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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I own a corsair sabre rgb mouse (and have done so for about 2 years now). It used to work fine trough the icue software. But as of today i updated to a newer version (v4.11.274) Which has a new user interface etc (so i assume i was on version 3.9xxxxx i dont know) Since i updated to this version my mouse has dissapeared from the list of items. Uninstalling the mouse from my devices trough mindows does not fix it, Unplugging and replugging to another usb port also does not work. Is this perhaps an issue on corsair's end? Or is something wrong with my mouse. (the mouse also had latest drivers downloaded trough icue before the new icue software update) Thanks in advance!
  2. I have run into a huge problem with iCUE 4 and the Sabre RGB Pro. When I try to map the forward and back mouse buttons (traditionally known as MB4 & MB5) nothing happens. It doesn't matter what game, setting or process the only time they work is for browsing the web, which I feel wasn't intentional for an FPS/MOBA mouse :(. I know iCUE and the new products will have growing pains but between this and the asus plugin crash i am thinking the future of corsair is grim and dark. If anyone can help or link me to help it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've had this for about a month now and it's pissing me off My Sabre RGB is randomly going back to the original DPI setting, but the lighting stays the same, this happens every 10-30 min or so, and before it does this the cursor freezes. This can happen in-game or not, it's just all the time and once it changes the DPI, the freezing doesn't stop, it happens every 5 min after the DPI changes, but reinstalling the firmware, forcing an update, allows me to use it for about an hour before it goes back. I even took a screenshot of what iCUE looks like when it's like this. Whenever it has this warning I can't click on the mouse to change its settings and can't do anything else but replug it or force the update on the firmware. I really don't wanna have to buy a new mouse because I like the Sabre a lot, I've had it for 3 years now, and I don't know if it's doing this beacuse it's old or what.
  4. Bonsoir à tous ! Je viens de m'inscrire sur le forum de Corsair donc, pardonnez-moi si je transcris des règles. C'est pas dans mon intention, je cherche juste de l'aide xD Alors, je vous fait le topo : ma petite souris Sabre RGB a maintenant bientôt 3 ans, mais elle a encore du temps devant elle ! Sauf que depuis quelques semaines, je rencontre des problèmes avec elle... Elle ne veut plus jouer avec moi, elle freeze toutes les 5min en jeu et impossible de se déplacer sur n'importe quel axe pendant env. 1 à 2secs puis ensuite elle se remet à marcher sans soucis pendant les 5 prochaines min (voir moins...). J'ai toujours été chez Corsair, j'ai eu une vengeance m65 à une époque et elle marchait super bien ! Mais je n'avais pas iCue avant... Peut-être que le problème vient de là ? J'ai tenté de régler le problème de bien des façons... - Désinstaller les pilotes de la souris et redémarrer = DONE - Enlever la possibilité à Windows d'éteindre mes périphériques = DONE - Stopper les pilotes USB qui semblent inutiles = DONE - Allez dans panneau de configuration pour désactiver bien des choses concernant les Bus USB etc = DONE - Mettre tout mes pilotes à jour = c'est la première chose que j'ai faite. Malgrès tout ça, ma souris ne veut plus fonctionner comme à son premier jour. Auriez-vous une solution à me proposer ? J'ai testé mon ancienne souris (la vengeance m65) et elle fonctionne sans soucis ! Bon sauf sa molette qui était le problème du pourquoi je l'ai changé XD Je vous remercie grandement pour vos réponses ! La bonne soirée à tous <3
  5. Hey, I have a Sabre RGB mouse and a couple days ago or yesterday i updated firmware from Icue and it stopped illuminating any of the lights Today when i was starting my computer i saw it illuminating until Icue was launched that it stopped. I tried to see if i could get it back to work by changing colours, updating Icue... I don't know what to do, my mouse works, but i have it as temperature display and i can't see now.
  6. Hi All, I couldn't find a full disassembly walkthrough or solution for my error, so I'm uploading a noob-friendly guide to the solution I (eventually) found. Images uploaded to imgur. It started with my mouse occassionally not working on startup, but would work once unplugged and plugged back in again. Then it just wouldn't recognise it at all. No amount of driver/iCue/windows10 updates helped. I found a forum post for a similar issue that suggested unplugging the USB passthrough, so I thought I'd try that. But that means taking apart the mouse. Unplug the mouse from your PC Remove the FOUR skids from the base of the mouse. Note: each skid has a small access point to begin lifting from (these are shown by blue arrows in the attached image 1) Unscrew the FOUR torx screws from under the skids with a T6 screw driver (see image 2) Remove the three top pieces. I found the two sides just fell off, however the center piece needed to be pushed forward (towards the wheel). The sides ARE held on by several small knotches on the base, so try pushing upwards if it's stiff. Follow the cable to locate the USB passthrough (see image 3). Should be a white connector with 5 wires running from it. Pop that bad boy out GENTLY. Whilst the passthrough is still UNPLUGGED, plug the main cable back into your PC. Then, gently plug the white passthrough back in. If it worked, the lights should turn on and the mouse should respond. Unplug the main cable from your PC, and reassemble the mouse. Note that the center piece has a small latch under the left click button (circled in images 4 and 5)
  7. Today i turned on my PC and my mouse didnt work so i tried restarting my PC a couple times to no avail. I then noticed a drive popped up every time i plugged in the mouse called "CRP DISABLD (E:)" So i did some research and tried a couple of solutions but non worked. I kind of know what the problem is but no idea how to resolve it. Help is very appreciated :biggrin:
  8. Hey guys i seem to have a problem with with mouse i recently purchased; every time (as i do flick aiming) when it hits back down onto the mouse pad it registers a click. Also on one occasion I wouldn't stop registering clicks and had to restart my computer in order for it to stop. I am also using the mouse using the pass-through USB in my strafe RGB. Is it my product is faulty or is it just my technique is just too heavy. :sigh!: Thanks
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