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Found 9 results

  1. I am hoping someone can help. I have had my current system since December 2016 with no problems to speak of outside of some software glitches. Spec is in my profile. I had a problem a week ago where the system would not boot past BIOS as the CPU fan was not functioning. I have a H100i V2 watercooler on the CPU and plugged in the CPU fan header. I took the side of the case off and the fans were running. I left it a while and rebooted to find everything working fine, but then the CPU temp rapidly climbed to 99 Celsius, but I had no system shutdown and the system seems stable. I have had occasional grinding/scratching sounds from the water pump but it seems to be working although the sensor generally settling between 45 celsius and 55 celsius. Neither of the tubes in and out of the waterblock are particularly hot. All the case fans are going nuts at times, rapidly changing from whisper quiet to full power and then back again. I have contacted Scan who I bought the system off for help, but they are closed due to Covid 19 and already have a rapidly growing waiting list of tickets for maintenance requests. I thought about buying a replacement H100i, but am unsure if it is this that is starting to fail. A problem with the CPU or just a temp sensor that is causing errors? I have no spare parts to swap out the CPU or watercooler to check if they are functioning.
  2. I love all my Corsair gears. I especially love K70 RGB + M65 RGB mouse combo. However, my M65 sensor just died out of no where. All the buttons and lights work but sensor does not work. I tried resetting the mouse and forcing update. I also tried several pcs and laptop and nothing works. Is there anything I should try to bring back this mouse to life? Thanks.
  3. Hello Corsair Forum! So I am using lots of Corsairs RGB enviroment now. I had an hardware problem at first, which the Corsair Support fixed fast and without any problems. But now after a couple of days my software seems to have some error. I made my own profile for my fans which I control with my Commander Pro. As reference I used my GPU temperature. I had my CPU, GPU and RAM temps in my dashboard. And today when I started my PC those temps where all gone and iCue seems to can't recognize them anymore? I can't add them back to my dashboard, nor can I use them as curve reference. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I have two questions about iCue software with Commander PRO. For your information, I come from LINK software and I like this software :p: I know we can create custom curves for fan speed and for it we can choose a temperature sensor but: - How to run all fan to 100% speed when one temperature sensor reach a specified temperature? on LINK we can do that. For example, If HDD, or SSD or CPU ... sensor reach 40C, I want all FAN run to 100% speed. - Default curves is not based on a specified temperature sensor, so how it work? For example, QUIET curve for Commander PRO is based on all temperature sensors? How iCue use these default curves? thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, Since yesterday I have my H150i installed and setup with iCUE. There is only one problem. When I restart my computer iCUE resets the selected sensor for the H150i. So when i restart it sets the sensor back to H150i Pro temp but I want it to read the package of my cpu. iCue does not reset it for the Commander Pro. Any suggestions? With kind regards, Rick
  6. Hi! In a home/office server with a Corsair AX1600i, of course normally the PSU is fanless up to ~650W. I wonder: If for any secondary reason the system would heat up - say that CPU, SSD, RAM, motherboard, other peripherals would drive the system crazy hot - Is there some temperature sensor and logic in the AX1600i that would turn on the PSU fan as a way to help the other system not overheat? I.e. the PSU fan is not only turned on by wattage as trigger but also some temperature sensor in the PSU. Is this so? Please let me know thanks!
  7. Hi, I recently purchased a Scimitar RGB(12,000 dpi version) & a K70 RGB keyboard and I wanted to post here before I decide to return these and get something else. The mouse has everything working minus something wrong with the sensor/software, it simply does not move, yet the sensor seems to respond to objects moving over it so not a clue where the fault is. The keyboard is kinda fine, it's just that when I reboot/shut down CUE doesn't detect the keyboard(noticed this when it goes back to default lighting) when it loads, I have to use the switch on the keyboard or reinsert the usb cables to get it to detect after which everything is fine, but I can't do this every startup. Devices and Printers shows the K70 on startup, but CUE doesn't. *EDIT* Found out how to save the profile to the KB so at least it doesn't have a different colour when I reboot or lock my screen, still an issue if I need to use CUE though. I tried software reinstallations(CUE v2.22.83), different ports on different USB controllers, USB Suspend settings etc. All devices install new firmware fine, currently latest. I suspect the mouse is DOA and not sure on the keyboard. I was hoping somebody might know, I can post the logs from CUE if need be. # Not sure what's up but I'm looking at other brands now just in case. Any help is welcome
  8. Hello, What is the range for these sensors? I've searched this forum, and on google, with no luck what so ever.
  9. So from the beginning... I bought my Corsair Scimitar RGB from Amazon in September last year and was initially using it with my old pc. It was wonderful and really helped while playing mmo's. Only problem at the time was occasionally upon booting up pc I would get an initialisation error in cue and my mouse would not work, no lights, no nothing. Sometimes a simple re-plugging sorted it out other times a pc restart, minor annoyances that I dealt with which I assumed at the time was either a software issue or my old pc. Now a few months later I decided to get a new pc. With it all setup I tested the mouse and I would still occasionally get the initialisation error. Now, after a few months of dealing with it, through playing around during a time it errored I found that by changing the polling rate it would re-initialise and fix itself. However the mouse since about a month ago has had a 50/50 chance of starting up correctly and now I'm getting a new error. Cue will now detect the mouse but the sensor will not work, however the side buttons do. No amount of re-plugging, changing of settings or reinstalling fixes this. Only thing I can do is restart and 50/50 it'll work again. So, advice? There a fix? Send it back? Can I even send it back after 7 months?
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