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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm at whits end here and hoping someone can be of assistance, since updating to windows 10 v2004 or whatever the latest is, I found that my mouse has started to lag when moved fast, at first I attributed this to my OS, so I wiped my computer and reinstalled the OS, everything worked fine at first until I installed the iCUE software, still, I wasn't convinced that it was causing the problem, I mean how can the software I have NEVER had an issue with cause so many problems so...I got in contact with the laptop manufacturer and we discussed it being a CPU over-heating problem, they came out 2 days ago and replaced the Mobo, CPU, GPU, Heatsink, Screen, RAM, just about everything but the shell. Once again, worked for a lil bit until i installed iCUE. I'm now 100% convinced that it's the problem. I tried to downgrade to older versions (3.20, 3.19 and 3.18) and now all of these seem to be doing the same thing. Uninstalling iCUE stops the issues so I'm like 90% sure this is the problem, though I am not objecting to wiping the machine again with an old version of windows if needed. I have turned down the polling on the mouse and this seems to work for a little bit but then eventually goes back to doing what it was doing, my conundrum is I rely heavily on iCUE and the ability to remap keys to my side buttons (looking at you shift and ctrl) and as I don't know another program that can do this I am a bit stuck. A further explanation of the mouse issue is...If I move the mouse on the screen at a normal pace, it works fine, the occasional lag is barely noticable and I'm convinced I dealt with it in the past, anything above a snails pace though and the mouse sloooooows down then zooms to catch back up to where it should be, this makes playing MMOS almost impossible. Is this an issue with windows or an issue with iCUE? Lappo is an Alienware 17R4, mouse is a Corsair Sabre. DPI is always set to 1500, never changing from that but since either updating one of the two, it can't hack it no more. Hopefully someone can help me either diagnose this or fix it :( Edit 20/8 +4 hours: I reinstalled iCUE because ultimately I need it and can find ways to minimize the lag. I noticed once I opened iCUE the lag stopped, almost instatly and I was unable to replicate it, I closed iCUE back to the icon bar and it was back...the dreaded lag, reopened iCUE and bam...no lag? version is 3.19.120
  2. Hello there! My gaming sabre rgb mouse has been having problems with freezing and shutting off the leds. I've only had the mouse for about 7-8 months and it was doing fine until a couple days ago. Now, it won't load the mouse settings properly and once the leds shut off, the mouse's dpi settings break completely. It also says that the mouse is malfunctioning in the corsair CUE 2 drivers. The only temporary solution to this was unplugging and replugging the mouse back in, which only fixed it for about 1-2 minutes, and forcing a driver reinstall did the same thing, only fixing it for a few minutes. After that it'll go back to having the same problem, front, scroll and logo leds shut off, the dpi led shuts off, mouse freezes and it won't register my clicks during that time frame. Soon after, it'll stop freezing but the leds still won't turn on! I've googled this problem many times, and I haven't found the solution to this yet, so if someone could please help me that would be fantastic.
  3. It's making now a year im using the software with my k70 rapidfire and my sabre rgb everything was fine !! but when i uploaded the new version of CUE my keybind and my dpi setting on my mouse stop working after a short period of time for no reason it's seem to forgot that my front, back and top button are binded to key like R or E so even when im on a word text page or in game it's very anoying. On the last version of the software it was working fine... pressing the front button was writing R and in game i was able to reaload ¨¨ but now when im restarting or starting my computer it's working for a short period of time and then it's stop for no reason and when i open CUE it's still binded to these key and when im restarting the whole comptuter it's working ..It's making the same thing with my DPI setting it's bloked on the setting i was the colors don't even change ... again when im restarting it work but after 15-30 min it stop working and im stuck on the dpi setting i was before it crash.... I have tried to reinstal the software but no result at all ! same problem ! :sigh!: i whish you can resolve this quickly cause i feel like i was having a normal mice with no extra button/dpi setting at all :( exept for the collors seting that is still working fine .... everything was working with the old version i wish i could get it .... Or fix the new one ! Thanks for your fast reply on my problem ! v 2.24.35 !!!! update !!! I notice that when i scroll my volume up or down on my k70 rapidfire it shut of my dpi and my button might be the explication of why it was not a matter of time or a bug !!!! I switch to a older version of the cue 2.16.87 and it's working fine now ! the new version was anoying so i had to remake my setting but it was a good decision..... but you cans find it on the forum http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=138472
  4. Hola. el titulo es bastante descriptivo, cuando le doy a guardar en dispositivo, me guarda el perfil de iluminación y la configuración de DPI, pero las acciones que he personalizado para los botones no. los botones quedan por defecto y solo funciona con la configuración personalizada si está el CUE abierto. un saludo y gracias
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