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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, Devices: K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard Dark Core Pro SE mouse Current state: Both keyboard and mouse lighting are controlled by Wallpaper Engine This means my wireless mouse looks like a Christmas tree and drains more battery than it needs to. Brightness is basically an ON or OFF toggle in Settings, and turning it to OFF also turns off the battery indicator light which I would like to keep on. Desired state: Keyboard lighting remains controlled by Wallpaper Engine Mouse lighting controlled through iCue, so I can turn all zones off except except the battery indicator Is the above desired state possible!? Thanks, RaffScallion
  2. I want to send lighting info from Corsair iCUE V4 to WLED. I do not know anything about scripting except the very very basics and I do not know how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Bonjour, je dispose de 6 ventilateur corsair LL120 dont 2 avec un water cooling h100i et une pompe, ma carte est une aorus 570 elite, depuis 1 h environ j'ai touché au logiciel et depuis mes ventilo ne s'allume pas, il toune très bien pas de soucis a ce niveau la mais je peux voir 1 ventilateur sur 6 qui fonctionne avec le réglage de l'éclairage, sa m'est arriver lorsque j'ai désactiver le sdk sur le logicièle icue, j'ai voulue télécharger wallpaper engine et activer les effets de led en penssant que sa n'allais pas me changer la couleur de mes ventilos, mais malheursement sa me les a changer du coup j'ai voulu remettre comme avant avec mes couleurs a moi et le logiciel me disais de toucher a quelque chose mais je sais pus si c'est sdk ou osd.
  4. Is there a possibility to get the battery level in the SDK so I can drop it to a file? The usual going into iCue, settings, headset info and then look at the battery level is the only disadvantage of this headset and I'd like to write a program so I can show it in the tray.
  5. Hello! So I created a program called RGB-VC that allows one to use control their Corsair connected products via Alexa or Google Home. This system is comprised of three separate programs as a whole. Dropbox, Assistant Computer Control, and then RGB-VC. The First thing you will want to do is download RGB-VC and its companioning DLL file, and colors.txt. You will need to put all three in the same directory otherwise the program will not work. After that, go ahead and download Dropbox and Assistant Computer Control off of their website: Here Scroll down till you find the example for Appending text: Here and go ahead and set it up with IFTTT and Dropbox. For some reason Corsair Forums are editing the link to add an E after "assistant". IDK why thats happening. Just delete that E My IFTTT ended up looking like this. https://imgur.com/a/9Af9iQ2 In the Append Text IFTTT - MAKE SURE that the file you are writing to is the same file that you downloaded "colors.txt" Otherwise the program will NOT work. After that, you are basically done. If you ever want to switch back to your profiles for different effects (this is only for solid colors), just use your key phrase followed by the words "release control" that will release ICUE from the sdk and return control to ICUE Software. To allow DRAM usage, enable "Full Software Control" in ICUE Settings There are some limitations. Currently, Profile Switching is not supported, and there is a bit of delay (about 2-3 seconds) between the command execution and the colors changing. I plan to have that fixed in a future update. This program runs in a hidden mode, so in order to close it, you must use task manager. Full list of Colors and Downloads are on my Github - https://github.com/gracieskysoar/RGB-VC/
  6. Hallo Zusammen, ich habe in meinem System 4x LL und 4x QL Lüfter verbaut. Einer der QL Lüfter leuchtet aber wenn ich Far Cry 5 öffne nicht. Ich dachte zuerst das dies evtl ein Problem vom Spiel selber ist. Jedoch habe ich genau das selbe Problem auch bei Metro Exodus. In der iCUE Software werden alle Lüfter erkannt und die Beleuchtung kann angepasst werden. Ich habe einen Commander Pro mit 2x RGB Hub. HUB1 - 4x QL Lüfter HUB2 - 4x LL Lüfter Genau bei HUB1 wird im Spiel der Port 4 nicht angesteuert?! Habt Ihr evtl eine Lösung für das Problem? Danke im Voraus Christian
  7. Hey! I finally got my stuff together and released it. I've been somewhat active on the forums in the past, mostly talking about SDKs and the potential for custom game integration with iCUE, much like FarCry5 and Metro Exodus shipped with, and I'm proud to announce that I've finished it (6 months ago) and have finally got to releasing it. I would like to put together a tutorial video to walk through all the aspects of the software, but that's for another time. Today I've released a public download and the source code on Github with some documentation on settings/functions and some usage explaination on the Github README. Please note: this isn't for the feint of heart, I'm providing a platform to build your own game integration from, I have not created profiles and controllers for all your favourite games and neither do I intend to. This means that programming controllers and making profiles is all up to you. That being said, I've provided enough examples and documentation to have you on your way. The software provides access to the game-integration functions provided by Corsair for the aforementioned games via HTTP GET requests, this allows almost any language to utilise its functionality, meaning theoretically any game mods should be compatible. I've provided controller examples in Python and have implemented a number of settings to allow it to fit with many use-cases. So here's the link, have fun, and any questions, ask them here and I'll try to get back to you. Happy integrating! https://github.com/Zac-McDonald/iCUE-Custom-Game-Integration
  8. Hi, I bought a K55 with a Harpoon and I've been using it with Wallpaper Engine for a while. It seems that, if I enable my SDK on the iCUE software, both mouse and keys turns off the LED RGB. So I can't use the keyboard with any software using the SDK to control the colors. Does the K55 and Harpoon have the support to be controlled by another software using the SDK? How do I fix mine, if it is possible to?
