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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have bought a corsair k60 keyboard and It has a little issue. Whennever i press the sapcebar (this only happens on the spacebar!), It more often than not puts 2 spaces down instead of one. What might be the source of this? the issue happens with and without icue running. My icue software version is 3.38.61 (as of writing) and my keyboard firmware version is 4.18.10 (also as of writing) This is my first ever time owning a cherry keyboard, but i am more than certain that this is not me doing something wrong. I might add that it almost doesnt happen when i only press the key in halfway down. I have bought this keybopard trough an online vendor called coolblue (i am from belgium and its one of the main online vendors here like amazon). Anyone have an idea what the issue may be and how it could be solved? Kind regards
  2. Hallo zusammen, Ich habe eine K95 Platinum. Seit 2 Wochen kippt die Leertaste immer nach Rechts oder Links und dann funktioniert sie nicht. Mann muss sie dann wieder in der Mitte festdrücken aber nach 2 mal antippen ist sie wieder lose. Den Support habe ich schon kontaktiert. Es wurde alles mit Bildern und einem Video an den Support geleitet. Diese wollten mir eine neue Keycap für die Leertaste schicken. Ich habe ihnen dann erklärt das dies nix bringt. Denn die beiden kleinen Stabilisatoren darunter funktionieren nicht mehr. Als Antwort kam dann das man mit dem Technischen Service Rücksprache halten wolle. Heute kam dann eine Mail das eine neue Leertaste zu mir unterwegs sei das dies aber 3 Wochen dauert weil diese aus Taiwan kommt! Nur löst das mein Problem nicht, nun habe ich eine 200€ Tastatur die nicht mehr voll funktionsfähig ist. Gibt es eigentlich einen deutschen Support an den man sich wenden kann. Denn die Tastatur hat noch Garantie und mit dem zusenden einer neuen Leertaste bin ich nicht ganz einverstanden da es das Problem nicht lösen wird. Danke im Voraus.
  3. Recently, my Corsair Strafe Mark 2 spacebar broke and I was just wondering what type of keycaps it uses? I want to find a quick and cheap replacement for the spacebar. Cheers! It can be the brand Corsair uses, or a random off brand that will fit the slot itself.
  4. I'm having an interesting problem with my Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard. Out of the box, the spacebar seems to be fairly "loose". I do not type heavily, however when any region slightly off the middle of the key is deeply pressed with normal force, it seems the Cherry stabilizer connection underneath pulls on the opposite connection, causing the spacebar to "pop" off and/or become lopsided. I am fairly new to mechanical keyboards, and have never had something like this happen to me with rubber domes I'ves used in the past (of course). Obviously, this isn't much of an issue; I just aim my key presses for the middle. But I still feel the mechanics underneath are a tad flimsy for what I spent on this keyboard. I've researched the problem before, and I've not come up with any real answers. All 3 insertions on the key itself look completely fine (no cracks, and with this being a new keyboard, certainly no wear), as do the Cherry "+" heads on the underlying keyboard. At this point, I'm lost as to what I can do to keep the left and right connections staying put. Do I have any options to modify these, or is there a way I can perhaps make them more solid?
  5. Hi! I have had this keyboard for nearly half a year was wondering if anyone else has has issues with extremely cheap paint on the textured keyboard? It seems to wear through very easily.. It started with just one of the pips but it spread quite quickly. Attached pic with a phone light behind it showing it through.,
  6. I recently purchased a k65 rgb rapidfire keyboard only to find upon arrival, the spacebar did not seem to work. I have taken off the key cap and taken a look at the switches, everything seemed normal with that. The spacebar also seems normal when pressing it down, the only problem is. It doesn't actually type anything. Does anyone know what the issue could be, and if so maybe a fix?
  7. Hi guys. One week ago I bought the Corsair K70 LUX with MX Blue switches. I think everything is fine except a spacebar. The problem is when I press the spacebar harder, it makes "knocking" sound. Other bigger keys like ctrl or shift makes it too, but much quieter. I doubt that this is a switch falut, rather something hits the key when it's pressed deeper. Can you tell me is this normal? Thanks for any help. audio.zip
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