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Found 8 results

  1. so i have the commander core xt and a fan rgb hub what wires do i need to connect them so the fans rgb will work?
  2. Hi, I just builded new pc, and I used SP120 RGB ELITE fans. I bought single and triple pack with lighting node core. So it seems that single pack works fine, but 3 fans from triple pack are not responsive... one is static red, green and blue, one isnt lighting up and third is just half blue. I then tried switching fan rgb cables to diffrent numbers and then i figured out that only first input on lighting node core works, and other 5 dosent. Can somebody help me, did they scam me... or is there a way to fix it? I appreciate any help!
  3. Bonjour, Je voudrais acheter un ventilateur pour mon PC fait main, et j'ai un boitier Corsair 4000D Blanc Airflow. Je voudrais acheter un pack de ventilateur RGB mais je ne sais pas lequel prendre, et je voudrais savoir si c'est obligatoire d'avoir un RGB Hub, ou si la carte mère et le logiciel iCue se suffit pour faire fonctionner et gérer les ventilateurs RGB. Merci d'avance pour la réponse ! :)
  4. Sorry to lump these all into one post, but here's what's going on. I just bought a brand new H100i Elite Capellix that came with a new Commander Core. 1. I installed my 4 preexisting LL120 fans into the core. Everything shows up in iCUE except the 4th fan, it only will pull up 3 fans at one time. 2. I tried moving around the RGB connections into different ports on the core, only 2, 3, and 4 would actually make the lights show up, no matter what fan plugged in to 1, 5, or 6, it just simply wouldn't work. Meaning that it's not 1 fan that is faulty (ps, all the fans would light up before I got the new commander core). 3. I tried unplugging the core and plugging in a Lighting Node Pro with an RGB Hub. That made 3 of the fans show up even when I selected 4. I moved around some of the plugs and got all 4 fans to light up, but now 1 of the fans is only showing up with 1 LED. 4. Plugged everything back into the Commander Core and now none of the fans will light up! I've updated all the firmware, multiple restarts, reset both the Commander Core and the LNP (I also had an additional LNP I tried, still didn't work right), updated iCUE, etc. I don't know what is going on. And continuing on with my issues with the LNP: I also just got new RGB strips, hooked them up to the LNP, they will show up in iCUE, but won't light up at all, I've reset the LNP and tried hooking it up to each individual strip header without any of the other ones attached, I tried on channel 1 and 2 (also with my other LNP I mentioned earlier), and no lights whatsoever. I also confirmed I have power coming through my LNP because the fans would at least light up through channel 2 when I tried it, so I know power is coming through, but the LEDs just won't light up. Maybe everything isn't getting enough power?? Cause it seems only half the ports on the Commander Core are working? Just ideas, but I have the feeling that even if I got another LNP or a new Commander Core, etc. This all would just happen again.
  5. Bonjour, Je viens de monter mon premier build, je rencontre un léger problème concernant le système RGB, j'ai installé deux RGB hub sur lesquels j'ai brancher 7 ventilateur, j'ai également un commander pro sur lequel j'alimente 6 des 7 ventilateurs un est branché en direct sur la carte mère, au niveau du RGB je n'arrive pas a synchroniser tout le RGB, lorsque je vais sur icue, il y a parfois le même ventilateur et éclairer sur deux canaux, lorsque je retourne sur le hub il y en a qui s'éteigne, je pense qu'il y a une erreur sur les branchement je n'arrive pas a trouver d'où cela provient, de plus j'ai des ventilateur différent, 6 SP RGB ELITE, et 1 LL120 rgb. Le problème peut-il provenir de cela? Lorsque je vais sur icue il faut indiqué le modèle du ventilateur pour que ca fonctionne je doit les enregistrer sur bande led dans icue sinon ca ne fonctionne pas tres bien. Quelqu'un pourrait peut-être m'aider please?? Merci beaucoup.
  6. I had just finished my new build that has six fans (3 SP120 rgb pros, and 3 LL120 Rgbs) I had set it up and got it working just fine with a Node pro and Rgb hub. But I had decided to switch the fans into different spots, moving their cable to different ports as well. Now for whatever reason, there are 2 different fans synced up to 2 other fans with the lighting. All of them light up just fine, but when I go into lighting setup the two that seemed to have synced with other fans don't light up. I can provide more info if needed.
  7. Hi All, I have a h150i elite cappelix, which I want the fans to be managed by the commander pro. Obviously I still need the commander core to wire up the pump. So see my design below. I have a 5000X case. What I did is: - removed the PWM fan controller included in the case --> wired it up to the commander PRO - Used the commander PRO as the FAN controller for the H150i fans - Connected all casefans and H150I fans to the RGB hub included with the case - Connected the Pump to the commander core So my concrete question is: Will the H150 elite cappelix setup work with this setup? Or do I have to connect the fans and RGB to the commander core in order to get it working?
  8. Having searched an read much of what has gone before I think this warrants a new thread due to the setup: Issue: I can only get RGB lighting from Fan 1 (of 3) when connected to the RGB hub. I have tried all 3 fans in port 1 and they all get RGB in that pot but only that fan. ALL FANS SPIN UP. I have connected the following: 3 HD120 fans into the RGB hub with 3 pin cables and 4 pin cables on the CoPro RGB hub into LED 2 on CoPro CoPro detected in iCue and I setup 3 HD120s on Lighting Channel 2 with raindow effect CoPro did a firmware update too so i completed this before setting up the fans in iCue. Both RGB Hub and CoPro are on their own single sata cable from the brand new corsair 750w PSU Testing: All fans spin All fans RGB work in port 1 on the RGB hub (no RGB from other fans I have re ordered the fans on the RGB hub connecting in ports 1 2 3 but only port 1 will work for RGB. Prior to the CoPro introduction, fans all worked correctly using the RGB hub and the HD lighting controller. iCue up to date CoPro Firmware up to date What have I done wrong? All fans work (if in port 1 on the RGB hub) so it must be a connection or software issue. I note that in icue all 3 fans display but only one is achieving 12v the rest are much lower.
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