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Found 9 results

  1. As the title says, I've encountered at issue using the ST100 RGB, involving a background static/hissing noise. This noise only ever happens when there is foreground audio playing (music, game sounds etc.), but it remains the same volume, regardless of how loud the foreground noises are. So when I have quiet music playing, the hissing sound overpowers the music and drowns it out. I'm plugged in using the 3.5mm audio jack, with Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones. The stand itself is plugged into my rear I/O with the provided USB A-microB cable. It's a strange issue, and I dont have much of an idea about what could be causing it. I've tried disabling the RGB, in case of any interference generated by the LED's or controller, but that hasn't changed anything. Altering windows audio settings doesn't do anything, and the iCue settings are the same deal. If anyone else has encountered the issue and solved it, any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, I just bought and had delivered : The Virtuoso RGB headset and the ST100 RGB stand. Of course, before buying I read that you had the software for MacOS X. Today I play thanks to Geforce NoW on Mac and it's great.... But what a pity to see that the Softaware issue does not work on Apple M1 I have only 3 questions before reselling these wonderful items: 1 - When do you plan to release the M1 due Software? 2 - Is it planned that the software will also handle the ST100 RGB? 3 - In the meantime, do you have a technique (through the terminal) to disable the RGB lights of the ST100? Thanks again and congratulations for your wonderful products
  3. desde que uso mis audifonos con el stand, el microfono se escucha muy bajo y saturado, con el adaptador de 7.1 con el que venian los audifonos esto no pasaba, que puedo hacer?
  4. My st100 rgb recently stoped giving sound true its 3.5 jack on the side, when i put it as my standard audio device in windows it goes to the mute and i cant change it, can someone help me ? i tryed forceupdating the st100 but dident help at all
  5. Hello, I have a ST100 on the lefr of my keyboard and when i’m using some effects in lighting link, it’s making the effect like the ST100 were on the right of my keyboard. So, is it possible to change his position or fix it ? I allready saw threads talking about it but in 2018 and they said they were working on it but idk if it’s done. Thank you, Nicolas «Nirs» F.
  6. So, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but anyways.. I bought my stand a few hours ago, plugged it and it instantly followed my lighting link with the rest of my devices. However, as I was trying to fix an issue on my Virtuoso which was changing my in-game volumes for no reason by itself, I clicked on troubleshoot on audio devices, made my Virtuoso my default speaker and then it happened. My stand keeps its default rainbow lighting mode. It doesnt listen to iCUE. I deleted that effect, kept only the link, made new, checked for new drivers, restarted, unplugged... It is still not listening to iCUE. How can I fix this?
  7. Okay, as of right now with my ST100 plugged into the computer, the only way to switch between my Logitech Z313 speakers and the headphone jack on the ST100 is to go to my audio devices in the sound manager and manually select the default audio device. Since I rather not have to unplug my ST100 every time I want to use my speakers and plug it back in to use my headphones, is there any way to get audio to play on both devices simultaneously since I'm able to turn off my speakers via a control pod?
  8. Bonjour à tous, Je recherche un peu d'aide concernant le visualiseur VOID. J'ai un clavier K95 RGB Platinium et un Casque VOID WIRELESS PRO. Le visualiseur void marche très bien que ce soit sur le son du micro ou sur le son du PC. Sauf que récemment j'ai également acheter le support ST100 RGB pour mon casque et il semblerai que désormais le visualiseur VOID se configure dessus. Sauf que j'ai pas besoin qu'il se mette dessus mais qu'il reste sur mon casque VOID PRO WIRELESS. Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'indiquer comment switch ? J'espère que c'est assez clair =/ Je vous remercie.
  9. Why is my ST100 RGB's lighting so slow and delayed? It colour cycles quickly for the first 5 seconds, then colour changes very slowly. It is a disappointment for such a great product.
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