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Found 4 results

  1. I notice that rgm on my k95 platimun starts to lag, and the issue is Icue soft If i have the process down it work perfectly, but if the soft if running have this problem. Any ideas??
  2. Hey guys, I've got a H100i RGB Platinum SE and an iCUE Commander Pro, all decked out with LL120 White RGB fans, which looks really sweet when set up correctly. However I've ran into a little issue with the LED colours between the 2 components. When in White mode (My regular gaming mode) the LED's on the Pump block and the fans connected to the RGB headers with the AIO are slightly warmer white (Less blue tinge) than the fans connected to the Commander Pro. All of the fans are running the SAME colour, with indentical RGB Channels. I run my AIO mounted at the front as an exhaust, in push/pull config, so theres RGB fans on both sides (dont judge, I need maximum RGB /s). The weird part is, if I connect the RGB header of a fan connected to the pump, the white tone changes to match the rest. So it seems like my fans only have the warmer white colour when connected to the pump block? I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem with their lighting setup before, and whether or not there is a fix for it? Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
  3. Howdy everyone! I'm having some trouble with getting my RGB to function properly; I've reviewed Zetty's Corsair RGB Hardware Guide, as well as the guide specific to my case (570X). But, I still cannot get my RGB to function properly. Currently, I have the following setup: Commander Pro: LED 1: RGB Hub #1 LED 2: RGB Hub #2 FAN 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1) FAN 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2) FAN 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3) USB 1: H100i Platinum RGB RGB Hub #1 (all three fans are on the front of my case): Slot 1: SP120 Pro (Fan 1) Slot 2: SP120 Pro (Fan 2) Slot 3: SP120 Pro (Fan 3) RGB Hub #2 (this single fan is in the rear): Slot 1: ML120 Pro RGB (Fan 4) In iCue, the following items are seen and work: H100i Platinum: The AIO and the two fans are both seen; however, only the AIO and the aft fan can be changed; the front fan remains white no matter what. Vengeance RGB Pro: Not necessarily applicable, but I can change the color just fine here. Commander Pro: Fan 1, 2, and 3 performance is seen (all my front fans). For Lighting Setup, I have "Lighting Channel 1" set to three SP RGB Pro Series fans connected; "Lighting Channel 2" set to one ML Pro RGB Series Fan connected. My rear ML fan's LEDs work perfectly! Obviously I don't see any performance because I don't have it plugged into FAN 4 on the Commander Pro, but that's not the big issue here. HOWEVER: none of my three, front, SP fans will light up! They all work, but none of them have LED functionality. Can anyone help me out?
  4. Hi all, first time posting here. I want to start by thanking all previous posters for the copious amount of info available on here! Here is the problem I'm having For clarity I will post all that I have just purchased 1x Crystal 570x Case (with 3x SP120 which I am not going to use) 2x QL 140mm fans [placed in front] (had to purchase as 2 singles due to amazon availability) 3x LL 120mm fans [placed two in the top and one in the back] 4x Vengeance Pro RGB RAM 3000Mhz (4x8GB) 1x Lightning Node Pro w/ 4x RGB strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Void Pro 1x K70 MK2 After reading as much as I could, I see that I am supposed to connect all fans and pwm cables to the CoPro in correct order. I connected all 5 fans in order and then connected the led cable from that respective RGB LED hub to LED 1 in the CoPro. When I do this, my first four fans light up and spin fine, but my back fan spins, no LED. I even tried separating The QLs onto one rgb led hub and the LLs onto a second hub and still have the same problem. The ONLY way I have gotten all 5 fans to light up is by plugging them into one hub in random order, but when I do this, I can tell that not all of my LEDs are lighting up on all fans, one of my QLs only appears to be using half of its LEDs while the rest appear to be fully lit. I am at a loss on how to fix this. I am also hearing that I might need to be using a Lightning Node Core for the QL fans, which I did not receive on account of having to buy two singles. I'm a bit upset at the thought of having to buy yet another piece of equipment after dropping like $1000 on corsair products, but would like to know if this is necessary. And if so, are there any available to purchase individually? I do not see any available anywhere on the internet. I am happy to answer any follow up questions anyone might have (to the best of my ability, I am only about 6 months into the PC world) :) Thanks in advance!
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