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Found 10 results

  1. I can't seem to get the front fans of the Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB case to light up, they do however spin. I plugged the 4 pin-header in my motherboard RGB_HEADER slot (12v). I have the Asus prime Z390-P motherboard. I made sure the arrow is in the right place and have tried installing software like AURA sync, AI suite 3 and iCUE, but they don't detect any devices. I feel like I am missing something obvious here, any suggestions? Not sure if it's relevant, but my complete build: CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z390-P Motherboard Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Storage: Crucial MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Video Card: XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB THICC III Ultra Video Card Case: Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB ATX Mid Tower Case Power Supply: Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the RGB world. I just bought the Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case because it came with the RGB lights. My motherboard does not have the RBG header so I ordered the commander pro to hook it up. I can hook up my fans to the CP and the fans spin, but there is another hookup for the RBG connections. I found a cable online that allows me to hook up the connection to the LED1 port on the commander pro. The lights will still not turn on and my iCue software does not do anything as well. Does anyone have any insight on what I might be doing wrong? **I've tried emailing and tweeting Corsair support with no luck after a week.
  3. Merlin99

    Spec-Delta RGB

    I just bought this case and my motherboard does not have a 12v header for installing the RGB Splitter cable. What do I do now. Will the CORSAIR RGB Fan LED Hub fix my problems. Don't want to spend another $70-$90 for some controller. If I knew I had to do that never would of bought the case Thanks:biggrin:
  4. Not all my RGB headers are being detected with Asus Compatible Motherboard. In the ICue software it shows 2 RGB ports which of course are the two I don't use. The ARGB port which my case lights are plugged into is not showing. Is this something I just have to wait for since it's in the beta stage, or is there a fix for this?
  5. So I just bought the parts to build my first PC but want to add some extra fans. I want them to be RGB and individually addressable along with the rest of the RGB products in my system. I just need help to identify what products I need to do this. I have: Corsair Carbide Spec Delta which comes with three RGB fans that go to a splitter and straight to the motherboard. Corsair Vengeance RGB Memory Asus TUF X570 which has RGB built in AMD Wraith Prism cooler. I want to add three new fans for exhaust and some strips along the inside, and if possible control it all from one software. Please let me know what is the most hassle-free option I have.
  6. So I've just finished fully upgrading my setup with all things RBG! A full spec list will be below the pictures. Feel free to leave comments and also any suggestions for additional peripherals or RBG. (Excuse the poor image quality, I had to compress from my Note10+'s widest aspect ratio to one that met the requirements for this forum) Wallpaper Engine + iCue intergration Video: https://twitter.com/TTV_Kryptoflux/status/1232030262218895361 - PC - Fractal Meshify S2 BLACKOUT Case Asus TUF x570 Plus AMD Ryzen 9 3900x ROG STRIX 2080 Super 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO (4x8gb) Corsair H115i RGB Platinum 240mm Radiator Corsair RM750x PSU 4x Corsair LL120 RGB fans + Controller Kit 2x Corsair SP140L PMW Radiatior fans 500gb Samsung 970 Evo Plus m.2 NVMe 1tb Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD 2x 50cm RGB LED strips Wireless 300Mbps 2.4ghz PCI-E Card Windows 10 Home 64bit OS - Peripherals - Corsair RGB Strafe Keyboard Corsair MM800 Ploaris Mousepad Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse 4x 450mm Corsair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips 2x 250mm Coraair LS100 Smart Lighting Strips + Commander Unit 28" Samsung 4k 60hz 1ms UHD Monitor (Primary) 26" Iyama 1080p 60hz 2ms HD Monitor (Secondary) Razer Kiyo 1080p 60fps Webcam Steelseries Artics Pro + GameDac Wired/Wireless Headset Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones (For music sampling) Elgato HD60s Stream + Record Kit Marantz MPM-1000u Professional Studio mic + Stand and Pop filter
  7. Could someone more experienced and with more knowledge make me a diagram picture thingie for how everything is conected. Needed in diagram: What fans should go to what rgb fan led hub and commander. how to chain everything that can go in a chain. Different colors for different cable types. Legend so i know what color is what. can i put commander ontop of eachother or will they be too hot for that to be smart? Can i get ahold of extension cables for the fans and their rgb lightning that doesnt cost like 10bucks a cable or should i just place the commanders in the closest spots? I cant get ahold of the y header cables as they are out of stock everytime i check. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the items that i have and can use: 18 LL120 fans (16 in the front 2 in the back) 3 LL140 fans in the top. 3 Commander Pros (included the one preinstalled in case) 3 RGB Fan Led Hub (included the one preinstalled in case) 2 2080 Waterblocks with rgb lighting (Has input and output so can be used in chain. 1 i9 9900KF waterblock with rgb lighting (only one cable for rgb no chain thingies) 1 XD5 RGB pump/reservoir (input and output for RGB and one 4pin pump connector cable) Motherboard : MSI Z390 MEG ACE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want a diagram as im having a hard time following text guides and its so much easier to do it in the actuall case with a diagram. I know there are plenty of similar diagrams out there but i cant understand where to connect the stuff that i have thats not in those builds so thats why i need this aswell. Edit: I will need to buy some more stuff for sure but a diagram would be useful so i dont buy to much stuff Edit 2: https://imgur.com/IXrnSaj will this work or did i just waste one hour? Edit 3: Looks like my diagram would work! Thanks in Advance!
  8. Alright, I'm getting frustrated with this and I hope someone can help me I bought the "Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA RGB" Case from Corsair about two months ago and everything was working perfectly. The RGB fans (LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fans) and the LED strip on the side of the case were working as they should, rainbow lights and everything - iCUE worked perfectly with it all as well. About a month ago I got a new Power Supply - the EVGA 1000W (I owned a Corsair 750W before). Ever since then the RGB fans and LED strip are no longer showing the corrcet colours and I can't change them with iCUE either. Everything is green, yellow, white, red and one of the fans isn't lighting up all, only spinning. ( https://imgur.com/a/Ig9LfhF ) http://https//imgur.com/a/Ig9LfhF Does anyone have any idea as to what the issue could be here? I made sure everything is plugged in correctly about four times now. Is there a compatibility issue? I've tried un- and reinstalling iCUE, it didn't help either.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm new to the RGB craze and I'm desperate need to have disco lightning in my apartment. I'm planning to start a new build and the case I chose to use is CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case. In the description it says that it includes a Lighting Node PRO and Two CORSAIR LL120 RGB fans. I plan on installing my 240mm radiator at the top and purchase 2 Corsair LL140 RGB fans. My dilema is that I initially thought on buying an ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING and pair it with a ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 (I purchased it already) just to discover that the motherboard shockingly does not have an RGB header. My question is (I'm sorry if it's dumb), how will I be able to sync the LL fans so they can be detected and manage the RGB effects in iCUE? Would I need to buy an RGB controller of some sort? I'm confused lol. Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello everyone! I recently bought my first rig and it's case is the Corsair Carbide Series Spec Omega Tempered Glass RGB Gaming Case, in Black/Black. It currently has a red lighting and I can't seem to find when I click on the + for dashboard or as one of the devices for iCUE. I did buy this rig from iBUYPower, so do I contact them? Any help is gladly appreciated! Thank you - E.J.
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