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Found 19 results

  1. So, I recently bought a Corsair case, the Corsair 220t RGB (which is a great case) For my first build, after owning a gaming laptop. The case come with the LIGHTING NODE CORE with the 3 Corsair RGB Pro fans already plugged in. At first when i booted the system, the fan's LED did light up instantly or shortly after pressing the power button, but after a day the fan's LED no longer light up at startup, it needs to wait until i log into windows then it lights up. I tried several things like for example: Unpluging the usb cable from the Mobo, changing to the 2nd usb port, unpluging and repluging the sata power for the lighting node, i even did a bios update in case it was caused by something on the bios. I found another person on this forum that had the same problem, the only difference is he have the Lighting Node PRO (i have the Lighting Node core as stated before) the difference is that the one that he own, Have a mini usb port, which pluging it to the I/O with a mini usb to usb cable solved his problem. Mine doesn't have that so i'm still stuck here without a solution, if anyone has solved this problem or know any solution, please don't hesitate to help me. After all its not a major problem but, I'm still annoyed by it and i wanna solve it. Sorry if my grammar is bad, english is not my first language.
  2. Hi all I purchased an SP 120 RGB fan recently and there's a wire which says 'RGB Hub'. I have a Commander Pro hub which I thought this RGB wire would plug into but it doesn't seem to me that any of the sockets are compatible despite being described as a 'RGB Lighting Controller' :-/ Do I additionally need the RGB FAN LED Hub? Links to products below: RGB FAN LED HUB https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Accessories/CORSAIR-RGB-Fan-LED-Hub/p/CO-8950020 Commander Pro https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/iCUE-CONTROLLERS/iCUE-Commander-PRO-Smart-RGB-Lighting-and-Fan-Speed-Controller/p/CL-9011110-WW SP120 (https://www.corsair.com/eu/en/Categories/Products/Fans/RGB-%26-LED-Fans/iCUE-SP-Series-RGB-PRO-Performance/p/CO-9050093-WW)
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought a 570x corsair case that comes with 3 sp120 fans. I ordered 3 ll120 fans and another rgb fan hub. So right now I have -3 sp120 rgb fans -3 ll120 rgb fans -2 rgb hub -Lighting node pro I would like to be able to control all 6 fans from my bios but my mobo only has 4 3-pin connecters on it. Can a 3 way splitter like this one be used to power 3 sp 120 rgb fans? https://www.amazon.com/DZS-Elec-Splitter-Sleeved-Extension/dp/B07FNL8YCZ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=3+way+fan+splitter&qid=1586979595&sr=8-3
  4. Hey, i recently bought some SP120 RGB fans ( with the fan hub), they light up and i can control the lights via the ICue software, but none of them are spinning? Plugged the SATA cable from the fan hub into the sata on my PSU, made sure the fans are properly plugged in, read online i might need to go into the BIOS to change from PMW to DC, but i have no DC option from what i can see, all i have is auto, voltage, and PMW (unless i'm in the wrong place), i have a gigabyte motherboard, (according to PCPartPicker they are compatible I know i shouldn't rely on that but i had nothing else to go off :p ), could anyone help?
  5. Bonjour à tous Je me permets ce post avant de passer une commande sur votre site. Je souhaite monter dans mon boitier 9 ventilateurs Corsair icue SP120 RGB Pro Performance. Il est évident que je vais commander 3 pack de 3 afin qu'ils me soient livrés avec leurs Lighting Node Core. Ma question est la suivante: Afin que les 9 ventilateurs soient contrôlable par le logiciel icue, dois je forcément passer par un Commander Pro, et si oui, puis je connecter 2 Commander pro en série afin d'y connecter mes 9 ventilateurs? Puisque si j'ai bien compris, le commander ne peut gérer que 6 ventilateurs. Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.
