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Found 8 results

  1. My Scimitar Pro mouse wheel broke today and I'm looking for a way to rebind scroll functionality to another button on the mouse. I have looked in the remaps in ICUE for a way to do this but I'm not finding the function. I'm not even sure if this is possible but any help would be appreciated. Not being able to scroll is really limiting what games I'm currently able to play.
  2. I have been using Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse for more than 2 years. The buttons are working fine as well as the RGB logo. But the problem is, I cannot scroll with its scroll wheel. But I can tap it (like pinging enemies in Apex Legends). Again, I feel smooth when rolling the scroll wheel. I can't go out to fix this problem. So, I gotta fix it inside my home by myself. So, please help me fix it. :confused:
  3. Hello! For the past week or two I have been dealing with an issue with my M65 Pro RGB where I scroll up or down and it makes an obnoxious squeaking sound which is rather loud, even with a headset on. I’ve been thinking about taking my mouse apart but I’m scared I’ll break something. Please respond if you know how to fix this! Thank you all in advance.
  4. I noticed this about a few days ago. Whenever I scroll down slowly or with soft weight on my mouse it won't register. I don't know if it got loose, but normally you can feel the bumps when scrolling but when I do it slowly or softly I don't feel the bumps and I can do like 10 scrolls and it'll only register 2 out of those 10 times. Whats probably the most irritating thing I'm getting from this, is that when im reading something online and scroll my eyes automatically adjust at the speed im scrolling, but its like someone is messing with my scroll and im eyes get all screwy trying to adjust.
  5. I've had this mouse for about 6 months and as of this morning the scroll wheel no longer works. I noticed that it was half free spinning with no clicks and then just minutes later the scroll wheel didn't click at all when spun resulting in not being able to scroll. Is there a fix for this that I can easily do myself?
  6. Ok, noobie question, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the scroll speed of my new M65 mouse. Is it in the software where you select the middle button (scroll wheel) and then toggle it to "n" strokes or something? Please advise, thanks! p.s. (It sure has a nice feel to it, and am stoked to figure it out to use it!)
  7. This issue has been fairly well documented here on the Corsair forums and on other sites by other users with the same problem. It's really sad, because this was not a cheap mouse and it replaced a 9 year old working Logitech G5 (original). The scroll wheel randomly actuates even when moving the mouse around and forget about using the scroll wheel as it was intended. The scroll will jump up and then down, making it useless. I contacted support about this issue last year and got no where. Eventually I was told "Sorry your product is out of warranty". I understand there is a 2 year warranty on these mice, but what bugs me is this issue is a very well known design flaw. Why not show some good will to very loyal customers and offer to fix it, or at least provide a working solution? I run a computer shop and have built hundreds of computers and have always championed corsair products in my build (especially cases and power supplies). I've used near 100 Corsair CX and HX/RM supplies in a single year. In my history of using Corsair products I've only had to RMA 3 products. 1 was a bad stick of laptop RAM that was used for near 4 years. 2 was the front port cluster on my Corsair 400R case that I broke and was after warranty and the Corsair support guy sent me a new one for free even though I acknowledged it was my fault. That same front port cluster in my current machine broke again (USB plastic in the center) and I didn't bother to seek a replacement because I was thankful he even replaced it in the first place. The third was a day one fan speed controller on a CX430(M) that went bad. So I've had my experience with Corsair and it's been overwhelmingly positive. Above and beyond support of their products. So when I've had this experience on a product that is clearly a design flaw (affects the M65 too) it bothers me to be told "sorry, out of warranty". This isn't the Corsair that I've come to know and I expected you guys to back your products. If I can't fix this issue, I'm going to have to chuck an otherwise very well taken care of and perfect good M95 mouse, what a waste.
  8. While I was using my M65 Pro earlier this week, as I was using the scroll wheel, I felt something "pop" within the wheel. Now the wheel does not scroll at all, and has lost all resistance. In other words, it spins freely without any friction. The scroll wheel button still works, however. Is there any way I can fix this myself? I got this as a birthday present back at the end of April, so I don't know if I can have this RMA'd.... Any help would be appreciated!
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