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Found 20 results

  1. My Scimitar Pro mouse wheel broke today and I'm looking for a way to rebind scroll functionality to another button on the mouse. I have looked in the remaps in ICUE for a way to do this but I'm not finding the function. I'm not even sure if this is possible but any help would be appreciated. Not being able to scroll is really limiting what games I'm currently able to play.
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich versuche schon ne Weile meine Scimitar RGB (nicht pro) auf meinem MacMini (M1, BigSur) zu laufen zu bekommen. Ich habe die neueste Version von Icue für Mac installiert und rechte freigegeben. Wenn ich das Programm starte, erkennt es aber die Maus nicht und ich kann damit natürlich auch die Buttons nicht belegen. Grundfunktionen funktionieren, die Maus wird vom System erkannt. In den Englischen Foren habe ich versucht Lösungen zu finden, aber ehrlich gesagt ist mein Englisch wohl nicht gut genug. Hat jemand einen Hinweis oder ne Idee für mich ? Vielen Dank vorab !
  3. For the past two days ive been having the problem where my Scimitar will disconnect then reconnect with default settings, however iCue is still up and running and showing the mouse as being active. So what happens is i have only one DPI setting active and rebound dpi up and down to \ and / for gaming. However when the mouse disconnects and reconnects i can go into notepad and spam \\// as much as a i want. However the mouse default setting of DPI up and down are also working as i get cranked from 600 dpi to 6000 dpi. Ive seen this as to be a problem for OVER THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!! How is this still an issue? Ive done EVERYTHING that others have tried, Power management, updating USB controllers, making sure the Firmware is up to date, making sure CUE is up to date. Ive doen the manual mouse reset feature. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS FIXING THE ISSUE. And its sad to see others having the same issues and over the years ive not seen any Support from Corsair. Im an avid corsair customer, Ram, keyboard, mouse, cooler and ive never felt more let down in my life. Is there any kind of support that the DREADED SCIMITAR USERS can get to finally fix this issue? Or is switching to Logitech or Razer the only option?
  4. as title says, about a year ago i bought a used/2nd hand scimitar pro rgb, just recently (like within the last hour or two) the middle mouse button needs to be pushed firmly in order for it to middle click, do i need a new mouse? is there still warranty? if there is warranty on 2nd hand products, how would i check if its still active? if possible i would like to fix this myself rather than get a replacement i have tried unplugging the mouse, restarting icue, restarting my pc and none of that changed it (wasnt expecting it to, but just wanted to make sure before i took apart my mouse for no reason or bought a new one)
  5. Of the side buttons only 1 4 5 and 7 are working. I have soft reseted the mouse, reinstalled ICue but it did nothing. after that i moved my keypad back and forward also nothing. does anyone know a solution?
  6. My scimitar mouse middle button stopped working on my pc gradually, it would require more force to work then completely stopped but when i tried on my notebook, worked perfectly, i tried updating the firmware on the icue, updating the icue and still not working on the pc. This problem started occurring after i formatted my pc and changed the HDD to an SSD and windows 7 to windows 10. Can anyone give me some light why this is happening?
  7. i have had this mouse for less than one year and now the middle mouse button is not working no matter how much i push down on the mouse wheel. When i push it down I can hear the click but it wont work. I have seen threads talk about turning it to its side and moving the wheel but that didn't work.
