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Found 9 results

  1. Bonjour, Quand mon casque virtuoso SE s'allume, la led de mon micro clignote puis s'eteint. Je ne vois donc pas le voyant vert de mon micro pour me dire qu'il est allumé. Ce problème intervient sur les deux type de connexion. J'avais penser à le réinitialiser pour voir si ça marche mais je ne trouve pas de petit bouton et rien sur icue. Le firmware est à jour. Si vous trouver une solution ce serait super ! Merci !
  2. I've seen a bunch of suggestions on how to fix this but none have worked, I've paired the two, reinstalled drivers, uninstalled the devices, clean installed iCUE, forced updates to the dongle and headset, checked privacy settings, set the headset as default communications device. I get the sidetone in the headset but Windows does detect any sound, it does detect the microphone though. Just curious if anyone has found another fix, sucks I just bought this and it is giving me issues right out of the box. Questioning why I'm even loyal to Corsair now since they still haven't responded to my warranty claim on my VOID PRO's that drain the battery in an hour and won't fully charge. Thanks
  3. Hello, Not sure what the (1) 5 times is for but thats how iCue named this headset. Anyhow. Since today it wont charge. Its blinking red and it seems it wont charge at all. There is some sound coming out of it that follows the blinking beat a bit. I tried the cable on my tablet. the cable is fine. I tried charging with a phone charger from the wall. I tried forced updating the up to date firmware. I made sure my PC was on and my headset in USB mode. Then unplugged the head set and then the dongle. Then plugged the dongle. Then checked if the headset was on USB mode before plugging that one back in. Then left it for 15 min. No changes. Help!
  4. Hey guys, so I had posted a previous thread on this question but did not receive any responses so I wanted to see if anyone was having the issue I was experiencing. Basically, my Corsair HS70 SE headset sometimes cycles through starting up on its own and then turning off on its own in quick succession like its stuck in a loop. I don't know my headset would be turning on and off on its own but it does it randomly. I wanted to see why this occurred but also to see if any one else has also experienced this same issue. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks!
  5. Hi guys. Several weeks ago I bought VOID Wireless Pro SE RGB headphones. I was using them until several days ago with the ICUE application but since then they stopped communicating with the application. Audio is heard. The PC and Windows 10 detect it without problems. They can be viewed in "devices and printers" and the drivers are installed but the application doesn't detect them. The volume control from the earphone doesn't seem to work without ICUE control either. I've reinstalled and installed several versions of CUE and ICUE but none seem to work anymore. They detect all the devices that I've from Corsair except the headphones. I've also tried reinstalling the drivers of the board but it didn't help. I've also tried all the USB ports, but nothing. I just found out that they only work with ICUE on my VAIO laptop. I've installed them without problems and it detects them although I cannot see the battery level. I've been seeing various similar problems for days like forums and others like: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=164548 and I wonder if someone in this long time has managed to know what the hell is wrong with these headphones with the driver or whatever the problem is. I opened an RMA ticket several days ago and they tell me to send them but seeing that they work on the laptop I don't know what to do. And the thing about COVID19 ... I'm afraid that I will be a long time without them due to the delay that there is now with the transport deliveries. Any idea or solution that I've missed or don't know? https://i.imgur.com/RTgQjX4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hdPbkIk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/sq4MOZ5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4vtqKQq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xJuchVi.jpg https://i.imgur.com/EL5SnhJ.jpg
  6. Hey Guys, Looking to build a couple of high end PCs in the next year or two, and to be honest I'm waiting on Corsair to announce a refresh to their full-size Obsidian, the 750D. I had heard through the grapevine some time ago that something was in the works, and I just wanted to remind you that there are people who love putting their cases on the floor. You'd have 2 immediate sales of a 750D with tempered glass the day you announce! Thanks for listening.
  7. I bought a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard back in September 2018 and as much I enjoy it, the grey wrist-rest is now plagued with what looks like "dirty" stains from where my hands lay when I type. I tried washing the wrist-rest with dish soap and a plastic brush but the stains remain there. Anyone else encounter the issue? Can anything be done with this?
  8. Tips & Tricks for Wireless Performance - Blog Post Wireless devices like our recently released K63 wireless keyboard and DARK CORE RGB/SE wireless mice can be subject to interference from other wireless devices in your environment. For best performance, we recommend positioning the USB wireless receiver as close to your device as possible by plugging into: A front panel USB port on your desktop system (or closest USB port on your laptop) The USB charging/data cable via the USB cable adapter provided with your device A nearby USB passthrough port such as the one available on the K95, K70, K65, STRAFE, MM1000, MM800, or ST100 To improve performance even further, ensure that the wireless receiver is kept away from other USB wireless devices, wireless networking equipment, or USB storage devices (such as flash drives).
  9. Since the Dark Core RGB / SE are our first wireless gaming mice, the firmware upgrade process is a little different from what you'd typically expect from our wired gaming mice. We've put together a quick blog post with in-depth instructions for anyone who needs to upgrade the Dark Core's firmware. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2018/february/darkcore-firmware Upgrade instructions: Open your favorite web browser and go to http://www.corsair.com/downloads webpage. Select "Gaming Mice" from Product Category drop down menu. Find "DARK CORE RGB/SE" on the list of products and click download button on the right to download the latest version of Corsair Utility Software (CUE). The version that supports DARK CORE RGB and DARK CORE RGB SE is 2.22.83 or later. Install CUE by following on-screen instructions. A Windows restart may be required upon the completion of the install. Start CUE Plug-in the wireless USB transceiver (dongle) into the available USB port. NOTE: When using desktop PC, for best wireless performance it is highly recommended to plug the dongle into the available USB port on the front panel of the computer case. The icon representing DARK CORE RGB will appear on the top of the CUE window. Click on the icon, if a firmware update is available, the "Update" button will appear at the bottom of the CUE window. Connect mouse to your PC with USB charging/data cable included. Ensure the power toggle switch on the bottom of the mouse is in ON position, and the wireless connectivity toggle switch on the bottom of the mouse is in 2.4GHz position. Click " Update" button in the lower left hand side of the CUE window and the following dialog will appear "New firmware version is available. There is a new firmware version available for DARK CORE RGB. Do you want to update Firmware now?" Click the "Update" button at the top of the FIRMARE UPDATE box to continue, a “Settings” screen will appear, and the firmware update process will start automatically. After a few minutes, a firmware download will be completed, followed by the appearance of a "Warning" button at the bottom of the CUE window. Click the "Warning" button and follow the instructions to complete the firmware upgrade: Unplug the wireless USB dongle from the PC. Disconnect the USB cable from the PC and the mouse. Move the power toggle switch to OFF position on your mouse. Plug the wireless USB dongle back into the PC. Move the power toggle switch on the mouse back to the ON position. And that's it! Tutorial Video: [ame] [/ame]
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