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Found 11 results

  1. I'm replacing my PSU for the HX1000 one do you know if the existing cables from RM850x will work on the HX1000?
  2. Just built my first pc and everything is great. I am just a little confused on the PSU and whether or not it is supposed to show in iCUE. I saw in videos it does but the RM850x doesn't have a cable or slot for a USB plug... or maybe I'm missing something? I have a cable for SATA which is going to commander pro, etc. two for power to the mobo, one for 3070. Is there supposed to be one from the RM850x to a USB port? Thanks in advance
  3. So I have a 3090 FE powered with 2 separate "pig tail" PCI-E cables from a RM850X (rest of build specs in profile). I occasionally do some machine learning that creates power spikes. Specifically, the GPU can load back-and-forth from ~20W to ~340W. Unfortunately, these spikes lead to an immediate computer shut down. While it is a hungry system, the build is otherwise stable even under heavy steady load (at most I get to 600W total) - however any large GPU spikes as mentioned crashes the entire system, even if total load is way below 850W. No shutdowns happen when I use a 1KW PSU, which means the RM850X is the culprit here. Possibly OCP is being triggered. Is an RM850X supposed to handle those ~300W spikes and therefore I have a defective unit? Or will all RM850X have OCP triggered because of those spikes?
  4. hello everyone i just got a new corsair rm850x white power supply. and need to ask a question about the ATX cable and the CPU cable. i am new to building after many years of a laptop. i see the ATX cable connects to my motherboard 24 pin. but at the PSU it has 2 separate connectors. do these have to both be plugged in or just one? also the 8 pin cpu which of the 8 pin connectors does it need to be plugged into or do i plug it into a free one? again i am new at these advanced PSUs. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone StormChaser
  5. With the new RTX 3080 having a recommended PSU of 750w I am thinking of upgrading my current RM650x to a RM850x for the overclock headroom and future proofing. Would like to know if cables are compatible? I am unsure if having the "v2"/2018 refresh models matters either? From reading the chart the best I can gather is that all the "RMx" are fully interchangeable between different wattage models. The only time I would need to replace them is if I was swapping between lineups(example AX > RMx) For some more info I believe the model number of my current RM650x is CP-9020091-AU and the RM850x that I would be purchasing is CP-9020180-AU Thanks for any help!
  6. so i hear this at load (i.e a game is up) at idle: -2 With headset on but no sound playing i can just barely hear it. It's pretty audible with my headset off, and when i'm idling i'd have to put my ear closeby to hear it because the noise lowers but is still there. I have a Corsair RM850x Should RMA it?
  7. Has the RM850X Pull System??? meaning that only supply the power that mother board needs??????? or is this PSU always delivering 850W?????
  8. Is the RM850X Active Power Factor Correction??? In user manual there is nothing about. Need to know for correct UPS. Think this should be displayed in user manual as well PSU Label as a warning, due to is very important.
  9. I live in Mexico and sometimes (once every 6 months on average), electricity flickers for a second, not enough for some equipment (like a TV) to go off but enough for something like a PS4 to turn off and make awful noises from the spinning disk. Should I connect my PSU RM850x to a AVR or surge protector or UPS?
  10. I have just got a RM850x in white ( CP-9020188-uk ) Looking to get some better braided cables for the sata connectors, but I'm a little confused !!!!! From your cable-compatibility list https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/psu-cable-compatibility it says the sata and peripheral connectors are type 3 and can see from the cables, this is true. But the braided cables kits say there are for any type 4 which the RM850x is included in their list. So how do a get a better braided cables for the sata , for type 3 ? or are they the same for that cable and for some other they are type 4.
  11. Hi Im looking at buying the Corsair RM850x 850W Power Supply Fully Modular 80 Plus Gold. However Im building with an Intel i7 7700k CPU.The website says the PSU is only compatible with 6th generation Intel's. Will it be compatible with my build? Thanks
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