  6. Before I begin, I would like to say thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I recently purchased a Corsair Crystal 570X, six HD120 RGB fans (with controller), and a Lighting Node Pro. I am waiting for the final three HD120 fans to get here, so I decided to use the SP120 RGB fans included in the case until the HD120s arrive. My setup is as follows: LNP Port 1 --->RGB Controller(came with case)--->SP120 RGB x 3 LNP Port 2 --->RGB Controller(came with fans)--->HD120 RGB x 3 I am using C-Link, and the LNP is using firmware 0.2.65. The LEDs in the HD120s work as they are supposed to, but the SP120 LEDs do not. I searched through these forums, and I found other folks mention flickering SP120 RGB issues, but none of their symptom descriptions seems to match what I am experiencing. I downloaded SIV to better control the hardware, and to gather data that may be useful. So, on to the symptom: The SP120 fans flicker when connected to the LNP. They are on their own controller, and it doesn't matter which LNP port I plug them into - the result is the same. The flicker isn't caused my EMI, as it does not exhibit that type of symptom (rapid, rythmic flickering). This flicker is like that of an old neon light. The LEDs are off more than they are on, and when they do energize, it is brief, sporadic, and the flickering is not in sync between the fans. The colors I input into either SIV or C-Link are accurately displayed, but the LEDs just flicker. As a side note, there is no flickering when using the included button controller instead of the LNP. I have included screenshots of some of the SIV windows in the event they are helpful. Thanks! Breaker P.S. - The flicker is similar to .gif attached to this post.
  7. Good Morning (Very early 00:30 :biggrin:) This is my first post so take it easy on me. I have recently upgraded alot of my things from being mix brand to basically going all over to corsair products, with the latest installment being my 570x case and 3 extra SP120 RGB fans and a commander pro. Now i have followed all instructions when it comes to the fans and the RGB side of thing from the RGb splitter hub (node pro i think its called) number them 1-6 and then connecting that to RGB header 1 on the commander pro and then the same again matching all the numbers 1-6 the same as before so RGB 1 is fan 1 and so and so forth. Now i have installed it all and its picking it up in Icue and the RGB is looking sexy however i have a problem where the fan RPMs keep dropping down to 1300RPM from 1500RPM and i can hear it doing that at least once every 3-5 minutes and its annoying and concerning. I have read some posts on here that say make sure the fans under Icue > Settings > Commander Pro > Fan port #1 to #6 change from auto to 3-pin as this way it will be set as the correct connection it has something to do with DC or something like that and this has not made a difference, I have also tried hard flashing the commander pro as suggested as well and still the RPM goes from 1500 range down to 1300 range and back up again and is driving me nuts as i cant find the solution anywhere. Please can someone shed some light on why this is happening and also its worth noting that i have the fan profiles set to Extreme as i stream and game alot on the same machine so like to have these going full wack most of the time so i dont have to worry about temps.
  8. Hey friends! Added an exhaust fan to my 570x case. Bought the matching SP120 RGB, (the ones that come with case) . It spins and is controllable through my MOBO bios but the color is either static grey or yellow/green (I'm really color blind sorry) and sometimes will flicker in no disernable pattern. I tried it plugged into the 4, 5 and 6 slot on the RBG controller hub thing that comes with case. Will it not work unless I buy 2 more? does the side of the RGB hub have to be filled? I so tried it on multiple fan connection on MOBO. I also just tried to plug it into a 3-1 connecter because I thought the 4 pins were maybe the problem, but still same problems. I think it might just be the fan? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I bought a triple LL120 fan pack and I have the 570x case. The case comes with 3x SP120s, my question is will I be able to fully use 3x LL120 in the front and the other 3x SP120 at the top and back with the hubs and controllers provided with case+fan pack? I went over my budget already which is why I won't be getting 6 LL120's till later. FYI I also have the h150i pro rgb which is what Im using the LL120's on.
