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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, yesterday I bought the HS50 Pro, all good but I think that the splitter is not working well, because when I plug the pole jack of the headset, audio is not going well I have to find the "perfect" angle for the audio to go perfect
  2. Hi All, Have read through a few threads but still a little unsure of best option for powering a 3rd 3080 off of my HX1200. Have attached 2 options that I'm thinking about, I'm thinking that Option A has more power lines running to it so the load is distributed more evenly, although it introduces additional splitters. Option B seems to be possible based on the pig tail cords each being able to support full 150 watts...this is based on previous thread discussion however there seems to be a lot of back n forth. If you had to choose between the 2, what would be considered the better option? (more lines with Molex, or less lines without Molex) Thanks in advance
  3. I bought Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo 2 days ago.I am having an issue with my splitter. When I connect my headphones with the splitter to my PC, the headphones are detected but not the mic. Even after being detected, there is no audio from the headphones. The combined pin is working fine. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi everyone, I just put together a mostly new PC, and immediately I could see that one of the fans on the radiator wasn't spinning at all. I checked the connections and it seemed that everything was solid, and both fans were connected. I swapped them at the splitter to see if it was just a bad fan, but after starting the system again I saw that the previously spinning fan was stopped, and the previously stopped fan was now spinning. So to me that seems like either the splitter is bad, or I have a bad connection somewhere else, or I have a psu problem? I was thinking that maybe I need to replace the power supply because it's pretty old. /edit: I think it's a Corsair CSM 750. Attached is a snip of my icue dash. I only just got the PC running so I haven't done any stress testing or anything, but I did have the pc hard reset earlier today while I was playing final fantasy 14 (would not have thought that would push the system much). I had set a notification to turn all my lights yellow if the temps got over 70c and I didn't see that, so IDK if the reset was temps or something else. I also circled the chassis fans in icue because it's showing 3 active fans when I only have two, which i'm a bit confused about. I can check the connections again. I also have some extra fans i could replace to see if it somehow is a problem with the fan. I can check BIOS settings again (set cpu header to full speed / pwm). Would really appreciate any input I can get, sorry in advance for not doing more research or looking around for similar problems but there's a lot of outdated and less relevant info out there and don't want to make it worse.
  5. Hi guys, looking at the corsair series delta spec rgb case, could anyone help me find a fan splitter that supports pwm in one, would be appreciated if u could drop the link in reply, cheers andrew.
  6. Hello people! I recently installed the H100i Platinum with 2xML120 PRO RGB in my case, a very nice piece by the way. And... I fell into the RGB trap, I want to put it everywhere now. To begin with, I plan to buy at least 2 (or 3 if it work) more ML120 PRO RGB. The thing is, I'd like to plug them into the H100i directly with a Y splitter. For RGB cables I think I'll make them myself (Unless you have a magical item on amazon or something else), and plug them directly into the cooler. On the other hand, for the power cables, I have a doubt if it won't be too heavy to plug 2 or 3 more fans into the cooler. And if so, how to power them while keeping them adjustable via icue? I understand that in this case, the leds and rpm will be the same as fan 1 or 2 of the cooler, im okey with that. I've watched a lot of other posts here, some youtube videos, but never an identical scenario to mine. Thank you in advance for your comments, and for your expertise:)
  7. Hello, I had a question i am planing on getting the Lian Li 011 dynamic XL and it has support for 3 fans on the bottom 3 on the side and 3 on op with 1 exhaust fan i am planing on making the bottom one a push pull config so total of 6 fans in the bottom totaling to 13 fans, 10 LL120 and the 3 that come with the 360 AIO, my question is using the commander pro the RGB part i already figured it out just stuck on the 6 fan PWN connectors for the fans, will a 1 to 3 fan splitter work i would need 4 splitters to connect to the 4 PWN on the commander pro powering 12 fans and the 5th spot putting it on the last fan, Will this work?
