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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, in my current system are four old RGB fans, from an rather unknown company, which are blowing their last breaths. So now I want six new Corsair RGB fans. The only thing I do really understand is the difference between thew QL and the LL. I'm only interested in the LL and wanted to ask, what do I really need with it? I'm really confused about the Nodes, the Commander Pro and so on.... So my question is: What do I really need for six Corsair LL120 RGB Fans?
  2. Only my H100i is showing up in iCue. I have all 4 of my RGB case fans hooked into the corsair hub that came pre-installed in my 570x case. My exhaust fan also wont change colors when its told to or the same color as the other fans. Sometimes it's half blue and half yellow or some other random combination. Please help me fix this!
  3. Hey guys relatively intermediate PC builder here.... I decided to build myself a new system here this Christmas. (here's my parts list.) My previous system was fairly old from before RGB became a massive thing and I've had a fair few issues getting this system up and running and I'm hoping some guru's on here can help me. :) Firstly my AIO - Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum 240mm - I think the micro-USB connection in the pump is fried. Everything seems to be working correctly pump and fanwise. However, no matter what I do I can't seem to get the pump to appear in ICUE. Things I have tried include: Changing the USB connection from the commander pro directly to my motherboard. Taking a standard micro-USB cable and connecting the pump to a port on the back of the motherboard. Secondly my RGB - So this is a toughie, my case (corsair 500D SE RGB) comes with a commander pro and RGB hub. I think I've narrowed this down to the USB hub as I have been able to get all of the RGB on the fans to turn on with some combination or other but not all at once. However, it doesn't seem to be a single slot in the hub that is broken. Rather different combinations of connections allow different fans to light up. I also think I have eliminated the commander pro from being an issue as it appears on ICUE, all of my fans do spin and the RGB strip expansion kit I got works correctly in both LED connections on it although I cannot be sure. Things I have tried include: Swapping the connection to the commander pro from LED 1 to 2 and swapping it back. Trying different combinations of fan header connections. Changing the SATA cable powering the hub Misc question that slightly relates to these to issues: Is it better for me to connect the fans on the radiator to the RGB header connected to the Commander pro (when it works of course) or to the dedicated RGB connectors for the AIO? Also the same question for the actual fans. AIO power or commander pro? So far it seems like I'll be opening up an RMA ticket for both the AIO and the RGB hub. (hoping I don't have to send the whole case back lol) Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  4. So I've got an h100i platinum with two LL fans on it, 4 QL fans in the case hooked up to a Corsair RGB Fan Node which is hooked up to a Corsair RGB Node. And I've got 3 Phanteks RGB Neon strips hooked up (with a custom made cable) to the Corsair RGB node. I've also got 4 dimms of RGB Vengeance. That's all controlled by iCue. There's RGB on the MB but that's controlled by the worst program known to man... RGB Fusion 2.0. I was really disappointed with how poor the quality of the RGB was on the QL fans (the ones hooked up to the RGB Fan Hub), and even the LL fans on the h100i didn't look as vivid as they should. But basically, all 6 fans looked very washed out, too bright, not vivid at all. This was in rainbow unicorn barf mode btw. The Phanteks Neon strips, the 4 RAM sticks, and the Pump RGB were displaying very vivid nice-looking color. So I do a test to see what the individual colors look like. With red, green, and blue, everything looked okay, maybe the green was a bit off on the QL fans, but not by much. But when I selected Magenta... The four QL fans looked completely different from the rest of the set up, it was much more blueish and not vivid at all. And the magenta on the two LL fans though the right color this time wasn't as vivid a magenta as the very pump that they were sold with... I don't understand why this is. And it was the same story with the orange, yellow, cyan. The Phanteks Neon Strips and the h100i pump were consistently closer to the correct color, a much more vivid color than the two LL fans and especially the 4 QL fans... EXCEPT for white. I don't know why, but when I picked white, the Neon Strips and the pump were YELLOW... and the LL fans were a solid white, and even the 4 QL fans were white, but a much darker white. This isn't a question of the QL fans being bad either, because I plugged them into the h100i and they were much closer to the correct color just like the LL fans were when they were plugged into the h100i. What is happening? Is the Corsair RGB Fan Hub broken? Whatever is plugged into that shows the worst washed out color. The two fans that can be plugged into the h100i show slightly less vivid color than they should. And for some reason, the Neon strips and the Pump show white as a gross yellowish color. Is there any way to calibrate this? Why is everything so messed up? Do Corsair fans just not show very vivid RGB? I've tried plugging things in one at a time to different controllers and it still doesn't help. Whatever's in the fan up looks like crap. Whatever is plugged into the h100i looks better but still not very vivid. When I plugged in the Phanteks strips into the Motherboard and used RGB Fusion2.0 to check if it displayed white correctly, it did. But for some reason, when I plug it into the RGB Node, it shows the exact same colors as the h100i pump and they both show white as light yellow. And the RGB RAM is always showing the right color and is also vivid. Why can't it all look like that? Why isn't there a way to calibrate the colors in iCue? How do I go about fixing this?
