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Found 11 results

  1. With the new RTX 3080 having a recommended PSU of 750w I am thinking of upgrading my current RM650x to a RM850x for the overclock headroom and future proofing. Would like to know if cables are compatible? I am unsure if having the "v2"/2018 refresh models matters either? From reading the chart the best I can gather is that all the "RMx" are fully interchangeable between different wattage models. The only time I would need to replace them is if I was swapping between lineups(example AX > RMx) For some more info I believe the model number of my current RM650x is CP-9020091-AU and the RM850x that I would be purchasing is CP-9020180-AU Thanks for any help!
  2. Bonjour Je possède une alimentation Rm650x, elle est tombée en panne du jour au lendemain. Malheureusement elle n'est plus sous garantie. Pouvez-vous me communiquer le schéma électrique afin de pouvoir la dépanner svp ? En ma démontant j'ai déjà pu constater que la thermistance était grillée. Je vous remercie de bien vouloir m'indiquer la référence de celle-ci pour que j'essaie de la depanner. D'avance merci
  3. My PSU's (Corsair RM650X) fan is making strange noises on startup (video). After it's spin (and stops) the noises are over and the PC is actually really silent. Temperatures on idle are also fine (I think) screenshot and the PC works quite smoothly Here my components list. PS: In the video I focus on a case fan but I realised it's the PSU that makes that noise. Any tips on how can I solve this problem? :confused:
  4. Hello, I know there have been threads about this issue but I wanted confirmation... My PSU has been waking this weird noise for a couple of days. It happens mostly after gaming, not so much at idle. I recorded it : [ame] [/ame] Can anyone please confirm what this is and what I should do about it please ? Thanks:biggrin:
  5. Hi all, on the RM650x, does the fan blow air inside the PSU or does it blow hot air out?
  6. I just got my brand new PSU(Corsair RM650x) and when I turn it on I can hear buzzing noise(totally same like in this video: [ame= ] [/ame]). Once I turn my pc on, the sound disappears and everything works correctly. What should I do?
  7. Hi all, First time builder here. I set up my build yesterday and plugged everything to the PSU and was able to use my PC fine for a few hours. However, I noticed on a couple cables that pins were missing in the ends, and no wires were being fed into them. Just want to make sure that's intended. The two I notice that are missing pins are as follows: 1) The PCIe cable that plugs in to my GPU (the weird looking one that splits into 2). The 8-pin end that plugs into the PSU (says "Type 4" on it) is missing the lower left pin/wire, yielding 7 pins in an 8 pin slot on the PSU. There is also a much shorter 6+2 end (says PCIe on the 6 pin part) that when combined would be not missing a pin. I'm wondering if I should use that end instead of the 8 pin. 2) The peripheral cable that plugs into my HDD, fans, etc (the one with multiple SATA connectors on it in series). The 6-pin end that plugs into the PSU (also says "Type 4" on it) is missing the bottom middle pin/wire, yielding 5 pins in a 6 pin slot on the PSU. Again, everything was working fine when I tested it out, and I can't imagine these are defects. I've searched around and got mixed results with similar posts - some people saying it's fine and others being skeptical. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I built my very first PC a couple of years back, and it was powered by a Corsair RM650x. However, after about a year of using the PC, when I switched the extension block on, the Corsair PSU would make like a crackling/pop noise. And sometimes, flashes of light, as if the PSU was arching. I naively just carried on with things because I didn't have the time to do any investigating. However, inevitability, a few weeks later - my computer would not turn on. Since then, I have used the RMA service to receive a brand new RM650x from Corsair and I purchased a brand new surge protected Belkin extension block. However, about another year or so later, I am now starting to have the exact same problem all over again... The Belkin extension block is plugged into the wall, behind my desk (socket is hard to reach, so it is left always on), however the extension block itself has its own switch. This gets switched off every time I am finished using my PC. However, when I come back to use my PC the next time and switch the extension block back on, I get this crackling/popping noise coming from like the back of the PSU, and sometimes a little arch - like flash of light (exact same as last time). This only tends to happen when I switch the extension block off and then come back like a day or so later (can PSU's build up electric or something when turned off for a day? In the capacitors?) I'm sorry I don't have very good knowledge of electronics so any help you could give me would be massively appreciated. Regards, Oli.
  9. Hey, I am using CableMods C-Series ModFlex Essentials. I got the Corsair RM650x and was just about to connect the 24 pin to it just to find out it does not fit. Is this correct? Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I have the RM650X, it makes a pop noise every time i switch the switch on the surge protected extension lead which my pc is plugged into. Yesterday when i switched the switched it blown the fuse in PSU, there was a loud bang and a flash, it also tripped my fuse box. The PSU now is completely dead. This is the 2nd RM650X within 1yr, the same problem happened before which then i got a replacement. I've looked around on different forums and read that other people have had the same problem with this particular PSU. My question is why this happening? Is the RM650X a bad PSU or am i doing something wrong?
  11. hello, i have a problem regarding the corsair support site. for some odd reason it doesn't seem to work properly, i can't even create an account. if i try to it states an error code and tells me to contact the support, which i obviously can't. please help me, thanks in advance
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