  8. Hello! I've been using a Scimitar Pro RGB mouse for about 2 years now, and it's treated me well for the time I've had it. However, over the past few months some serious issues have occurred over the past few months that have rendered the mouse incredibly difficult to use. Mostly involving both mouse buttons. The left click on the mouse glitches frequently, and double clicks basically every other click. This makes it almost impossible to move windows around, single click on folders, and play games. At first I thought it was a computer problem, but it carried over to 2 other computers. After a bit of research, I found that it was normally a firmware corruption issue. However, the ICue 2 firmware updater doesn't work at all for my mouse, alerting me to the fact that it requires an update but fails to "find" or install the update. I've tried to contact support to get a firmware image, but they require a warranty. That's gone missing. As of 2 days ago, a glitch with my right click has appeared. Right clicks don't seem to commit, a single right click turns into a bunch of short millisecond clicks, basically making my clicks rapid fire 7 or 8 times before it finally sticks . This means that first person shooters have also become terrible to play, aiming down sights turns into a river dance session, which normally results in my death. I am willing to accept that this is simply the result of wear from constant use (I play a lot of MOBA's, so my right button has been heavily abused), however it shares a lot of similarities with the firmware bug that my left click suffers from. I'm willing to put the mouse to rest, but if there's a way to save it I'm all ears. I don't have money for a new fancy mouse. As mentioned before, so there's no repeats: 1. Can't update through ICue, says update failed 2. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, nope. 3. Both bugs appeared abruptly one day, so I don't know what could have led up to it. 4. I don't have the mouses warranty, so I can't download the firmware images. Below is a recording of the right click glitch, this is all one held click: https://streamable.com/oa043 tldr; Mouse messed up, bringing me down in ranked.
  9. Hello! I'm having issues with my scroller, when i'm on chrome, scrolling through like you do, the scroller suddenly stops working on that tab, but works on other tabs. Anybody having similiar issues? Or know how to fix it? It's very annoying.
  10. Please help here. My Scimitars remapped keys have stopped worked out of the blue and i cant get them to work again I've checked for a firmware update, still work works I've reset the Remapping, Still wont works if i switch to "Action" and not "remap" then I am able to get it to work but I would like to get my remapping to work again.
  11. Could some please walk me through how to assign keyboard shortcuts such as "c" for the razor tool on one of the side keys? I've tried remapping, macros, letters, and nothing works. It works fine on web browsers, but nothing for premiere which is the main reason why I bought this mouse. Beyond frustrated.
  12. I got a question about the Corsair Scimitar mouse I just got a couple of days ago. The side buttons only work if I checked the actions of the mouse beforehand. Even the default profile I set up doesn't work until I actually openend the iCUE and checked the actions of the profile. You don't have to modify any of them, you just have to check if they're there and then they work perfectly. This happens every time I restart the computer and it's getting to be kind of annoying. Does anyone have a fix?
  13. I recently got the mouse and i changed some preferences to the dpi and some of the buttons. It seems like every time i restart my computer the mouse decides to go back to its old profile, and none of my buttons work as i want them to or the dpi is not set to the one i want. I have made that profile my default one and i have deleted the other profiles(they come back when i open cue of course because it needs to have them even if they have no remapping). CUE always seems to ask me to save my profiles again and that's when they come back to the one i want. Going into CUE every time is not what i want to be doing. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what i should do or if i am doing something wrong that i shouldn't be doing.
  14. I bought this brand new and I have everything updated I can't assign any number, letter, or macro to any of the side keys. I've been trying to figure this out for the past 2 weeks and nothing is working. I literally followed this video step by step and nothing is working [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAWyc18OCl4[/ame] I tried uninstalling Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device and it did nothing. What am I doing wrong??? It's very frustrating because I bought this for work as I am a video editor for a living.
  15. Hi there I am currently having some issues with CUE my keyboard headset and mouse are corsair and my CUE software keeps causing all my macros which aren't keys to stop working until i restart the software example i use a corsair scimitar and during random period my 12 keys on the side of the mouse will no longer register key presses i cant change profile via the profile switch button on my keyboard and my media keys stop working as well, is this the cause of a new update as it has just started happening this week my keyboard is a k95 my mouse as said is a scimitar and my headset is a void pro wireless. anyone else having this issue or had this issue in the past.
