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Found 3 results

  1. Hey I recently got the Corsair Virtuoso RGB .. However, one thing bothers me a lot. I also own several Corsair products (keyboard and mouse) According to some games, I use different colors and hotkeys, hence a few profiles. But what bothers me a lot is the "profile switching" of the headset. I don't want the headset to switch profiles. Reasons: When switching programs or games (Multi Monitor setup) sometimes the headset loses the sound, this is especially noticeable in the teamspeak. Then I have to switch the sound output back and forth so that I can hear everything again. Also, some games sometimes lose sound. What is still annoying is the mute from the microphone. I mute it, and when the "profile changes" it is discouraged again. It shouldn't be like that. I found a similar post. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) This describes my problem as well. Please give us the possibility that the headset works independently of profiles, so that it is excluded from the change. Dongle firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909 Deutsche Version: Hey, Seit kurzem habe ich das Corsair Virtuoso RGB.. Allerdings stört mich daran eine sache sehr. Ich besitze ebenfalls Mehrere Corsair Produkte ( Tastatur und Maus) Entsprechend einiger spiele nutze ich verschiedene Farben und Hotkeys, daher auch paar Profile. Was mich nun aber sehr stört, ist das "Profile Switchting" vom Headset. Ich möchte nicht, dass das Headset, das Profil wechselt. Gründe: Beim Switchen von Programmen oder Spiele (Multi Monitor setup) verliert das Headset manchmal den Sound, Merktbar ist das vorallem im Teamspeak. Da muss ich dann die Soundausgabe hin und her wechseln, damit ich wieder alles höre. Ebenso, verlieren einige spiele manchmal den Sound. Was noch stört ist das Muten vom Mikrofon. Ich Mute es, und wenn das "Profil wechselt" ist es wieder entmutet. Das sollte so nicht sein. Ich habe einen Ähnlichen beitrag gefunden. (https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202538) Dies beschreibt mein Problem genauso. Bitte gebt uns die möglichkeit, dass das Headset unabhänging von Profilen Funktioniert, also das es vom wechsel ausgeschlossen wird. Dongle Firmware: 0.16.80 Firmware: 0.17.149 iCue Version: 3.37.140 Windows 10, 1909
  2. Hi everyone ! For two months now, my sound has crackled almost at regular intervals. This happens much more frequently on Youtube / Twitch. I completely reinstall Windows, unplug several peripherals several times. I have just realized for a few days now that the problem comes explicitly from CorsairService.exe When the sound starts to crackle, I kill CorsairService.exe, everything goes back to normal, then the problem starts again when the CorsairService.exe reappears. I have no idea at all if this is an iCue related issue, software or hardware incompatibility since recent updates. I have the minimum number of software installer, Icue, Steam and drivers. However, I noticed a small improvement, by disabling NahimicService. My material : CM : Asus Z390-E RAM : Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO CG : Evga 1080ti FTW3 AIO : Corsair H100i Pro ALIM : Corsair RM750i Strafe Mk2 and Sabre RGB Commander PRO I do not know at all how, to diagonize a software conflict or other, I would like to know how I can go about solving the problem :/ Any help is welcome ! Thx :) Vexored
  3. I think im not the only one with this problem. But I found out that this crackeling noise is coming when I sometimes plug something in and out my usb slots. I found it out because of my loose contact controller wich plugs it in and out a few times in a second I hope this helps finding a solution for that problem (often it is coming randomly)
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