  8. Hello, I'm building my first PC at the moment. My Case is the Sharkoon TG5. I had to place the H100i RGB Platinum with the Radiator and the 2 Corsair ML120 Pro RGB-pwm-Fans in the Front. But in the Front there is space for 3x 120mm Fans so i'm currently using the 2 Corsair Fans on the top and middle space and 1 stock "meh" sharkoon cooler on the bottom. Since this fan mix looks pretty awful i thought about purchasing a single ML120 Pro RGB-pwm-Fan Kit. I don't need more Fans and purchasing a lightning pro and led hub for one single Fan is a bit expensive. :( First i thought i could simply plugin the RGB cable of the Fan in the JCORSAIR1 (3pin) or JRAINBOW1 (3 pin) of my MSI b450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, but i don't think this is possible? So then i thought about this, is there a splitter for the RGB Cable of the H100i RGB Platinum Pro? I know if that is the case both fans would have the exact same color then.
  9. Hey guys. My first time building a PC and now with all that RGB "madness" ;) I'm about to start building in Obsidian 1000D and it will contain 13 fans (including the H150i) My first question: Can I connect 3 fans to a single channel on Commander PRO using splitter 1-to-3 cables ? And my 2nd question: Can I use the same splitter cables to group the fans on Corsair LED Hub ? Or do I have to use a different cables for that ? If so, where can I find them ? Sincerely. Robert.
  10. Hello! I'm in the middle of building a completely new system and I had a quick question. I've purchased 2 140 ML fans to accompany the set of fans that ships with the 115i Platinum for a push/pull configuration. Rather than having to purchase an entirely separate node, am I able to just split 2 fans to a single header on the pump connection?
  11. So i purchased 2 LL140s and a LL120 and now all thats left is to buy either a fan hub or a pwm splitter. The one thats on my mind is Noctua NA-SYC1 My actual question is : Will 1 splitter be able to handle the power draw of those 2 fans? Thanks in return :)
  12. My computer has not been posting for the past few days. All of the lights come on and the fans spin up, but then, a few seconds later, everything restarts. I opened up my PC and noticed that one of the cables on the splitter attached to the H100i v2 is broken (not the fan cable, but one of the cables that plugs into the unit itself). I was wondering if there is some login within the unit that tells the computer to automatically shut down if there is no current between one of the PWM cables as a safe measure. As a test, I stripped back some of the wire and tried my best to tie the two ends of the wire together and put some electrical tape over it. I still had the same problem, but I'm not the best handyman, and I'm not sure if the connection is good (I don't have a multimeter). Additionally, I noticed that when I try to boot, the two fans connected to the unit spin up for a second and then stop (while the case fans continue spinning). Is this normal behaviour pre-post since not too much cooling is required at that point. Also, if the problem lies elsewhere (motherboard, ram etc) would I be able to use a PWM splitter and put both fans into one of the inputs on the unit, knowing that I would only be able to control the fans as one unit?
  13. Im planning on making a build using all corsair fans but the commander pro has only 6 fan headers and the amount of fans I would use if I setup push pull on the h150i pro, I would need an extra commander pro. Im wanting to not pay for another commander pro just for 3 fans, so im planning on using a pwm spliter. If I use the splitter and hook up the fans to the mobo will I be able to control them through corsair iCUE? Of not can I put the spliter on the aio pwms or commander pro pwms and will it be able to be controled through iCUE? Btw I am planning on using the asus z370 prime a mobo
  14. As the thread title suggests: How careful should I be running two HD140's as intakes on a Y-splitter? The motherboard doesn't advise what kind of voltage/power/etc (not an electrician, sorry!) is on a 4-pin fan header. The HD140's are operating voltage is between 7v and 13.2v Can I successfully make this work with a Y-splitter? If not, there are available fan headers to use, but trying to minimize wiring and attempt a rather nice looking cable managed case. Appreciate any feedback.
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