  5. Moin Ich habe mir vier Coirsair LL 120 Lüfter gekauft. Ein dreier Pack und einen als erweiterung. Ich habe sie angeschlossen und den Pc angeschaltet. Bis dahin hat auch alles funktioniert aber kaum hatte ich mir Icue runtergeladen ist die Beleuchtung des CPU Lüfters ausgefallen. Ich habe die Software deinstalliert und er hat immer noch nicht funktioniert. Dann habe ich an der HUB ihn (vierter Port) mit einem anderen Kühler getauscht (dritter Port) aber das hat auch nicht funktioniert. Das komische ist das der Lüfter der als erstes der CPU Lüfter war jetzt leuchtet und der andere nicht klappt. Könnte es an der HUB bzw. am Anschluss liegen? LG Centurio :)
  6. During the night while my computer was shut down there was a power outage (the only thing that I think may have caused my issue) and when I turned my computer back on my fans are stuck on whatever lighting effect they were last on (the effect doesn't move but the fans are running) and my corsair LED light strips are not on. In iCUE it doesn't detect my lighting hub that my fans and lights came with plugged into (the hub that came with fans in the Crystal Series 680X case). I tried updating iCUE, restarting it, and repairing it through the program installer and none of that worked. So i decided to post on here.
  7. Merlin99

    Spec-Delta RGB

    I just bought this case and my motherboard does not have a 12v header for installing the RGB Splitter cable. What do I do now. Will the CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub fix my problems. Don't want to spend another $70-$90 for some controller. If I knew I had to do that never would of bought the case Thanks:biggrin:
  8. I have a question concerning some RGB fans. I am want to put some LL120 fans in my Phanteks 719 case but I am having a hard time figuring out how connect the RGB and power between all of them. I am super new to this so I have no idea how any of this really works I know that each fans has two cords and one is for power and the other is for RGB. I have looked at the commander pro and I can power 6 fans off of that but how are you supposed to control the RGB? I have also looked into the CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub but I can't seem to find those anywhere and according to the pinned note I can control the RGB with this. I am wanting to power and control 10 fans but I am not sure how. Basically I have no idea what I would need or how I would go about this. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  9. So recently i brougth a corsair 465x icue who came with 3 LL120 RGB and i also brougth a H100i RGB Platinum who cames with 2 ML120 so to complete the one space left on the computer i brougth one more ML120 but recently i discovered that you only can have one type of fans in the Lighting Node Core so finaly my question is there some way that i can control the light of this third ML120 or i will have to give him back to the shop?:[pouts:
  10. Hello. So I bought the crystal 570x case and replaced the SP120 fans with LL120 fans. I bought the 3 pack an 1 extra, I have connected them to the pc with no problems but I still want to connect the SP120 fans to the remaining slots at the top. I have an extra fan hub from the 3 pack and a lighting node slot available but I lack a cable to connect them. Where can I get that cable. plz help
  11. Hallo zusammen, ich habe in meinem Rechner eine Lighting Node Pro verbaut. Am ersten LED-Kanal hängen drei LED-Stripes, die auch problemlos funktionieren. Am zweiten Kanal habe ich ein RGB-Fan-Hub angeschlossen (mit einem 2-poligen Kabel). An dieser hängen die RGB-Anschlüsse eines LL120 und eines LL140. Leider lassen sich die LEDs beider Lüfter nicht durch iCUE ansteuern, egal was ich einstelle. Am LL120 leuchten lediglich zwei LEDs in unterschiedlichen Farben; der LL140 ist überhaupt nicht beleuchtet. Ich habe schon probiert, sowohl den Hub am anderen Kanal der Node anzuschließen als auch die Lüfter an anderen Anschlüssen am Hub anzuklemmen; jedesmal mit gleichem Ergebnis wie oben beschrieben. Könnte der Hub einen Fehler aufweisen oder habe ich ihn mit einem falschen Kabel an der Node angeschlossen? Nach diesem Leitfaden müsste es sich allerdings um das richtige Kabel handeln. Gibt es noch andere Fehlerquellen? Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Hilfe! Gruß modness