  10. Bonjour, Je viens de commander un boitier 570x crystal RGB doté de 3 ventilateurs SP120 RGB, ainsi qu'un AIO H100iV2. J'aimerai changer les ventilateurs de l'AIO pour y mettre des RGB mais tout en restant sur du PMW, j'avais donc pensé à mettre des HD120 RGB Est-il possible de brancher 3 SP120 et 3 HD120 sur le commander d'origine ? Sinon quelle est la meilleur solution ou la seulle possible ? 1. brancher 3 SP120 et 3 HD120 sur le commander pro ( si il est possible de changer le boitier de commande ) ? 2. brancher 6 HD120 sur le commander pro ? Merci d'avance pour votre réponse
  11. Hello everyone Just wanted to know if I could get some help regarding my Commander Pro. I got it today and I plugged it in and everything was working fine. Then I started making some adjustments with it because one of my fans looked like it was spinning slower than the others and if i touched it it would speed up. So I unplugged it whilst the system was on (something I know that I shouldn't have done but didn't think of at the time). Not long after I plugged it back in all of the lights turned off and the port where the lighting controller for the fans plugs into the CP was smoking. I immediately shut the system down but the fans won't spin or light up. The CP just has a solid red light. Can someone please tell me what this means? Did I break my CP and have to buy another one? Is my current one covered under warranty for this? By the way the fans are 6 of the SP120 RGB ones. Thanks in advance
  12. So I recently brought the SP120 RGB x3 pack which i really like, but the thing is I also want to customize it, like the color, but it didn't show up on Link. Does the Link not support the SP120? or do I need the Commander Pro for it to work?
  13. Hi, I am planning a PC build with the Corsair 570X RGB And the h100i v2. I am planning to replace the stock h100i fans with rgb ones. Which ones should I use and how what do I have to do/buy to get all of the corsair RGB fans in my case synced(SP and HD)? Thanks, David
  14. I recently bought 5 more sp120 rgb fans to mount in my crystal 570x. This results in 8 total case fans all with rgb capabilities, problem is, the included rgb controller has 6 ports. I'm looking for a solution to light up the extra two fans in sync with the rest using the front IO controls. I've been searching around for splitters that fit corsair's LED headers but have found nothing. Is there a possibility anyone has encountered this problem and come up with a solution? I have thought about splicing the cables but have never done it and am worried about messing up.
  15. Hello, I just purchased the air 740 for one awesome MSI Xpower Z270 mainboard which will run my four GTX 1080TI GPU's via AX1200i. I am a little baffled with all of the cables that I thought would be clean here. I see there is a mode button, which appears to perform the same functions as the controller that came with my three SP120 RGB fans. I'd like to connect all of these and control them via that mode button (Considering someone spending $4000 on good hardware, this should be in the manual but is not). I'm going to be monitoring all of this jazz with the Corsair Link software, because for one - I'm running mining software and two - why not, this stuff should all work together. So what do I need to actually connect to make that button work and not use the three buttons that are clearly meant for inside the case? If I should add LED strips, where would those go or should I buy that controller? What to do as I have no information as to the case or controller to connect them?
  16. Hello, Is there a way I could make the SP120 RGB fans work in Corsair Link software? I know that it is possible with the Corsair HD120 RGB fans using Corsair Lighting Node Pro.
  17. I couldn't find these questions answered anywhere. So I'm interested in buying the 570X because its sexy af but there are some things I'd like to know first. 1: AFAIK the FANs come with 2 cables, one that powers the LEDs and one that powers the fan itself right? That means lowering the fan speed wouldn't dim the LEDs? 2: CAN you lower the fan speed? I would want a total of 6 RGB fans but I'm concerned about noise. Is there any space for a fan controller or any other way to lower fan speed on the case? 3: Is it possible to mount a 120mm radiator in the front in push/pull ? 4: Does anybody know how dust collection is on the case? Does it attract much dust? It is open air and in theory posizive pressure should keep the dust out but I just want to make sure. 5: Anybody got any tips on handling and cleaning tempered glass?
  18. Hi everyone, I just signed up to ask a simple question but confusing in my mind: I need 4 fans to be installed on my 480mm radiator and I wanted to use the 3 pack + led controller of the SP120 RGB HP Edition + another single fan. I also want to check, monitor and adjust the fan curve if I want to. So I was wondering in order to do that if I need the Commander Mini or the controller for the leds is enough.
  19. My corsair 570x just arrived and wow, what a nice looking case. I bought 3 extra sp120 rgb fans to go with the three already provided with the case. I connected the additional 3 to the lighting controller but the colors are not synchronized. Only the 3 that came with the case are matching and the others are mix/matched colors. I tried unplugging and replugging in everything and cycling through the options to see if that would help but still nothing. Anyone have experience with this that could help me out?
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