  9. Hallo, ich habe bei mir ein kleines Problem. Einige Minuten nach dem Start des Rechners frieren bei meiner Strafe RGB die Farben ein. Meist auf ein helles Rot oder Weiss. Erst, wenn ich in iCue (3.25.60) kurz SDK ab- und wieder anschalte, laufen die Farben weiter wie gewünscht. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass dieses mit dem Battle.Net zusammenhängt, da ich dieses Problem auch später noch habe, sobald Battle.Net startet. Aber hierauf keine Garantie. Gibt es hier eine Musterlösung, wie ich das festfrieren der Farben verhindern kann? In Diablo 3 ist es ja nett, wenn die Farben passend zu den Cooldowns ihre Farbe ändern, aber dazu darf es halt nicht einfrieren... VG Betjal Korrektur: Auch beim Star Wars Galaxies-Launcher frieren die Farben ein. Scheint nicht nur beim Battlenet zu sein somit.
  10. Hallo, Ich habe eine Problem mit Game SDK, hier als Beispiel Far Cry 5. Wenn ich das Spiel starte wird SDK ausgeführt, heißt Tastatur, Maus (K95 Plat., Ironclaw RGB) und der RAM wird passend beleuchtet. Was nicht leuchtet sind: meine 3 LL120 Lüfter an Lightning Node Core meine H100i Platinum SE (inklusiver der beiden LL120) meine LS100 Stripes Ich habe in den letzten Tagen schon viel Recherchiert bin aber nicht weitergekommen, eine Rückstandsfreie Neuinstallation von iCUE via Revo Unistaller (in diesem Forum empfohlen in einem englischen Thread) hat nichts gebracht. Auch ein CueProfile zu importieren hat nicht gebracht, allerdings, wenn ich ein Importiertes Profil ausführe sind wieder nur Tastatur, Maus und RAM beleuchtet. Vor ein paar Tagen hatte kurzzeitig alles funktioniert, kann mir aber nicht vorstellen woran das lag. Gruß
  11. Problem: I've been running my system for a while now and haven't had any problems, recently when I try to run the division 2 with SDK I face a problem where my fans, my rgb strip, and aio pump all have the proper colour with them, but my ram won't seem to sync up. It always shows up as either white and orange, or white and red, and occasionally blue. Now this wouldn't be much of a problem, but now sometimes I will find my ram not syncing with my fans, aio pump, and rgb strip even using normal instant lighting or any pattern, either it doesn't react to me changing it and it stays a certain way (white, rainbow) or it has a 4 second delay before changing. Cause of Problem?: Now I feel that this might have something to do with another lighting application and I have only noticed this after trying to install the aorus client for my gpu, however I only started playing the game after I installed the client. Now I've deleted both aorus's and asus's aura sync client and the issue still persists. What I've Tried: Looked into bios for "DRAM SPD WRITE" didn't find it, updated to bios, still nothing Reinstalled the ICUE Client: Didn't work Reinstalled all firmware/checked to see if im on the newest client: Nothing Edit: To clairify, the rgb for all of my components work during 3 of the main colour schemes (red, blue, white and orange), but when I heal my ram just turns white with a few lines of red but the rest of my rgb is green
  12. Hi I'm using iCUE on macOS Mojave with my K95 Platinum and Glave Mouse. As it appears that there is no support for my DIY products (RM850i, Lightning Node Pro and H110i AIO cooler) on macOS, is a SDK for these products going to be released that can be used with macOS?:question:
  13. EDIT (5 (and then 15) minutes after posting): This post was first about the 3.0.171 version, but I'm dumb and forgot to look on Corsair's main website download page for more recent versions of the SDK. So my question of Wallpaper Engine being a higher version is no longer relevant, but the Vengeance issue persists in the official release version 3.0.234. In my defense, the sticky forum post is out of date, which I think I should point out since it's the first thing that comes up when you Google "icue sdk". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So I'm dabbling with the C++ SDK after my foray into the Wallpaper Engine integration, and I noticed that my C++ things weren't detecting my Vengeance Pro RGB RAM modules, but Wallpaper Engine does. iCUE itself also detects and controls the RAM just fine. Turns out that there are a few differences between the SDK version that Wallpaper Engine is using versus what Corsair has released to the public, specifically in CUESDK.x64_2015.dll, as of the writing of this post (5/31), at which time the SDK version was 3.0.234. Here are the details of the dll in the SDK, which are as you'd expect: And here are the details of the dll in the Wallpaper Engine files: So it looks like the Wallpaper Engine one is a few versions behind, which makes sense. The main differences to notice are the file/product version and the signature. [Edit: the official 3.0.171 version had a couple other minor differences, including the file size and the copyright being by "Corsair Components" and from 2015] And sure enough, when I replace the dll from the official SDK with the Wallpaper Engine version, my RAM modules are detected and light right up. Any Corsair employees want to comment on this? I'm mostly posting this so that anyone else who is unable to control their RAM can try what I did to fix it, but also partly to see whether it's just an oversight on Corsair's part.
