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Found 8 results

  1. I have been messing around for about 30 minutes now, and I can't seem to find a way to remap the scroll wheel. I'd like scroll up to function as the 'P' key, and scroll down to function as the 'N' key. Is there something I'm missing? Or is this software really just that far behind the times? Thanks in advance.
  2. Using my first M65 Military Green since 2014 and my second "attempt" around early 2016 I gave up about the middle-mouse-click issue and still use the model on every title I don´t feel the need to use that randomly functional button. I´ve seen the new PRO RGB model (sadly not military green...) and like the new sniper button position, BUT I´m a bit concerned if the middle-button will die on me early once again and make me salty about the purchase. Is the new model more sturdy than the previous ones so I´ll don´t have to switch over to my secondary mouse with working middle-click? Cause 1-6 months is a really low lifetime for a not really often used button... Besides that issue I really like the design and grip of the M60/65 series a lot more than most others I had yet.
  3. Hey, Today I got home and I went on my computer just to realize that the scroll wheel on my Corsair Glaive isn't working. I did not understand why and I have not seen any other people having this problem on the Corsair Forum based on the Google searches that I've done. It first started off with that it was like some kind of force not letting it too scroll, so it would go up but down again and the same thing with it going down and then up. Then it started to really act up by just flipping to the other side of the site when scrolling. When checking my Windows mouse settings I had 3 lines per scroll which I remember always having. Then after that, I put it on one page then reverted it and it worked. After a while it stopped working completely, really weird. So now my scroll wheel isn't working at all. I have tried restarting my computer, forcing update, clearing onboard memory, messing around with some settings to see if it works but then ended up reverting it back. Everything is up to date and I am currently running my computer on Windows 7. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I just got the Corsair Glaive Pro RGB and installed the Software. I can select the Wheel Click for a Macro but I can't select the Wheel Scroll Up/Down for a Macro. Is there any trick to do this or is it even possible? TL;DR: How to set a Macro with Mouse Wheel Scroll Up/Down? Regards, plapi
  5. I recently bought myself a Corsair M65 Pro RGB. On my previous mouse, a Logitech M705, I had set buttons 4 and 5 to "Cruise Up" and "Cruise Down." This meant that when I held them down, they would scroll smoothly. I am looking to do the same with my M65. I am aware that you can set a repeating macro to scroll up/down, however, this scrolls very abruptly, one line at a time. Is there a way to set a button to scroll smoothly within iCUE? Or is this simply not possible? Even if I could scroll in smaller increments more frequently, this would be very helpful. However, I find "scroll 1/2 line" to be an unlikely option.
  6. Hi. As a long time trackball user I recently placed my hand on a SRP - and it didn't feel horrible. And the thought of having all those shortcut buttons available is appealing. But... I truly have no clue how to get started with this software. And I flatter myself I'm not the dumbest guy drooling in front of a screen. Obviously not the brightest... Can some kind soul please tell this poor fool how to: 1. Set the scroll wheel speed to something usable. 2. Map the side buttons to other alpha characters (I recognize this is a gaming mouse, but my first desired profile will be for AutoCAD). Thank you.
  7. While I was using my M65 Pro earlier this week, as I was using the scroll wheel, I felt something "pop" within the wheel. Now the wheel does not scroll at all, and has lost all resistance. In other words, it spins freely without any friction. The scroll wheel button still works, however. Is there any way I can fix this myself? I got this as a birthday present back at the end of April, so I don't know if I can have this RMA'd.... Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Hi. I found a thread on this forum with this same issue, linking below. The only answer I got was "use tech support". I tried that and the only thing I can do there is to ask for a replacement (no troubleshooting). That I can do in my local store. Maybe you will help me. Issue is very simple - sometimes when I scroll down it "twitches" up and when I scroll up it sometimes "twitches" down. What to do? link as promised: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=162682
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