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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, recently my rm750x started making a buzzing noise similiar to this: [ame] [/ame] But its higher pitched and wasnt there before and persists even when the PC is shut down. It stops if i turn off the PSU switch. I can only hear it if im close to the exhaust of the PSU and generally doesnt bother me unless its something bad with the PSU. I was wondering if this is just coil whining that recently developed or if its something dangerous/faulty ?
  2. Hi. A month ago I bought the new power supply unit. The only reason why I chose this particular one is its color - just matching the design idea. Did not care about gold/platinum.. cuz the PSU for $300+ is ridiculous. After a few weeks, it started buzzing louder and louder, so now it producing noise at ~40db in the room. Not much. I agree. But it's so freaking annoying! And I don't know, how to deal with it: can I return it, or fix? Did anyone deal with this kind of issue? Check out my video, where I'm showing how it looks and sounds like [ame] [/ame] Thanks. Sorry for my English - I am not a native speaker.
  3. Hello all, I hope you are safe during these strange days! I have a RM750x in my Dell XPS 8930. For as long as I've had it (several months now) it makes a strange sound. It's almost as if the fan is trying to kick on but it doesn't. My computer appears to be working fine but this sound bothers me. I've uploaded it to the link below so you can hear it yourself. Any thoughts on what this might be? https://sndup.net/89x5
  4. My wish is to build a wonderful computer for summer lan events. The theme is white and RGB. I picked up parts from several online retailers. Case directly from the store, all other parts from online. The order went to the week and the parts arrived. I'll add pictures and experiences later.
  5. Just after some infomration regarding a RM750x that decided to stop working. I'm currently replacing through Amazon so should hopefully get another one soon. Really just wanting some advice about the possible issue and if there may have been user error or if there is anything differnt I should have done. I've been building PCs for quite a while and never had issues with a PSU before. I recently build a Ryzen 5 3600 system with an MSI B450M Mortar Max and Gigabyte RTX 2070 and used an RM750x to power it, got it though prime day for a good price and liked the idea of the 10 year warenty. System build fine and running with no issues. The next night I gamed on the system for the first time. Fine for about 20mins and then random restart, I checked all connections and tried again. Lasted about 10 minutes before another restart. I was thinking it was the CPU or GPU overheating, tried for a third time (Temps stayed in mid 60°C) and it switched off this time and would not turn on. Double checked everything and all I get is a "double click" noise from the PSU when I tried to switch on the PC. Tried to test with paperclip and got the same noise when I turned on the PSU. I moved my 650W 10 year old PSU across, no issues for a week. Tried the RM750x in my old PC and similar "double click" noise. Any idea what can cause the PSU to die when it first gets put under a slightly heavier load? It's probably overpowered for my system as it is. Any suggestions to prevent re-occurance? The last thing that I want is to have made a stupid mistake and then possibly kill the replacement as well. Any help would be very greatly appreciated!
  6. I have a Corsair RM 750X and I plan to power several devices. I am going to use CP-8920186 SATA cable. There are four SATA power connectors on this cable. #1 Goes to a Seagate 2 TB HDD ST2000DM006 #2 Goes to a 512 GB Crucial MX300 #3 Goes to a 512 GB Crucial MX300 #4 is the problem kid I plan to split number four two power: - ASUS DVD writer 24F1ST - Alienware Aurora R4 Master control board The Aurora Board powers five Noctua Fans (2 X 0.96 + 3 X 0.72), the board itself and AlienFX LED (maybe around 10 Watts). Am I going to burn my cables? Do I put too many devices? SSDs consume negligible power and DVD drive is comparable to HDD. Please help me.
  7. Hi folks, I have a question. I am building a system with Corsair RM 750X. My question is, whenever I turn off Windows, do I need to flip the PSU power switch off? Thanks
  8. I have a RM750x power supply. I have put together a new X99 system. The problem is that while the fans & LEDs run, and the graphics card seems to have power, the motherboard shows no life. The power supply has past the basic test and all power cables are plugged into the right slots, the motherboard's Dr. Debug does not light up. System: RM750x, ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard, i7-6850x, EVGA GTX 1080 Graphics, 16GB DDR4 2800 Memory, etc. Any ideas?
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