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Found 8 results

  1. I'm upgrading my RM650 PSU with a 1KW version. Any reason to choose an RM over the RMX version or vice versa? MSI Z390 Tomahawk mobo - and potentially an RTX 4080 in the future. MSI recommends an ATX 3.0 but I haven't seen any of those yet. or did I miss them? John
  2. From the manual included in the RMx RM650x box: If the RM650x truly bases fan control on "various temperatures from inside the PSU and the power output level" that's superb. The manual only graphs load related fan speeds. If, as stated in the manual, the RM650x also has some temperature related triggers, what are the specifications? The reason I'm asking, is that I was seeking a relatively quiet-at-idle bottom-mounted 230V a.c. PSU. I've purchased a RMx RM650x (magnetic-bearing version) to go into a modest build (there were no RM550x's in the local market, but with the RM650x peak load will still be in the PSU's 90% efficiency zone). The build's at-the-wall-plug measured power consumption when 3D rendering with all CPU cores/threads and GPU is around 205W (the PC idles at around 70W). Rendering may go on for 10-60 minutes. According to the RM650x's manual, the fan isn't going to come on for that kind of load. In summer the ambient temperature in the room might near 30C (86F), so I was wondering if, under those circumstances, the RM650x would be OK with no fan running, or whether it might kick in the fan due to the temperature?
  3. Hello! First time poster, long time Corsair fan. Don't know if this is the right place for my question, but since it's about a PSU. It's not necessarily an RMA thread, just a question from a new owner. Recently I purchased a new PSU, the RM650x. It's my first time with a PSU that only activates it's fan when the load increases. Never thought it'd make such a big difference in the noise! Really enjoying it so far. However, every time the fan turns on or shuts down, it makes this noise I'm attaching as an external Google Drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-le79cmgdBVS3Ga1X9H1iPm53HfO_chq/view?usp=drivesdk Is this noise normal, or should I be concerned? I'm not talking about the clicking noise, of course, it's the weird buzzing electrical like sound I'm talking about. I never owned a PSU with this kind of function, so that's why I'm worried if this isn't some sort of short circuit happening or if my power cable is faulty. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I got a RM650x from Newegg.ca on Mar '19 (refurbished). In Mar of 2021 it died by leaking transformer fluid out the bottom. It has served me well since then in a gaming Rig with a single graphics card (asus RX580 dual) and I considered the psu good quality - 80plus gold, fully modular, etc. However, I didn't expect any power unit to fail by leaking transformer fluid so I wanted to bring this to your attention. Attached is a photo of my gaming computer and the fluid leaking out of the unit. There was more fluid on the floor below the case as well, and it started to crackle a bit when plugged in and smelled like electrical things were burning. Cooler master power supply calculator estimates that this system uses 371W at peak, so it's definitely not straining the psu in this system. Corsair is great quality gear and I don't think I abused it in any way, so I wanted Corsair to know that this one failed in this strange manner. It gave me a black screen but looked like the system was on so I assumed it was the graphics card. Swapped the graphics card and in the process realized that the black screen was likely the psu failing instead. I wanted Corsair and the community to know about the psu failing like this, because it's disappointing with a quality part like this, and I was actually surprised that it had fluid in it. Laszlo Toth
  5. Hey, I recently build a PC and bought a new Rmx 750w. However, I noticed very faint buzzing from the PSU when the PSU is on standby (PC is off but PSU is still on). Granted, this is very faint: I didn't even notice it until I was basically hugging the PSU to my ear (I'll post a video when I can, because it's nowhere near as bad as what others had). Nothing out of the ordinary anywhere else, and even when the PC is on sleep mode the PSU is basically dead silent and I can't hear the slight buzzing. Is this just normal for the PSU? Been looking at other forums and people discussing similar issues but I see conflicting messages or they have much worse issues than I do. I have used other PSUs in the past that didn't buzz when on standby. Edit: Here's a video showcasing the buzz. It's very faint but it's there [ame] [/ame]
  6. With the new 3080 series GPU's coming available slowly, a big aspect of concern for many people without an already "beefy" build is the fact that they are recommending a minimum of 850w PSUs to power the cards. Currently, I am building an entirely new build to support the new series of card including a full corsair Hydro x series custom water cooling loop, several corsair LL120 RGB case and radiator fans (white edition), and a corsair crystal series 570x white case. Now I was hoping to add a white corsair PSU to the mix to keep the same aesthetic (ik you wont be able to see it except from the back/inside of the case but I am an enthusiast and want to build a full white build :D:) but after searching on the official corsair website, the maximum wattage on the fully modular RMx White series is only 850w. I intend on extending my build in the future and pushing my system so I was hoping to get a PSU with at least 1000w but was wondering why there are no more white series PSU's above that 850w threshold possibly in the AX or HX series. I would love to see an AX white or HX white series of PSUs implemented in the near future for the true enthusiasts out there like myself who want a high powered fully white PC build.
  7. Hi, Three weeks ago I purchased Corsair RM650x. I installed it and it always (from the beginning) makes a loud click when I turn off the computer. I turn the PC off using the case power button. I found the thread where someone wrote that this can be normal and it's caused by the relay. However, I am not sure of this since the click occurs only when I turn the computer off. What is more, I have other 2 years old Corsair RM650x and it does not have this issue. Please anyone help.
  8. Hello recently i bought the power supply "Corsair RMx Series™ RM750x (2018 Version) — 750 Watt CP-9020179-NA" it normally works the only problem is that it makes a "clack" when i turn off the computer. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it normal?
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