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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I opened a support ticket with RMA support to discuss the shipping costs of sending back my 1yr mouse (Corsair M65 Pro RGB, 2 year warranty listed on website) back because it has an issue with the wheel (resists me when I scroll). To ship from my little town, it costs $10 less than what I paid for it on the Corsair store on Amazon. I was told to contact that email and explain my situation to support and see if they could set up a label for me or set something else up, but they just immediately opened an RMA label for me that I have to cover the shipping costs for, which seemingly will also expire within the week—if my experience with my last RMA (PSU) is any indication. Is there anyone here that could help me sort this out? I have my RMA case number if it'll help, and if I need to provide anything else, I can do that as well. Thank you for reading,
  2. Here's the situation: Some of the lights weren't displaying the correct colours on my keyboard, and so I decided to contact Corsair support as they got more serious. I sent and received support tickets, following their instructions to hard reset my keyboard. Before hard resetting, the only problems were the incorrect colours showing. However, after hard resetting, the keyboard refused to work completely on my laptop (which I normally use it on) and another PC. The lights would not turn on at all and none of the keys would work. After reporting that on a ticket, they told me to update my BIOS and drivers and reset the keyboard a different way, which I did only to no avail. After telling them that my keyboard still wasn't working, they approved an RMA and asked me to send my keyboard over to their shipping address. Problem was, I live in Australia, and sending something over all the way to Taiwan (where their warehouse is located) isn't as cheap as you think. It put me off how I had to pay the shipping fee because technically they were the ones who told me to hard reset my keyboard, which lead to the keyboard ceasing to work. Since it wasn't really my fault, I don't see how it's fair to charge me for a problem they caused. They said it was my responsibility to pay for the shipping due to their customer policy (which I can't seem to find anywhere online). I'm not saying this is entirely their fault and that I did nothing wrong. I just want your opinions and help on this matter.
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