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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, i have some issues with this case and airflow. I installed Corsar H150i AIO on 2700x but when i play games my CPU goes over 60-65 degrees. I think its too much. My pump has over 40 degrees and i must go to full speed on three vents on radiator. Is there any advice how to improve Airflow in this case? When i take down front panel my temperatures go to some normal state. I try to push, pull, push-pull config but i think the problem is really small intake of fresh air. Do you think that some modding from front panel of Spec Alpha can Help? There is no glass panel in front.
  2. Hello! I recently bought the RGB Expansion Kit and have spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get iCue to recognize it. I am trying to set up the 4 RGB strips with to the existing RGB hardware that came preinstalled in my Spec-Omega RGB Case. In my iCue software I only see the following devices... Corsair Keyboard, Corsair Mouse, Corsair Mousepad, Hi115 Platinum, Vengeance RGB, Spec-Omega Case (Photo Attached Below) I'm able to control each device properly except for the NoPro that is in the Spec-Omega Case. In order to control or select the NoPro I have to select the Case and then select Lighting Setup on the left hand side. This allows me to adjust the lighting hardware (which I assume is the NoPro that was preinstalled in the case). At the bottom of the iCue window I have two different lighting channels. Channel 1 is LOCKED on "Spec-Omega RGB" and Channel 2 is able to be changed. When I change channel 2 (Currently connected to the RGB Fan Hub) I am able to select either the LED strips that I bought with the expansion - up to 6 strips. I'm able able to select the LL fans that I have - up to 6 fans. I'm NOT able to select both the strips and the fans. This makes sense to me since each channel on the NoPro can only cover 6 RGB channels. This is where my issue lies...I am not able to select anything for Channel 1 on the NoPro that was preinstalled into the case because it is locked to the "Spec-Omega RGB". (Grayed out example in image below). Ideally I would like to use Channel 1 on the NoPro to daisy chain all 4 expansion strips and the lighting strip that is installed in the front of the Spec-Omega case. Keeping channel 2 in use for my RGB Fan hub that is connected to my 4 system fans. Is there any way to unlock channel 1 so that it is selectable? Maybe through resetting the NoPro? Is this NoPro I have not actually a true NoPro because it was what came preinstalled in the case? What are my best options to have the RGB working for my 4 LL fans, 4 expansion LED Strips and my two Liquid Cooler Radiator Fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Moin, ich habe ein ziemlich verwirrendes Problem: Ich wollte eigentlich meine RGB-Lüfter, die bei dem Kauf des Gehäuses mit dabei waren (weiß leider den Namen nicht), mit RGB-Beleuchtung bestücken. Das klappte jedoch nicht; blieben aus. Nun habe ich mir ein neues Lighting Node Pro geholt, weil ich dachte es sei ein Produktionsfehler, da es in iCue nicht vorkam, obwohl korrekt angeschlossen. Ich also das Lighting Node gegen das neue ausgetauscht, das Lighting Node kam nun in iCue vor aber dafür das Gehäuse nicht und das RGB-Licht vom Frontpanel ging nicht mehr bzw. flackerte nur vor sich hin auf 1/4 des RGB-Streifens Plus die Lüfter die immernoch komplett aus blieben. Dann habe ich gedacht internen USB-Header ein Mal umstecken: Wasserkühlung (H115i Pro RGB) mit dem Lighting Node, gleiches Ergebnis. Nach der Pleite habe ich beschlossen ein Rückbau vor zu nehmen, sprich altes Lighting Node wieder ran, nun geht das RGB-Licht vom Frontpanel in Form von Standlicht auch wieder nur zu 1/4 zwar, die Lüfter bleiben aber weiterhin aus. iCUE selbst habe ich auch reparieren lassen und komplett mit den Ordnern in AppData deinstalliert und neuinstalliert sowie das Mainboard (MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC) durch die Batterie zurückgesetzt; hilft bis jetzt alles nichts, somit bin ich auf eure Hilfe angewiesen. __________ Entschuldigt, wenn das ein bisschen schwer zu verstehen ist - ist sehr kompliziert für mich das ganze Mysterium an komischen Fehlerquellen in Worte zu fassen. Trotz der komplexen Fehlerquellen ist zumindest eines positiv: technisch gibt es keine Einschränkungen. Angehängt an diesem Thread sind meine aus iCue exportierten Systeminfos etc. Grüße ero_x ICue.zip
  4. Recently I've resetted my lighting node inside of my corsair spec omega rgb case, because there was something wrong with the lighting on one fan. However, this did not fix the problem and I am looking into RMA'ing the fan this issue occurs to. But since the firmware reset iCue no longer recognizes the case, just the lighting node. This messes with the front led strip not being fully active. If anyone has this firmware, I would appreciate it a lot if you send it to me! Thank you in advance! :D:
  5. Hi! Me and my friend recently bought two Spec-omega rgb cases together. After installing and setting everything up we discovered that all of his lighting included (front led strip and 2 HD fans) were working when my didn´t. We tried plugging and unplugging everything without success which led us to conclude that the hubs we recieved with the case (1x lighting node pro + 1 rgb led fan hub) were defect. So we rma´d it and recieved two new hubs. After that things has been weird. On my friends computer, the SPEC-Omega RGB Case shows up as detected in iCue. In that tab he can alter the front strip and the two fans with success. On my side however, the case is not showing, instead the Lighting Node Pro itself is showing up as detected. In that tab I can edit the front strip so it does work, the problem is with the fans. I have chosen the right Lighting Channel 2 (which the hub is connected to) and clicked that I have 2 HD fans. But nothing happens. There is no lighting on the fans whatsoever even though everything is indeed connected properly. There is a 3 pin cable connected to the Node pro from the front led, and a 2 pin cable between the fan hub and the node pro. So my question is. Why does my fans RGB not work? And why isn´t the case itself show up in iCue? Why the Node Pro instead?
  6. Good afternoon to everyone, I am considering building a new gaming/productivity mid tower for myself and I am interested in the Spec Omega RGB case since I really like its design and led integrations. For this reason I have researched and watched many reviews and I have understood that its RGB strip and Fans are controlled by a Lightning node connected to the MotherBoard and to a 6-way RGB hub that only controls the RGBS for the HD fans. My question, finally, is the following: I am considering the possibility to use third party RGB items (such as the Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB fans) and I am not so sure how I could connect them to the Icue configuration of my system to obtain a fluid visual effect. If, for example, my motherboard had a dedicated set of available rgb pins (as most of them does), will I be able to control an rgb strip/fan connected to it using the Icue software to obtain an uniform effect? Thank you all a lot for you precious assistance
  7. So I just built my PC yesterday (3x HD120 H150i PRO i7-8700k 1060OC Z370-F TRIDENT Z RGB SPEC OMEGA RGB) and when I first turned it on it all went well apart from when I started gaming and after about 2 minutes the PC begins to go REALLY loud. The 3 HD120s are connected to a 6-way fan hub which then connects to the SPEC OMEGA RGB controller in the case which then connects to the motherboard the h150i pump is connected to the motherboard via AIO PUMP and the sound doesn't go away till I restart my PC. I don't know if the noise is the fans or the pump could someone please help! (it's not the gpu since they are on zero rpm mode and I can physically see that the blades aren't turning)
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