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Found 4 results

  1. I recently purchased a PC in a 220t case having the three SP120 RGB Pro fans on the front that are included with the case. Then I purchased a fourth fan for the back of my case, this is also a SP120 RGB Pro wanting to keep things the same. I have iCUE 3.31.81 and have forced the firmware update on all my fans to 0.9.16. The issue I am having is the fan at the back of my case that I purchased does not light up the LEDs but spins to create the airflow, but I wouldn't mind if it also lit up to match the fans on the front of the case. The three front fans are plugged into the lighting node core in ports 1-3 and I plugged the newly purchased fan into port 4, have the iCUE set to 4 SP RGB PRO Series Fans. I have removed fan from port 1 and plugged it in port 4, it does not light up and vise versa new fan from port 4 into port 1. Also does not light up. Is there something in the settings I am completely missing or would the fan LED just be faulty? PC SPECS: CASE: iCUE 220t CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MB: Gigabyte b450m ds3h GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 RAM: G Skill 16gb ddr4 3000 PSU: Deep Cool DA500 80+ Brozne SSD: WD Black 250gb HDD: Segate Barracuda 1TB
  2. Hi, so I built my PC a while ago and bought some fancy LL120 fans for intake. I actually used an Arduino for them and wanted to use the LNP that came with them for my SP120 fans which were included in my x460 case. I´ve heard that the fans shipped with this case may won´t work with the LNP and I wanted to ask, if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I´ve allready tried to update the firmware through iCue but that hasn´t worked for some reason. To me it looks like the LNP is the problem because when I unplug its power, the flickering ends. I think the LNP is refreshing the LED information really often and some of the ticks are corrupted or something like that. I would appreciate any help. Regards, MrInfinity
  3. Hey so i have 2 diffrent fans in my system and i was wondering if i could buy a commander pro and change the color of my HD140´S AND SP120´S? with the CP... or is that not possible? --PzM::pirate::
  4. Hey guys, I've just upgraded my old pc, basically replaced everything, and in a new case. Had loads of fun with the old one, but as soon as I saw the 570x, I knew I had to build one myself. Now, I've nearly completed building it (there's a few stickers left to be taken off and the cabling on the back is rather messy), but now I've got this question regarding the fan speed. The case came with 3 SP120 LED's in the frontwhich I connected to the sysfan3 slot on my motherboard. I then bought three more fans, which I installed in the top of the case, and one in the back, all of them as outtake. Now I can adjust the speed of the front fans, and they are nice and quiet, but the ones in the top and the back are pretty loud. The front fans are connected to SYSFAN3, one in the top of the case is also connected to the SYSFAN3 slot (by a 4-to-1 cable), the otherone in the top is connected to CPUFAN1, and the one in the back is connected to CPUFAN2. In addition, the CPUFAN1 is an AIO cpu cooler with two fans, but it has a hub, so I plugged one of the SP120 LED's into that one. Are those 3 outtakes controlable? They seem to run at full speed which makes a lot of noise. I've tried making changes in my bios but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. Or should I change them so that they are also connected to a SYSFAN slot, like the ones in the front of the case? Help would be appreciated, thanks!
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