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Found 14 results

  1. The year is ending and it's getting chilly - how are you and your setups handling the colder weather? Show us with your Winter Theme setups down in the comments below! Holiday themed setups are fine too!
  2. Hello everyone, 1 year ago started to build my new rig, and choosed to complete all possible parts with Corsair’s brand tool, because I really love the quality and enjoy the Icue software. Now I’m replacing my 220T case with new 5000D airflow and got some doubt about fan configuration and rgblink. PC CONFIGURATION: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Asus TUF 3070 OC MB: Asus TUF X570 Plus Wifi RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 2 x 8gb NVME: Sabrent PciE Gen.4 500mb PowSup: Sharkoon 750w (I know, corsair was better but recycled one from other pc J ) CASE: Corsair 5000D airflow black AIO: Corsair H100i RGB PRO XT FAN: 9 x Corsair SP120 RGB PRO PERIPHERALS: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 low profile Corsair MM800 mouse pad Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB Corsair ST100 RGB stand Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless black Monitor 1: MSI Optix MPG341CQR 34” Monitor 2: Samsung Odyssey G5 27” SETUP: 1) AIRFLOW: Not sure about fan configuration, but after a look to all posts around I will proceed with the following configuration: Is this configuration good or something wrong? Is 6 x intake and 3 x exhaust. May I need to replace the AIO with a 360 radiator? 2) RGB CONFIGURATION Got 9 x SP120 RGB PRO to link + AIO Pump from H100i RGB PRO XT. For RGB controls with ICUE have 2 x Lightning node and 1 Commander Pro. Is this correct? With Icue I will control all the fun separately ? 3) FUN POWER CONFIGURATION Is this good? I don’t remember if the head pump need only USB or need to be connected as other fan…… I’ll really appreciate you answer and your help!
  3. Hi all, here are some helpful links for the new iCUE NEXUS companion touchscreen! iCUE NEXUS FAQ Page If you're making your own custom background images for the iCUE NEXUS screen or custom elements, here's a handy diagram to get you sorted when creating assets.
  4. Hello fellow Corsair Enthusiasts, I have seen similar posts similar to this topic but they never give a definitive answer. I recently purchased the Corsair Crystal 570x and the H100i AIO CPU cooler. I want to know what the optimal setup is for this case. Option 1: https://imgur.com/5IHYYPf - Mount radiator in the front and set all 3 front fans (120mm) to "Intake" This would suck in cool air from the ambient atmosphere. - There would be 2 more (120mm) fans at the top set to "Intake" as well. (NOTE: The front and top part of the case both have dust shields) - There would be 1 (120mm) fan in the rear set to "exhaust" Option 2: https://imgur.com/0zVPQoU - Mount radiator to the top and set both (120mm) fans to exhaust. - The front 3 (120mm) fans would stay as "Intake" - Lastly, in the rear there would be 1 (120mm) fan set to "exhaust" If there are any more setups that are more optimal please feel free to inform everyone. The debate between "Intake/exhaust" and "Positive/Negative" air pressure has been talked about for a looong time and there is plenty of information out in the web. However, I feel like this case is unique....It is somewhat of an "Open Air" design. There are plenty of cracks and crevasses to let air escape out of. Once again thank you for any information you guys give. :biggrin:
  5. So I've just finished fully upgrading my setup with all things RBG! A full spec list will be below the pictures. Feel free to leave comments and also any suggestions for additional peripherals or RBG. (Excuse the poor image quality, I had to compress from my Note10+'s widest aspect ratio to one that met the requirements for this forum) Wallpaper Engine + iCue intergration Video: https://twitter.com/TTV_Kryptoflux/status/1232030262218895361 - PC - Fractal Meshify S2 BLACKOUT Case Asus TUF x570 Plus AMD Ryzen 9 3900x ROG STRIX 2080 Super 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO (4x8gb) Corsair H115i RGB Platinum 240mm Radiator Corsair RM750x PSU 4x Corsair LL120 RGB fans + Controller Kit 2x Corsair SP140L PMW Radiatior fans 500gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus m.2 NVMe 1tb Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD 2x 50cm RGB LED strips Wireless 300Mbps 2.4ghz PCI-E Card Windows 10 Home 64bit OS - Peripherals - Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard Corsair MM800 Ploaris Mousepad Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse 4x 450mm Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips 2x 250mm Coraair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips + Commander Unit 28" Samsung 4k 60hz 1ms UHD Monitor (Primary) 26" Iyama 1080p 60hz 2ms HD Monitor (Secondary) Razer Kiyo 1080p 60fps Webcam Steelseries Artics Pro + GameDac Wired/Wireless Headset Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones (For music sampling) Elgato HD60s Stream + Record Kit Marantz MPM-1000u Professional Studio mic + Stand and Pop filter
  6. Hello, I have a quick question about the nature of the Commander Pro / iCUE software integration. I would like to use something like this as a controller for a standalone cooling system not directly attached to a computer. I was just wondering if that was possible, and if it is possible to configure the Commander Pro profile on one system with Windows to transfer it to another without? Thanks for any advice you can provide!