  16. Hi guys! I just bought a Scimitar Pro RBG the other day and I am having some trouble with it. After I managed to get the keys on the side assigned properly (I'm using it exclusively for WoW) I faced another dilemma. After I put my computer in sleep mode (Win 10 64 bit) and came back, opened Corsair software, and it tells me there is a profile conflict and asks to save over what's on the mouse to fix it. Well, I allow it, it resets everything. I fix it. Next time it does it I hit "cancel" and it does it anyway...this is getting very frustrating. I also cannot make the profile switcher key and DPI toggle reassign (they should be forward and backwards keys!). I have tried: Resetting it to defaults Updating drivers Deleting the 3 random profiles it creates every single time I open the software Making a new profile with a new name and saving it Reinstalling the software Screaming at the sky and asking "WHY ME?!" So...yeah. What am I doing wrong here? I'm about ready to return it out of frustration. :(
  17. Hi I bought Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB and was very happy with the new mouse and it's qualities. But just after 2-3h of use, while the computer was idling and i wasnt touching it, the mouse cursor started to move by itself towards the upper left corner. First i was afraid(I was petrified :P) that my computer is being hijacked, but soon realised that the cursor is now stuck on the upper left corner and i cannot move it from there, the mouse keeps "pulling" it there and wont take other commands from the sensor it seems. Buttons work fine. I can connect another mouse and pull the cursor away from the corner with that, but the Scimitar allways keeps pulling it back to the upper left corner. I Tried everything, installing the drivers again x10, did factory reset 5 times, plugged it in to 2 other computers with no mouse drivers installed, it just keeps doing it as soon as you plug it in. I believe i should RMA it, what do you guys think?...
  18. So today I bought myself the Scimitar RGB pro mainly to use for a mix of gaming and content creation. It took me a while to figure out how to work CUE but here's my problem. I can get the numbers on the side to open up programs (I have them set to open photoshop, premiere, steam, ect) and then I have profiles set for each of those programs. for the life of me I cannot get the buttons to work for keystrokes ect. for example. In premiere I want to put the cut command © onto the mouse. I have tried making a macro, re-mapping, keystroke, everything I can think of but none of it is working. and it is the same for games. I've looked up every tutorial video I can find and cant seem to figure it out.
  19. Hallo, Ich habe ein Problem. Seit dem ich meinen Pc neu aufgesetzt habe, funktionieren keine Makros mehr in Battlefield 4. Zwar lässt sich alles belegen und auch im Notepad funktioniet die Text Action, jedoch keine Makros, weder über die " Taste neu zuordnen" Funktion noch über die "Makro" Funktion. (Profile umschalten über DPI-Tasten ist auch kein Problem) Gibt's für dieses Probleme einen Fix ?
  20. I posted this in other forums, but considering that my issue is now only when I move my Corsair mouse, I've decided it is probably specific to this product and that I should probably post my issue here. First noticed this in WoW, but at this point it happens in all games AND everywhere else on my computer. I could be typing in browser and if I nudge my mouse, my FPS will dip to like 5-10 FPS. Initially it was only when I moved my mouse itself, but it was also an issue with my mousepad as well for a short amount of time as well. The mousepad solved itself, not sure how or why. I've run malware scans and taken care of any potential issues there, however I doubt that would've been causing an inconvenience such as this. I repaired the install on corsair utility engine and I've totally uninstalled the program as well. I've updated my mouse drivers. Nothing seems to help the issue and I haven't seen any other sort of advice here or anywhere else about this. Unsure what to do at this point and also unsure if this is even the best place to be posting this, but I'm hopeful. If you have any advice on a solution or a better place to ask this question, I appreciate any responses of the nature. Mouse is a Corsair Scimitar RGB and I run on Windows 10. In addition, I have discovered that it only causes lag on the window that I have in the fore front. So if I have a video playing on youtube in the background, but some other window in front of it like my control panel, moving the mouse won't cause any issue with the video. However, when I switch to the window with youtube playing, moving the mouse at all causes terrible FPS drops.
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