it will not be recognized by icue, and I will have to unplug it, plug it back in, and restart icue for it to be recognized again. This is even more frustrating, because I have my Void's dongle in the USB port of my stand. I have the Void Pro headset, Strafe MK2 keyboard, and MMO mouse as well.. the stand is the only item that will not go back to my custom colors and be unrecognized. I have tried to google the problem, but have not found a solution for a permanent fix.
  19. I've only very recently acquired a whole bunch of corsair products, so I'm still learning a lot of them. For a couple of days now I've had the Void Visualizer working just fine on my K95 keyboard, with the Void Pro Wireless headset. However today I did a couple of things, and now its no longer displaying the Void Visualizer design on my keyboard, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about fixing it... Thing 1# - I plugged in my new ST100 headphone stand, unplugged my headphone's wireless USB dongle from my PC and plugged it into my headphone stand. This is my first theory, that it is detecting sound through the stand and not the headset, but I've unplugged the stand and plugged my dongle back in other places on my computer and I still can't get it to work anymore. Thing 2# - I updated the firmware of my K95. Maybe there is a bug in the update? I'm really not sure but I wanted to put all the cards on the table and I was kinda doing everything at the same time. And just for clarity, I can display other patterns on the keyboard. I just want my music back on my keyboard :'( Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks in advanced *edit* UPDATE: Well now my icue software doesn't see my ST100 stand, but its still lighting up, and now my void visualizer works. I'm not gonna try to screw with my headphone stand, I don't wanna break anything again. but still any advice is welcome.
  20. Hallo, ich würde mir gerne den Corsair ST100 Kopfhörer-Ständer kaufen. Meine Frage ist nun, ob ich dann trotzdem, da das HS70 ja wireless ist, den 7.1 Surround-Sound des ST100 nutzen kann? Oder gilt das nur für Kopfhörer die über einen Stecker am ST100 angeschlossen sind?
  21. As title, 7.1 Surround and sound profile on my ST100 RGB Stand suddenly not working. Only normal stereo sound. When i clicked on those buttons, only voice prompt but nothing changes. I had tried re-install icue (latest version), force update firmware but still no luck. But worked flawlessly in my other PC... anyway to totally remove corsair drivers?
  22. Hello, New to the forum. This is my first ownership of Corsair products of which I am quite satisfied. However, as all computers and accessories do require tweaks to resolve discovery of issues. My setup/issues include (for this post) VOID Pro Wireless and ST100 using iCUE in a WIN PRO 10 environment. Firmware for all at latest revisions. BIOS up to date. The issues are: There is no balance control for the VOID Pro Wireless in the SOUND applet. All other devices in my setup have balance control including the ST100 (issue: ST100 balance gets L&R reset to equal when volume is lowered to 0 or muted). VOID PRO Wireless: Within iCUE there is no balance control that I could find. Within SOUND applet there is no balance control but ST100 does have balance control. So...I need balance control as I have some (not all) hearing loss in one ear. Maybe it is my setup or a bug discovery? I would also note the VOID PRO wireless control can be switched between "Stereo" and "Dolby Headphone" as depicted in iCUE. My question is according to documentation there should be a "7.1 Surround Sound" selection. Is the Dolby setting to be considered 7.1 Surround? Dolby Surround (as I typically know it as 5.1 Surround) and 7.1 Surround are different. To compare VOID Pro to the ST100, it can be switched between Stereo and "7.1 Surround Sound, Surround Headphone" as depicted in iCUE. Technically, should VOID Pro and ST100 have three settings (stereo, 5.1, 7.1)? Both devices have 8 channel, 16bit, 48000 assigned to them in Sound applet. No other configuration listed. Thank you to all in advance for any clarity and/or known fixes to resolve the above. Richman
  23. Hello, i am using I-Cue with a lot of stuff connected to it. One part is the ST100 Headset-holder. When i am running my computer for multiple hours the ST100 sometimes starts to do its default Rainbow-Wave, ignoring the ICue settings. It is still shown in I-Cue but it is no longer controllable. After disconnecting and reconnecting it starts to work again, but soon it will go to make the Rainbow-Wave again. Its Firmware and the I-Cue Software are updated to the newest versions.
  24. klatoo

    Uninstall ST100

    Anyone know how to completely uninstall an ST100 from computer and registry as well? Here's my issue: After installing iCUE, I can no longer use the USB ports on my ST with my VOID PRO USB...I get no audio period if they are plugged in. If I plug them into another USB port and disable the audio in sound mixer, my headset's work and I can use my K70 keyboard's volume wheel. If I enable the audio, K70 volume wheel will "turn it up/down" on the little bar graph but will not adjust it in sound mixer, and my headphones will not work no matter where they are plugged in. Corsair CS wants to replace, will not offer instructions on complete removal. I uninstalled via device manager, unplugged the ST, rebooted, and in device manager under USB devices it's data is still there. I think it's in the registry somewhere. Did a "find" for "ST100" and deleted it in 2 places (all files, think there was 15 between the 2), restart, ST100 still there in device manager. Corsair CS wants me to plug in and "force an update" Any advice will be appreciated
  25. So just got my new ST100 stand this week. When i charge my pro void in the it, charging is so slow. I can turn off the headset with +50% let it charge all night and come back afternoon for it not even to be fully charged. When i charged it straight from the pc, it was fully charged very quickly. Anyone had the same issue? I am aware that i can just swap back and charge it directly from the pc, but then half of the point of getting the stand is kinda ruined for me.....
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