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Found 14 results

  1. This post is for any new comers to the forum who aren't aware yet and would like to get the most out of their Corsair RGB peripherals. There's a website for people to upload/download profiles easily. The website has a feature that lets you sort by devices so you can find profiles that support your entire setup. You can also use the search bar to find specific themes. Make sure to also press enter in the search bar when you filter by devices. Most of mine support most, if not all Corsair RGB devices. I'm still going through and updating a lot of them to support the latest Corsair gear. Here is a link to the profiles I've created: http://alex.krastev.org/profiles/corsair?brand=Corsair Here is a link to the profiles the community has created: http://alex.krastev.org/profiles/corsair/community_profiles?brand=Corsair Other Info/Guides: Common Mistakes first time iCUE users make: [ame] [/ame] The most advanced iCUE tutorial series for serious creators: [ame] [/ame]
  2. Apex Legends (March 2019) Download: https://alex.krastev.org/users/profiles/634/profile [ame] [/ame]
  3. [ame] [/ame] Download is in the video description.
  4. Just had my RGB Strafe replaced. Now I find the file sharing for the Corsair Utility Engine software is not working (something to do with them switching software?). Does anyone know where I can get the RGB profile Form and Function by Carl Le Roux? Thanks.
  5. This is a follow-up of my old request thread that was in the CUE 2 subforum. If anyone has any profile requests, you can do it here if you would like me to take a crack at it: https://alex.krastev.org/requests I will decline any requests that make no sense! Try and be clear with your requests. As you can see there are already tons of requests so don't expect me to get to your request very fast unless it's a really simple request. Cheers!
  6. 27+ K70 RGB profiles Here are my latest K70 RGB Colour profiles (27 to choose from at the time of writing this). They are primarily based on the strongest colours the keyboard can output. They include: Blank (I'll give you 3 guesses what this one does) Blue fire Blue reactive in Blue reactive out Blue toggle D1 (This is a development profile for when I want to create a new one) Fire 1 Green fire Green glow fire Green reactive blue Green reactive in Green reactive out HwProfile1 (This came with the software) Ice 1 Legion for we are many Lightening 1 Lightening 2 (RGB Reactive NumPad) Red reactive blue Red reactive in Red reactive out Red reactive white White reactive in White reactive out White toggle Yellow fire Yellow reactive in Yellow reactive out Yellow cross section (TODO: Replicate in R,G,B & Fire/Ice ripples) http://www.allforthecode.co.uk/fun/corsair_profiles 28? Is blank really one to count? :p QUESTION 1: Anyone know how to dynamically generate the light IDs so I can dynamically generate profile light sequences? QUESTION 2: Will delay be included in the lights and light executions at some point? QUESTION 3: Any API access yet? MODERATOR: If you could please delete my other post, appears I have lost the ability to delete my post after you moved it or I never had the ability (this one has tags and a prefix, the other doesn't), thanks.
  7. THIS IS PAGE 5 OF THE COMPLETED REQUESTS Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 FOLLOW ME ON DISCORD: https://discord.gg/2HJ5UsW MAKE REQUESTS HERE: https://alex.krastev.org/requests ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Request #201 (5 dollar donation): "I was wondering if you could do a seahawks themed light show with A seahawks twirling or seahawks the word scrolling across. I like the neon green grey and blue combo. Thanks so much. I have a strafe rgb. thanks so much and have a great day." Seahawks for CUE 2 [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Request #202 (5 dollar donation): "I'd like to see if possible the name of my wife scrolling on the keyboard in a acquamarine colour, from right to left, in a fashion similar to the duckling profile made by crazykid. My wife name: Sabrina" Sabrina for CUE 2 [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Request #203: "Hi, could you make a Halloweeny RGB Profile?" Halloween for CUE 2 [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Request #204 (1 dollar donation): "Can you make me a disco theme that looks like something you would see in a club. I am planning to use it on a k70, st100, void rgb and and a m65 pro" Disco for CUE 2 [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Request #205 (17.80 dollar donation): "I'd like a theme that reminds of the series metro 2033 and metro last light. The main colour is red various degrees from very light to dark red, and dark acid green that reminds of radiations. The logo of the game "METRO" scrolling from right to left, the letters very close from each other. Since its an fps id like some kind of highlight on the wasd keys, and also on the main keys i use, which is tab, M, C, R and Y. If possible with ripples like lightining activating when i press those keys. The rest of the lights should be with a pulsating, electro effect, like malfunctioning neon lights:) I also have the glaive rgb mouse and the polaris mm800 rgb mouse math so id like the mouse and the mat to be in sync with colors with the keyboard:)" Metro 2033 for CUE 2 [ame] [/ame] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Christmas & New Year 2018 (December 2017) Download: Download for CUE 2 only [ame] [/ame]
  9. Direct link to 200+ profiles that work with the new ST100 RGB headset stand: http://alexkrastev.herokuapp.com/users/1/profiles
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