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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour, J'ai récemment acheté un boitier Corsair le iCUE 220T, avec lequel j'ai reçu 3 ventilateurs pour la facade avant qui sont les SP120, j'ai également acheté le water cooling Corsair H100 platinium qui contient 2 ventilateurs LL120, je compte également m'acheter un troisième ventilateur LL120 pour le mettre à l'arrière du boitier. Cependant, je me pose la question, à savoir si je peux synchroniser et contrôler le RGB des 6 ventilateurs (par exemple tout mettre en blanc) avec le Hub Controller que Corsair fourni avec le boitier qui à 6 slots sachant que ceux de la facade sont des SP120 et les 3 autres des LL120. Merci de vos réponses !
  2. Moin Ich habe mir vier Coirsair LL 120 Lüfter gekauft. Ein dreier Pack und einen als erweiterung. Ich habe sie angeschlossen und den Pc angeschaltet. Bis dahin hat auch alles funktioniert aber kaum hatte ich mir Icue runtergeladen ist die Beleuchtung des CPU Lüfters ausgefallen. Ich habe die Software deinstalliert und er hat immer noch nicht funktioniert. Dann habe ich an der HUB ihn (vierter Port) mit einem anderen Kühler getauscht (dritter Port) aber das hat auch nicht funktioniert. Das komische ist das der Lüfter der als erstes der CPU Lüfter war jetzt leuchtet und der andere nicht klappt. Könnte es an der HUB bzw. am Anschluss liegen? LG Centurio :)
  3. I recently installed a Commander Pro since I wanted to have easy control over my fan settings. It works fine so far, and iCue allows me to change any speeds how I like. Since I installed it however, I can't seem to control the lighting on my fans. They stay completely white, and nothing seems to get them to change color. They are all powered through the CoPro, and also connected to the six slots on the Corsair RGB Fan hub, yet no setting in iCue can seem to get them to change color from white. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi, Trying to build a custom case to move my rig into but, I want to install a 3 stage boot switch for turning it on. I need to find a way to be able to flip a switch that will turn on case LED's but not the PC. What I was wondering is if the Commander pro can use native USB power to make the LED's always on but I connect the cable through a physical switch that can break the circuit disable them? I this something that is possible? If not done that way, could I power the Commander pro from an external power source and would it remember the lighting patterns when powering via that... however I do not want the fans to come on just the LED's Thank you!
  5. Hello all, I just have a quick question about my upcoming build. I want to use four ML140MM RGB and three ML120MM RGB fans around my case and I want to make sure I fully understand how everything needs to be connected in order for me to control lighting through iCUE. If I understand everything correctly I should plug the fan PWM cables into the PWM headers on the Corsair Commander Pro (using one splitter cable to connect 7 fans to 6 PWM hubs) and plug the RGB cables from the fans into two Corsair RGB LED hubs which themselves connect to the two RGB LED headers on the Commander Pro. I believe I can also plug my H150i USB connector and the USB connector from my HX100i into the two USB ports on the Commander Pro. Both the RGB hubs and the Commander Pro need to be plugged into SATA ports from my Corsair power supply, and the Commander Pro's USB cable can be plugged into an internal USB header. Is this the correct way to connect everything? Will I be able to control the lighting from all of my fans by connecting everything this way? Would I also be able to control my fan speed? Thanks!
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