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Found 10 results

  1. Around a month ago I started an RMA procces with Corsair to replace a deffective RAM module that i've got in a package of 2 modules, long story short i was required to send both modules 1 good 1 bad to Corsair here on my country wich rounded as 17.63dlls on shipping fees. Yesterday i've received a package of 2 RAM modules from RMA Corsair which one of them turned out to be bad. Now I have to start a new ticket then send my RAM modules in as another 17.63dlls to get PROBABLY one good and one bad again. Is it normal that i have to pay almost a brand new module on shipping fees to receive them deffective from RMA Corsair? Is there any way for me to keep the good module so when they sent me another package with 2 modules and one comes deffective at least get to have 2 good ones? Right now it's been 100% probably that one module of a package of 2 will come bad. Sorry if I sounded angry, I just cant believe that after asking for a replacement for a deffective module i get another deffective module as replacement.
  2. I just bought a full kit of Hydro X gear for my new case, but I was trying to find a shipping number or a way to track my package (given my work schedule I want to make sure no package pirates get it), but on the website I cannot seem to find any way to track it. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello, I opened a support ticket with RMA support to discuss the shipping costs of sending back my 1yr mouse (Corsair M65 Pro RGB, 2 year warranty listed on website) back because it has an issue with the wheel (resists me when I scroll). To ship from my little town, it costs $10 less than what I paid for it on the Corsair store on Amazon. I was told to contact that email and explain my situation to support and see if they could set up a label for me or set something else up, but they just immediately opened an RMA label for me that I have to cover the shipping costs for, which seemingly will also expire within the week—if my experience with my last RMA (PSU) is any indication. Is there anyone here that could help me sort this out? I have my RMA case number if it'll help, and if I need to provide anything else, I can do that as well. Thank you for reading,
  4. Hello, my ticket number is #2000792177 I am a bit at a loss here because they shipped my package to Schiphol in the Netherlands. I asked the Support why they were shipping it to Schiphol when i am living in Germany and i got this answer: 22. Aug., 16:12 PDT Dear customer, We have received notification from our shipping carrier that your replacement package has been delivered at your address. Thank you for being a Corsair customer! Kind regards, Corsair Customer Service after that i got an email to evaluate the support. So i wrote a message on the 23. Aug and 27. Aug if everything is alright and if i could get a tracking number from Schiphol to my address(if there is a second tracking number cause the first one was from Taiwan to Schiphol) but no response anymore and it worries me. Everything was fine till my package got shipped to the Schiphol in the Netherlands. I really hope someone can help me. Thanks Coho
  5. Bonjour j'ai commandé il y a environ une semaine, le kit de fixation pour Socket AM4 de la pompe de mon H115i, sur le site il était indiqué que le produit n'était plus en stock et que celui-ci le serait "sous une semaine", aujourd'hui lorsque je me rends sur le site le kit n'est toujours pas en stock et il est toujours indiqué "sous une semaine", déjà niveau précision on est mal, enfin lorsque je regarde le détail de ma commande, le produit est toujours "réservé", il n'a toujours pas été envoyé. Sachant qu'il y a déjà eu beaucoup de problèmes concernant cette pièce précisément, que on ne l'a retrouve plus nul part excepté sur votre site, je me pose la question : "vais-je la recevoir un jour, et surtout quand?" J'ai besoin de plus de précision en espérant qu'un employé de corsair puisse me répondre, je passe ici plutôt que par le support car je trouve celui-ci incompréhensible. Merci pour vos réponses.:biggrin:
  6. Hello I ordered about a week ago, the AM4 retention bracket kit for my H115i, on the site it was indicated that the product was no longer in stock and that it would be "under a week ", today when I go to the site the kit is still not in stock and it is always indicated" under a week ", already level accuracy is bad, finally when I look at the details of my order , the product is still "reserved", it still has not been sent. Knowing that there have already been a lot of problems concerning this item precisely, I ask myself the question: "will I receive it one day, and especially when ? " I need more precision hoping that a corsair employee can answer me, I pass here rather than the support because I find it incomprehensible. Thank you for your answers.:biggrin:
  7. Hello, I sent my h100i via eco post and it may take up to a month to arrive to the Netherlands. Now my question is: Is there a limit to how much an RMA case can stay open? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I sent my H100i v2 to corsair after i got approved and paid for the shipping. So muy question is, Will i be asked to pay for the shipping from corsair to me? I live in israel. Thanks in advance. Best, Mukordi
  9. I ordered the k65 lux rgb keyboard from corsair Dec 1. I found out today that only my mouse has shipped because the k65 is out of stock. There is no indication that they are out of stock at all and i bought this as a gift for my son for christmas. I was wondering if any knows how often they refresh their inventory or how long it took other people to receive items that were "out of stock". Has anyone else faced this issue of an item that is out of stock but no indication is given on the website??? Thanks guys :mad::mad::wtfman::brick::rant2::wtfeh:
  10. Hi guys, I was looking forward to today for over a week and now it's finally here, my first personal mechanical keyboard. And it makes a noise when the LEDs are turned on... Great. The internet suggested to plug the keyboard into every USB port available and see if the problem persists. It does... Ugh. Looking deeper into the interwebs someone says it's a defect and advises to RMA it. Now I would not have an issue with RMAing if it would be possible to send the keyboard out on Monday and receive it back on Friday the same week. In the last months I've sent my mouse (not from Corsair) back twice and both times it took from Money to Wednesday the next week and I really did not pay over €100 (in this case close to €200) to have constant issues with my devices. To add to that, I have nothing to replace them with leaving me a week and a half doing nothing productive. Has anyone experience with this issue? What did you do? If you sent it in, how long did it take Corsair to send a flawless unit back? Did they charge for shipping (EU)? Any information on this is welcome. Oh and a last, maybe stupid, question: is there any chance this noise will "go away" after a couple weeks? That would be the ideal "solution". Thanks!
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