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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have a predominantly Corsair build which is sadly restarting under load when gaming. I noticed the problem about a month ago, and did a full rebuild last weekend to try and help. That really cleared things up for a few days but now I've got the same issue. It happens when gaming and I assume it is a load point because I can play for c. 90 mins without restarting but once it restarts it can only manage another c. 30 mins before restarting again. I have logs of the temps, fan speeds, and voltages etc. and can provide any further info if someone can help me diagnose the problem? Thanks
  2. Hi, I just purchased DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB 16GB (2X8GB) 3600 MHZ DDR4 DUAL CHANNEL MEMORY KIT RYZEN as I was upgrading my PC along with a Ryzen 7 3700x and an Asus Rog Strix F-Gaming x570 Motherboard. The system is perfectly stable provided I keep RAM running at the auto 2133MHz frequency, the moment I try 3600MHz or even 3200MHz my system starts to randomly restart. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I hope this is the right spot in the forum. This appears to be a software issue and not an actual issue with the STRAFE RGB keyboard itself. I recently (almost 2 weeks ago) built the three systems (identical save the mice, mouse pads, monitors) for my kids and all keyboards share the same problem: the STRAFE RGB lighting effects cease to work after the computer fully boots up. Once the computer is up, I can go to Start-Settings-Apps-Apps & Features-Corsair Utility Engine and select "Modify" and then "Repair" and the keyboard will work fine until the computer is either restarted or rebooted (shutdown then start). The software for the keyboards is ver 3.5.111 and the firmware is ver 2.05. Windows 10 is running build 1803. I would not say it is a conflict with another device since all computers have the same issue. Even the computer running a generic mouse and standard mouse pad is having this issue. Other than a couple of games and virus scan (Kaspersky), they don't have any extra software installed on the systems. I've tried uninstalling/installing the keyboard and playing around with the software version it came with (2.24.50), but the same thing happens. The RGB settings fall back to the default red colored keyboard. With ver 2.24.50, when the keyboard falls back to the default red color, I loose all functionality with the CUE software. So the old software wasn't my answer. I again updated the keyboard software to ver 3.5.111 and everything works fine until I restart/reboot the computer. I can see iCUE kicking in (the selected RGB lighting scheme starts), but after 30 seconds of the desired RGB scheme initiating the keyboard goes back to its default red color. To get the lighting scheme working again I have to go to Start-Settings-Apps-Apps & Features-Corsair Utility Engine and select "Modify" and then "Repair". I even tried uninstalling the keyboard and then installing Corsair Link 4 first. I saw in a post that unsupported devices needed Corsair Link 4 installed first before moving on to iCUE 3.5.111. By itself the Link 4 software didn't solve my issue, but I thought that maybe the keyboard would work if it was treated like an unsupported device. I then upgraded to iCUE ver 3.5.111. The same RGB issued remained. I do notice a discrepancy in what appears to be some sort of version number. When I go to Start-Settings-Apps-Apps & Features-Corsair Utility Engine to "Modify" the program I noticed that it has 3.4.95 under the application name "CORSAIR iCUE Software". When I'm in the iCUE software it shows 3.5.111 as the version. I'm going to try to attach a picture showing where the 3.4.95 number is showing up. Is this difference in "versions" an issue? I'm stuck on where to go now to resolve this issue. Anyone know how to retain the RGB settings on a STRAFE RGB keyboard after a system startup/reboot?
  4. I got a question about the Corsair Scimitar mouse I just got a couple of days ago. The side buttons only work if I checked the actions of the mouse beforehand. Even the default profile I set up doesn't work until I actually openend the iCUE and checked the actions of the profile. You don't have to modify any of them, you just have to check if they're there and then they work perfectly. This happens every time I restart the computer and it's getting to be kind of annoying. Does anyone have a fix?
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