  14. CUE SDK has been updated to include DIY devices (Lighting Node PRO/Commander PRO). Supported Devices: Keyboards: CGK65 RGB K65 LUX RGB K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE K70 RGB K70 LUX K70 RAPIDFIRE K70 LUX RGB K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE K95 RGB STRAFE STRAFE RGB K63 (wired) K68 K95 RGB PLATINUM Mice: M65 M65 PRO RGB SABRE SABRE RGB SABRE RGB Optical SABRE RGB Laser Scimitar GLAIVE RGB Scimitar PRO RGB KATAR Headsets: VOID USB VOID Wireless VOID PRO USB VOID PRO Wireless Mouse Mat: MM800 RGB Headset Stand: ST100 RGB LED Controllers: Lighting Node PRO Commander PRO Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10 http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/CUE/CUESDK_3.0.171.zip
  15. I currently have the following code: colors[j].ledId = static_cast<CorsairLedId>(200+j); which I later use to if (CorsairSetLedsColorsBufferByDeviceIndex(i, leds, colors)) { std::cout << "Should be BLUE rgb(0,0,255)?"; } else { const CorsairError error = CorsairGetLastError(); std::cout << "It didn't work see " << toString(error) << ";"; } full code: https://hastebin.com/jazezuvemo.cpp But it wont work, yes the SDK is fully initialized (hopefully), my guess is the CorsairLedId are wrong? There is little documentation of the ids, im guessing CLD_C1_1 = 200 is the "starting point"? Anyone know the ledIds for the Lighting Node Pro (preferably channel 1)? Here is my output of the code: https://hastebin.com/olexesoyiz.cs
  16. This is a Visualizer for Corsair RGB keyboards using the CUE-SDK C# Wrapper (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=149863) written by Darth Affe, and the Bass Library/Bass.net. Using WASAPI (Vista+) I am able to grab currently playing sound, and write some neat visualizers for it. As soon as the SDK released I immediately thought of converting that project to a keyboard visualizer and I must say that it looks quite good! Demo Video: [ame] [/ame] Github repo is : https://github.com/AterialDawn/CUEAudioVisualizer Compiled binary is attached below. A plugin system for adding more visualizers is pending, and any and all feedback is appreciated. The code is not final and probably will be changing a lot. Credits go to Darth Affe for his incredibly handy CUE-SDK C# Wrapper, LegifyX for the Icon, and me for the incredibly hideous code. Changelog: v1.0.0 : First release v1.0.1 : Settings are actually saved now! Whoops. v1.2.0 : More robust WASAPI error handling, few more visualizers added, and plugins support (documentation coming soon™) v1.3.0 : Added a sensitivity slider, as well as a smoothing slider. Located in the Options submenu. CUEAudioVisualizer_v1.2.0.zip CUEAudioVisualizer_v1.3.0.zip
  17. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my little node.js wrapper for the SDK. It's still a work in progress, I just got it to work this afternoon. So it's just the bare basics for now. And yes, it's javascript; don't question it. You can find it here: https://github.com/Yannicked/node-cue-sdk Changelog: 1.1.0 New feature: fading Updated SDK 1.0.17 Added sdk unhook
  18. With the launch of iCUE, the latest CORSAIR Software which combines the functionality of CORSAIR CUE and CORSAIR LINK, we have partnered with Ubisoft to provide an exciting, dynamic game integration for their latest release, Far Cry 5, allowing the game to control CORSAIR RGB lighting and provide a more immersive experience. CORSAIR iCUE and Far Cry 5 Integration Video: [ame] [/ame] If for some reason, the Far Cry 5 integration is not working, please try the following: Make sure you are running the latest version of iCUE. Make sure you have SDK enabled in the iCUE software like so: Make sure CORSAIR Integration is enabled in Far Cry 5 like so: First go to OPTIONS Then go to 3RD PARTY Then make sure “Enable Corsair RGB Light” is turned on. If it is set to off, set it to on and apply your changes. If everything is working, your keyboard should be displaying the colors of the american flag while in this menu. The Integration works with any of our iCUE-enabled RGB products such as our Keyboard, RGB Fans and controller like the Commander Pro, mice, VOID RGB/Wireless headsets, MM800 or ST100. The game will display a variety of effects on supported hardware, if you wish to play without these effects enabled, you can turn them off in-game via the options menu.
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