  12. I Have the 1000D series case and im going to have 10 LL120 fans and 3 LL140 fans and a RGB cpu waterblock and 2 2080 RGB waterblocks. I think i know how to set it up but if someone could do help me out a little it would be nice. My main issue is that I dont know how many Commander pros and rgb hubs i need. How exactly i can put it together? I cant get these fancy y-header fan cables cause they are out of stock so a way without that would be nice. both gpu waterblocks have one input and one output so they can be put in serie connection. and the corsair reservoair/pump rgb How exactly is this programmable in the icue software? is it cause its connected sata power or is it cause of the usb? could i connect 3 commander pros with usb cables? total to be connected in the case. LL140 3 LL120 10 XC7 RGB (1151) 1 XG7 RGB 20 SERIES (FE) 1 XD5 RGB (D5 Pump reservoir) 1 I got a total of 3 commander pros and 3 rgb hubs those that follow in the 3 packs with fans and i have 1 lightning node pro the one with 2 outputs and a sata power. This is extra **** i bought in case i need it and i will return it if its not needed. This is the custom cooling code: LfYziG
  13. Hello, So I wanted to add 1 more SP120 fan to my 570x mirror black case, and a H100i RGB Platinum. From what I understand you cannot mix and match fans on the RGB Fan Hub, so I was wondering if I can put all 4 SP120 fans + the case logo on one RGB Fan LED hub, and the put the H100i RGB Platinum on it’s own separate RGB Fan LED that is included with the SP120 single pack with controller?
  14. Hey guys. My first time building a PC and now with all that RGB "madness" ;) I'm about to start building in Obsidian 1000D and it will contain 13 fans (including the H150i) My first question: Can I connect 3 fans to a single channel on Commander PRO using splitter 1-to-3 cables ? And my 2nd question: Can I use the same splitter cables to group the fans on Corsair LED Hub ? Or do I have to use a different cables for that ? If so, where can I find them ? Sincerely. Robert.
  15. I have just installed 6xLL130's into a Corsair Crystal 570X case using the hub that came with the case. The fans all worked, but iCue did not see the Lighting Node Pro and lights did not come on. I then swapped out the case's 6 port hub with the one that came in the pack of 3 x LL130s to some success. The lights are all now on and iCue detects the LNP, but it is unable to change the lights as they seem to be stuck. The front three lights are all red, the two on top are red and have one green LED on while the fan on the back alternates red and green lights all around with one stuck on blue. Why so random? I have yet to be able to get this functioning as it should. Any help would be great, thanks.
  16. I purchased the LL 120 fan along with the Rgb Led Fan Hub. I've connected the fan to the motherboard and the hub, and connected the hub to the PSU. But I do not have the cable to connect the hub to the RGB header on my motherboard. Any help?
  17. Hello all, I have a corsair 500D RGB case. I have added 1 ll120 in the back, and two ll140 on the radiator. For about 2 months the ran great. Then the first fan (preinstalled with the case) LED stopped working correctly. Then the back one. Now its both of the two radiator fans (ll140's). what happens is if I have set white instant lighting, some of the fans go white, and some go different colors. switching to blue or red causes similar issues. for one fan its just 1-2 led's that don't work (always the same ones) for other fans, all of the LED's seem to now follow instructions. if I switch to white they go blue, switch to red, they go green etc. pics below https://imgur.com/a/qLO6ijB what I have tried: reinstalling icue. no difference switching to corsair link: no difference. Removing all profiles: no difference. the default rainbow wave effect shows LED's not changing correctly. Switching LED channels on Cpro: no difference. switching fan placement on RGB fan hub: no change. Corsair is going to send out a new RGB fan hub. I kind of doubt this will fix it any help would be great.
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