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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, new here. I bought this Harpoon only about a year ago or less. It's not that old and I don't think it has reached the end of its life or that the buttons have finally died. But for some reason the side button (labelled as 4 in the ICUE driver software) has stopped working/is very glitchy. It sometimes works if I press it very hard but not always. Programs and games also no longer recognise when I click it. Is there a way to tell if the button has died (run out of presses) or if it's the driver/software issue? I have tried reinstalling ICUE so far and it has not worked. Thanks for any suggestions or comments about this issue.
  2. I have a M55 rgb pro mouse and having issues in left-handed mode on iCue. The right side buttons are not working when it mode is active. The option "enable all side buttons" is current checked.
  3. Just started when I got home from work but it's been working fine prior. Here are things I've tried: - Made sure side buttons are still mapped in iCUE software - Updated iCUE to latest version - Repaired the installation per the instructions in another thread - Forced a firmware update to the Scimitar through iCUE Right now I'm just testing by clicking the left buttons in a text editor window, and nothing is responding. It's acting like they aren't mapped. Please help! And thanks.
  4. So recently my side buttons on my scimitar RGB have stopped working properly. The buttons themselves work, but they are acting like I have numlock enabled (I have a K65 RGB which doesn't have the keypad). Pressing 4 for example will move my curser left while typing and pressing 6 will move it right. I've not changed any setting in CUE and my keys are still assigned to represent their keypad equivalent as they always have been. I've forced the firmware update and also re-installed cue, none of these have made a difference. The buttons themselves work, but not how they should (pressing them doesn't type 1, 2, 3, etc...) and games (Elder Scrolls Online at least) won't pick them up to keybind, where as they where working fine yesterday. Any help?
  5. Hello, I recently bought a Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse, which I have one issue with. Sometimes the buttons on the side become "stuck". On the mouse itself they work fine, but in-game or even in the browser, sometimes when I press a key, it seems to hold down the key, even long after I let it go. All the "macros" I have in the iCUE are also just keybinds. I did downgrade to a previous version if iCUE though (2.16.87), since the newest version doesn't load the profiles I have automatically, and even when they do load, I still have to select each action once per profile, otherwise they won't even work. I did hear that that was a bug though. Does anyone know if this is a problem with the mouse itself or with the version of the engine I use? Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. I got a question about the Corsair Scimitar mouse I just got a couple of days ago. The side buttons only work if I checked the actions of the mouse beforehand. Even the default profile I set up doesn't work until I actually openend the iCUE and checked the actions of the profile. You don't have to modify any of them, you just have to check if they're there and then they work perfectly. This happens every time I restart the computer and it's getting to be kind of annoying. Does anyone have a fix?
  7. Just bought my first Corsair product ever. Conpletely new to CUE. When i connected the mouse everything was totally fine. I downloaded CUE to get a RGB rainbow effect. I installed it got to RGB and set the effect. Now my side buttons 5 and 6 dont work. They are named forward and backward on the programm. So again I am COMPLETELY NEW and after reading other posts from other people and the replys how to fix it, i didnt understand anything. I can understand Russian English and German. Please help me.(Without CUE opened everything is as i want exept of the RGB lighting)
  8. I've updated the firmware on my mouse and it still does not work. The side buttons are not working at all. They don't feel broken but they aren't being registered by my computer at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I bought this mouse a few months ago and once I realized it worked better to remap the side buttons to letter keys I have had no issues with using it in games. A few days ago I bought the MM800 Polaris mouse pad and have the mouse plugged into that to free up my USB ports. I was able to play Destiny 2 just fine with those same remapped side buttons but now all of a sudden they stopped working entirely. I went into notepad and tried to type with the letters that they're mapped to using the mouse and it wouldn't work there either. I've tried force updating to the latest firmware again, I've updated CUE, I've tried having CUE closed and ended the processes, I've done the installer error checking, I've restarted, I've unplugged and plugged back in, I've tried plugging the mouse into my PC directly again, but it still won't register those buttons. EDIT: I did a repair for a second time and for some reason it worked... So yay?
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