  7. Hey all, had to find this forum as I’m doing a new build and have decided to go with 4 ML140 Pro LED fans and a commander pro (on top of the Corsair peripherals I’ve already purchased with my previous build). The questions I have are centered around the Commander Pro. 1) Will I need splitters in any way to power/light/control my ML140 Pro LEDs? I have tried searching for quite some time all over the net but have not found any definitive answers. I will be hooking all 4 fans into the Commander Pro and I know it was enough PWM slots for my # of fans but was unclear if I’d need any additional hardware to plug all 4 LED fans into the Commander Pro and have them function properly. If so, are there any recommended ones that I can order so I’ll have them ready for when I finish my build this weekend? 2) I was wondering if there was a location best to install the Commander Pro. Thanks to all in advance for any insight you can provide. Lope
  8. As you all may have seen recently, we announced support for CORSAIR peripherals on Xbox One. The compatibility list can be found here. As game titles are updated to support the mouse and keyboard experience, some fine tuning may be required for the best experience on Xbox One. Check out this blog post for details.
  9. We recently announced compatibility for a wide selection of our peripherals with the Xbox One as an Xbox licensed hardware partner. Bringing the same high-performance gaming experience that you enjoy on your PC to the Xbox One. Getting Started While you can simply plug and play your mouse and keyboard into your Xbox One, we recommend configuring your peripherals on a PC with our iCUE software. In games that recently added mouse and keyboard support, you may experience some input latency as the developers fine-tune peripheral support, so the below steps will help ensure the best gaming experience. 1. Install iCUE from corsair.com and launch Note: If you already have iCUE installed, update to the latest version if prompted 2. Go to the settings panel and click the device you wish to modify for Xbox One 3. Click “Update” firmware to ensure your device is up-to-date 4. Click the “Polling rate” drop down box and select “125 Hz / 8 msec” Note: This is recommended especially for mice to reduce visible lag in certain games While in iCUE you may wish to configure your mouse sensitivity through the DPI tab on the left. If your mouse or keyboard have onboard storage for hardware profiles, you can also save lighting and other settings directly to your peripherals so that they’re available to you when you’re connected to your Xbox One console. Going Wired Connecting a set of wired peripherals to the Xbox One is simple. If your keyboard has a USB pass-through, plug both USB cables into the back of your Xbox One console and plug your mouse into the pass-through port. If you have a stereo CORSAIR headset such as the VOID Stereo and HS50, or a headset with a removable USB adapter such as the VOID PRO Surround and HS60, you can plug the three-pole 3.5mm jack directly into your Xbox One controller’s headset port or the headset port on the back of the console to enable game audio and voice chat. Going Wireless Wireless peripherals such as the K63 Wireless keyboard and DARK CORE RGB Wired / Wireless mouse may also be used with the Xbox One. Ensure that both peripherals are in 2.4GHz wireless mode (not Bluetooth) and plug their respective wireless receivers into available USB ports on the Xbox One console. For best performance, use the provided USB cable adapter and the charging/data cable so that you can position the USB receivers in clear view of their respective peripherals. (For more information, check out our blog on getting the best wireless performance). NOTE: DARK CORE currently supports Minecraft and an update will be released soon to enable better compatibility with other Xbox One games. Going wireless allows for more flexibility, letting you clear your desk of unnecessary cable clutter, or allowing you to take advantage of our K63 Wireless gaming lapboard accessory. The K63 Wireless gaming lapboard securely houses your K63 Wireless keyboard and provides a cloth gaming surface for the DARK CORE RGB mouse, providing the ultimate setup to enjoy gaming with a keyboard and mouse from the comfort of your couch. Game On! And that’s it! We’re excited to help bring the ultimate keyboard and mouse experience to the Xbox One. For more information, please make sure to check out our detailed compatibility list. Happy gaming!
