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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I hope you are all the best. I tell you, I have a Corsair Force LE200 SSD SSD that I bought in 2019. Recently magically from one day to another it became unusable, since, it is now listed as "SATAFIRM S11", I searched a lot of information about it, and it is a problem of the SSD firmware version and the Phison PS3111-S11 chip that makes memory banks in it. Corsair released a firmware update 21.2, through its Corsair SSD Toolbox tool, obviously to know about it was necessary to search about it, and download the program. To be honest, it's not as common to download a firmware update for your SSD as it is to update your video drivers. Reading a lot about how to fix this problem, I came across articles (mostly in Russian) and a few YouTube videos about it, where they fixed other SSDs from other brands like Gigabyte, but with the same chip. Anyway, the solution is not so simple, since, depending on the manufacturer the firmware version you have to use is different. It should be noted that given the date of purchase, I am no longer within the warranty period to make an exchange or return to the company where I bought it, or resort to Corsair itself for the same, indistinctly I contacted the latter anyway to see if I could provide instructions or assistance, beyond assert the warranty, and to recover the unit, I am still waiting for a response. Continuing with the subject, and as far as I have learned the solution in the first place, is to try a tool called "repairs11", and if this fails then it consists of flashing through a tool called "s11flasher" the correct firmware where this problem is solved. To determine which firmware you should use it is necessary to use the "phison_flash_id" tool, that way you can get certain data. In my case the repairs11 tool made my SSD drive recognizable again (it tells me the SMART state of the drive, and before it didn't), but it still remains in the same state and the data is completely inaccessible. By the way, emphasize that this whole procedure causes your files to be permanently erased. And as far as I know there is no way to recover them once the SSD is in that state. Going back to the phison_flash_id tool, the data I got was as follows: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qtzjc7qGSB/ Thanks to this we know that my SSD has firmware version SBFM21W1, more specifically SBFM21.1, and that my memory banks are Micron 32L(L06B) MLC. All of this information is relevant to determine what firmware we should flash to the unit. The problem is that getting the .BIN file to flash the firmware is not easy, and only some are available for certain SSD models. Unfortunately I have not found any that I am 100% sure will work for my SSD model. Since, my memory banks are "L06B MLC", this means they are manufactured in conjunction with Asolid AS2258 and thus have a different firmware ROM than the rest of the drives, and apparently do not accept custom firmware ROMS. So far there seems to be no definitive solution for these cases, in which the unit is already in "SATAFIRM S11" state, because some might think "Ah very simple, just plug the unit, and run the Corsair SSD Toolbox to update the firmware", but let me tell you that it does not work that way, because being in that state it becomes unrecognizable for most programs, and the computer itself. As it could be Crystaldisk or Hard Disk Sentinel. That's where I need your help, if anyone has had this problem, and knew how to fix it, I would appreciate a lot to know how to fix it. I would be very grateful. PS: I got all this information from videos on youtube, in different languages and Russian forums. I take no responsibility if someone has a similar problem and makes a mistake following any of the steps mentioned here with the same or another unit. Everything is at your own risk.
  2. Good day to everyone! Few days back I wanted to download some files and open them, but I couldn`t, says it has some error. Restarted PC noticed that my Corsair Force Series LE 240 GB has renamed it to SATAFIRM S11 ... Ok, found some thread to update firmware by Corsair SSD Toolbox, but can`t because it hasn`t any firmware updates. Read thread more to contact Tech support. Allright wan`t to register - can`t - error. Try to contact tech support error code 002 .... . My last resort is here to someone help me, please!
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