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Found 6 results

  1. I have upgraded to iCue 4 but I have an annoying problem regarding overlapping text as shown in the attached image. Could you please make the text editable on widgets (possibly including the option to change the font + fontsize)?
  2. Guys i wanna put a Powercolor rx 6800xt gpu in my corsair 220t case. The issue is the size of the card is 320mm. Is there any way i can get this card to fit in my case? i love the powercolor rgb and think it will look beautiful combined in the 220t. any advice? i already have my 220t case btw. Thanks guys
  3. I'm looking for a good headset for someone with a large head. My head is 23" (58.5cm) around and it's 16.5" (41.91cm) from the middle of one ear to the other (going over my head). Also for reference, the Steel Series Arctis 7 is very uncomfortable.
  4. hello, today I have a chair t1 race, most 10 days ago the base broke (it is plastic abs) I asked the support in my country (corsair official) to provide the base of the model t2, because it is made of cast aluminum, more resistant, even if I have to pay for it. the point is that, they are 10 days without a response, with the justification that they do not know if the piston of the T1 will fit in the base of t2. until then, I thought that these measures were an industry standard. I would like to know if any of the guys have the reference measurements so that I can then provide to the support, and thus expedite the repair of my chair. Thank you to everyone.
  5. Hi all, What are the exact dimensions of a Corsair H90? Specifically, how much space does the radiator take up on the tubing and non-tubing end caps, beyond the fan slot? I know the overall length is 170mm, but I need to know how much of that is on each end. I just bought a new video card, and I'm thinking about water-colling it (because it's noisy, and with a Kraken G12). My case is already pretty cramped, so my three options seem to be 1) I can move a bunch of stuff around, and probably not get a better result, 2) I can remove a 140mm fan from the bottom and use a Corsair H55, which should fit with room to spare, or 3) I mght be able to fit an H90 at the bottom of my case with fans pushing air into the case. But I don't have a lot of clearance on two perpendicular sides of the spot where I want to put the fan. Please help! Thank you,
  6. Hey there, ive got a 4k monitor hooked up to my pc, but mainly i use my 1080p 144hz screen. When i open CUE the Window is super large. i cant see anything on it at the 1080p screen. If i then move it over to the 4k screen everything looks normal. i cant rezize it smaller then what it is on the 4k screen. Does someone know how i can change its size to fit on my 1080p monitor?
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