  10. Unplug & Play is the tagline for our new family of wireless gaming peripherals, starting with our recently announced K63 Wireless gaming keyboard, the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard, and Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse. These awesome peripherals enable a truly wire-free living room gaming experience, so we’re going to upgrade our game room at CORSAIR HQ. Our couch setup in the game room is truly a sight to behold, allowing us to demo new hardware like our Unplug & Play lineup as well as hold the occasional Tekken or Street Fighter tournament. Our upgraded setup features an 80” 4K TV powered by our new CORSAIR ONE ELITE. The K63 Wireless SE gaming keyboard features Ice Blue LED lighting, making it a perfect match for our CORSAIR ONE ELITE system, we also made a custom profile in our CUE software to set our DARK CORE RGB gaming mouse to match that same shade of blue for a uniform look once it’s all set up with the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard. Since our CORSAIR ONE ELITE sits next to our 80” 4K TV, I took advantage of the extension cable and USB adapter included with our DARK CORE RGB mouse tucked it near the bottom center of the TV. This way we make sure that our DARK CORE RGB’s wireless receiver gets the best signal possible from the mouse which will be further back from the TV on the couch while gaming. For more info on wireless receiver placement, you can check out our blog on it here. Setting up the K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard is super simple. Just slide the K63 Wireless keyboard in to the cutout tray on your lapboard. Line up the wrist rest tabs and carefully slide the keyboard in. And there you have it! We’re excited to finally be able to cut the cords in our living room setup and game from the comfort of our couch without compromise. For more information about our wireless peripherals, join our community at the CORSAIR User Forum.
  11. Let me first start off by saying that I'm a complete novice when it comes to PC building - this will be my first ever build. It's been something that I've been wanting to do for a long time, but haven't had the financial resources to do so. I'm pretty nervous as this is going to be a pretty expensive machine. I'm trying to figure out my cooling setup, but I'm just so lost. Basically, I'm wondering if I need any extras (besides the Corsair Commander Pro included in my parts list) to get the following Corsair products working together? 1x H150i Pro CPU cooler 6x LL120 RGB fans 4x RGB LED lighting strips My parts list is here.
  12. Tips & Tricks for Wireless Performance - Blog Post Wireless devices like our recently released K63 wireless keyboard and DARK CORE RGB/SE wireless mice can be subject to interference from other wireless devices in your environment. For best performance, we recommend positioning the USB wireless receiver as close to your device as possible by plugging into: A front panel USB port on your desktop system (or closest USB port on your laptop) The USB charging/data cable via the USB cable adapter provided with your device A nearby USB passthrough port such as the one available on the K95, K70, K65, STRAFE, MM1000, MM800, or ST100 To improve performance even further, ensure that the wireless receiver is kept away from other USB wireless devices, wireless networking equipment, or USB storage devices (such as flash drives).
  13. Wireless devices like our recently released K63 wireless keyboard and DARK CORE RGB/SE wireless mice can be subject to interference from other wireless devices in your environment, so here are some tips and tricks to keep you unplugged and playing. There are three different plug-in configurations we recommend for positioning the USB wireless receiver as close to your device as possible for optimal performance: 1.A front panel USB port on your desktop system (or closest USB port on your laptop) 2.The included USB charging/data cable via the USB cable adapter which will allow you to place the wireless receiver closer to your device 3.A nearby USB passthrough port such as the one available on the K95, K70, K65, STRAFE, MM1000, MM800, or ST100 And here’s a useful diagram to demonstrate the three different configurations! To improve performance even further, it's best to make sure that the wireless receiver is kept away from other USB wireless devices, wireless networking equipment, or USB storage devices (such as flash drives). For more information on our wireless peripherals, join our community at the Corsair User Forum!
  14. Hello, I already set up the H100i V2 but I don't think its doing great job or I am just expecting to much stuff from it. I've got i7 6700k @ 4.6GHz and 1.31v When I am stress testing with AIDA64 I get around 78-82 degrees in cores in real temp and when I look at AIDA64 sensors "CPU" I get 60 degrees. Know I don't know exactly which figure is correct but it will be amazing if you guys could help me out. Getting back to the point, got the H100i V2 and the USB is connected as well as the pump is connected to CPU header and I have disabled Q Fan control on my Z170-A PRO MOBO. If you guys are saying the temperatures are fine then that's all good but I got another problem when the temperature goes up sometimes it goes up for a second which is normal as I have read about that but that causes the fans to throttle up too , any solution for that too?
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